Monday, June 17, 2024

Brother Vinni's Miniatures: New Blacksmith Character

Brother Vinni's Miniatures: New Blacksmith Character Check here

Badger Games: New RavenClaw Miniatures Classic Undead!

Badger Games: RavenClaw Miniatures has released more miniatures for their ever-expanding roleplay miniatures range. This release is the start of what will be a large classic undead range. 

Sculpted by Adam Gayford, the range includes shambling mummies, sinister Wights and ghastly ghouls. All miniatures are 28mm and perfect for roleplay adventures, thwarting Victorian tomb raiders, North African gothic horror or classic B-Movie style pulp. With the release of "The Silver Bayonet: Egypt" Richard Turton has painted these all with a wonderful desert motif for our collection. RavenClaw Miniatures are available exclusively from Badger Games.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Victrix: New Plastic Medieval Knights Release

Victrix: New Plastic Medieval Knights Release

Last Sword Miniatures: June: The Fallen Lineage Shock Troops

Last Sword Miniatures: June: The Fallen Lineage Shock Troops. Greetings lords of the Northern steppes and the Black Tower. Today I come here to present the shock troops of the chosen one, who will return the elves to the true path set by the gods for them.

First, we have the royal guard, with their black armor of obsidian and alabaster forged by dragon fire, and who wear the King's mask. They are his eyes, ears, and mouth. His hand, and when necessary, his fist. The chosen among the chosen. At their head is Feldranan Dhussath, Lord of the Guard. It is said that he is a sadistic and merciless being, acting as judge, jury, and executioner in the absence of his lord. The fear generated by the royal guard pales in comparison to the aura of dread emanating from their leader.

But they are not the only ones who will join the battlefield today to unite with their lord's armies. The Raptor Knights present themselves with their banners to face the cavalry of the False Emperor. Among them, a sorceress whispers arcane enchantments that make them even more lethal.

The skies will not be safe either. A winged hunter, an arcane being from the past tamed by one of the beast lords of the Black Tower, watches from above. But it also has the ability to fight on foot while its creature supports it from the skies. And that's all for this month. As always, I remind you that the miniatures will be distributed between the 15th and the 20th. If anyone has had trouble accessing last month's files, please write to me privately and we'll fix it :) I hope you like it :)

Wayland Games: Additional Support For Your Legions Imperialis Army!

Wayland Games: This week brings a wide range of pre-orders, with many exciting releases for Legions Imperialis and The Horus Heresy. Add to your existing armies with the Predator Squadron and Leman Russ Strike Squadron, or pick up the new Horus Heresy MKIII and MKVI Command Squads.

Also available to pre-order this week are titans, jets, and terrain previously released for Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis, ready to be used in Legions Imperialis. With the likes of the Warmaster Iconoclast, Thunderbolt Fighter Squadrons, and Civitas Imperialis terrain, expand your games today! Check them here

Element Games: New Warhammer Horus Heresy Miniatures!

Element Games: New Warhammer Horus Heresy Miniatures! Check them here

Friday, June 14, 2024

Alternative Armies: Ion Age Big 15mm News Taranis Tanks With Free Drones New Images and Callsign Taranis Back

Alternative Armies: Big news 15mm Ion Age. Super Heavy Taranis Tanks (28 variants by Bob Naismith) now with free pack of drones and new pictures. Callsign Taranis book back in stock. See the article for details plus what is free and…. a wee savings code to use too. Thanks. Check here

Bad Squiddo Games: New Jeanne d'Arc on Horseback!

Bad Squiddo Games: First up, the new release that has made my whole week. We made Jeanne d'Arc on foot as part of the Community Miniatures Project, and a wonderful side effect of this is that it means sometimes other minis get made in a sort of domino effect. I spent so long researching Jeanne d'Arc that it seemed wild to not also make a horse back version with the massive battle standard, so... here she is! Sculpted by Alan Marsh and shown here painted by John Morris.

Alternative Armies: Elves Pt1 by Nick Bibby in 1980s Asgard Range Restore Dungeon Adventurers

Alternative Armies: Restored! Elves Pt1 of the 28mm Dungeon Adventurers range by Asgard. Early 80’s by Nick Bibby. Click to the article for details plus Fantasy Warlord Elven Hero. All painted by Studio Maxi. Four Free Devilish Imps in all shipped orders. Thanks. Check the article here

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Firestorm Games: Full BattleTech SciFi Miniatures Range Discounted

Firestorm Games: BattleTech is a science-fiction “space opera”: a factional, militarized universe set in the thirty-first century, a future where humanity has spread to the stars and spawned titanic interstellar empires, each nation controlling hundreds of worlds across a region of space stretching a thousand light years and beyond. Check the discounted miniatures here

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Snarling Badger Studios: New Deth Wizards Tabletop Wargame

Snarling Badger Studios: Welcome to Deth Wizards, a miniatures-agnostic tabletop wargame where you and your friends take the role of powerful Necromancers, commanding your undead minions against the villages and heroes of the land of Deth. Designed to play solo, co-op, or as an adversarial skirmish game, Deth Wizards is created by Adam Loper and Vincent Venturella for 1-4 players.

From the book: "The world is cruel... especially to those who think as I do. At a young age, I was driven from all comfort and home, exiled and made to learn how to survive. Eagerly, I studied dark tomes, learning forbidden knowledge and harnessing my talent. Now, I have grown into someone else - some... thing else - and it is time to return for those who cast me out." 

