Thursday, May 18, 2023

Trench Crusade: New Trench Crusade Skirmish Game!

Trench Crusade: Trench Crusade is a skirmish-scale tabletop miniature game that will plunge players deep into a horrifying alternate timeline. During the Crusades a heretical band of Templars dared defy the Almighty and, casting aside their sacred vows, unleashed the forces of Hell upon the Earth. Over 800 years later, in the Year of Our Lord 1914, this brutal, merciless war between the forces of Heaven and Hell rages on. This is not just a fight for survival, but a cataclysmic struggle that will decide the very fate of humanity's soul. Check their