Use any fantasy miniatures you'd like to conquer the land of Deth and build your Necromantic power. Enjoy a deep campaign system that allows you to choose your villianous schemes, playing each mission in either normal or advanced mode for addtional challenge, and potential reward. Check the rules here

Wayland Games: Warhammer 40K Return To The Pariah Nexus!

Wayland Games: Return to the Pariah Nexus! A fresh new season of Warhammer 40K is here, taking the fight back to the Pariah Nexus. You can pre-order the new Chapter Approved Mission Deck and Objective Set now! 

The Adepta Sororitas attempt to prove their devotion to the Emperor this week with their new Codex, Battleforce, Combat Patrol, and more. The Genestealer Cults prepare for their own kind of devotion, as they also get a new Codex, Battleforce, Combat Patrol and Datasheet Cards. Which side will you choose, Adepta Sororitas or Genestealer Cults? Check them all here

Element Games: Warhammer 40K Re-Enter The Pariah Nexus

Element Games: Warhammer 40K Re-Enter The Pariah Nexus Check it here

Brigade Models: New 15mm Hammer's Slammers Baffin Legion

Brigade Models: More new 15mm Hammer's Slammers this week - additions to the Baffin's Legion models that came out a little while ago. Light tank, ambulance, logistics vehicle and a couple of jeep variants.

Pendraken Miniatures: New SciFi Alien Octarii Preview

Pendraken Miniatures: Work has started on our new Sci-Fi Alien races and first up are the Octarii! These tentacled terrestrials would work as a Cthulhu themed army and they'll be getting prepped for a July release hopefully.

Warbases: New Bifrost Cyclops and Yeti Miniatures

Warbases: This week we will be announcing 2 new figures being added to our Bifrost range each day. Today we have added a Cyclops and a Yeti to our range.

Joseph A. McCullough: New Deathship One - SciFi Survival Game Release

Joseph A. McCullough: Welcome to Deathship One. Better listen up, because the truth is, you probably won’t live long. You see, you’ve been brought here to die. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a test or an experiment to measure the capability of warriors from your planet. Maybe it’s just entertainment, like a circus or gameshow. Or maybe this is punishment, a personal purgatory for your sins. Now, I don’t mean to bring you down. I just don’t want to fill you with any false hopes either.

On the other side of that door is a room, and beyond that another, and another, and another. In fact, there are five rooms in total. Each of those rooms is designed to kill you in different ways. Traps, monsters, automated weapons systems, you name it. No, I can’t tell you what the next room looks like, even if I wanted to. It changes every time. The rooms shift around you see. But you’ve got one chance. You’ve got to fight your way through all five rooms. In the unlikely event you survive, you get to go home. So, it’s that simple. You fight your way through, you survive. You might even find a few things to help you on the way. Seriously though, make your peace before you open that door, because once you do, there’s going to be no time for praying…

Deathship One is a solo or co-operative miniatures games of science-fiction survival. Choose a squad of soldiers from any time period, or even the future, and see if they can survive the horrors of the Deathship. Designed to play fast, with a minimum of rules and terrain, it takes miniatures gaming right now to the nitty gritty of running, shooting, and dying. Designed by Joseph A. McCullough the creator of Frostgrave, Stargrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Oathmark, and The Silver Bayonet. Check these new rules here

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Mithril: New The Lord of The Rings Dale Guards and Militia

Mithril: New The Lord of The Rings Dale Guards and Militia

Diehard Miniatures: New Classic Fantasy Orc Warriors!

Diehard Miniatures: New Classic Fantasy Orc Warriors!

Alternative Armies: Three Burning Months of Free New Devilish Imps with Four Free in Month One

Alternative Armies: Devilish Imps! Four Free automatically in every shipped order. Hella Hot Summer our first multi-month freebies, three months; for a total of ten miniatures. Any scale metal figures 20mm tall. See the article for details of our first multiple month giveaway at Alternative Armies. When we say free we mean it. Keeping the fun in the hobby. Check the article here

Northstar Miniatures: New Deathship One Miniatures Release

Northstar Miniatures: New Deathship One Miniature Range Release

MOM Miniatures: New River Fish Mutants Release

MOM Miniatures: New River Fish Mutants Release

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Beastman Warrior Release

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Beastman Warrior Release

Warbases: New Bifrost Fantasy Death Knights

Warbases: New Bifrost Fantasy Death Knights

Monday, June 10, 2024

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Goblins on Bats Release

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Goblins on Bats Release

Mantic Games: New Nightstalker Strike Force Release

Mantic Games: New Nightstalker Strike Force Release

Reaper Miniatures: New Bones The Bridge Troll's Toll Set!

Reaper Miniatures: New Bones The Bridge Troll's Toll Set!

Reaper Miniatures: New Bones Arakoth the Ancient Spider!

Reaper Miniatures: New Bones Arakoth the Ancient Spider!

Claymore Castings: New Seven Years War Russian Artillery Crew and Artillery

Claymore Castings: New Seven Years War Russian Artillery Crew and Artillery

Testudo Miniatures: The Northern Warriors Kickstarter Preview

Testudo Miniatures: New The Northern Warriors Kickstarter Preview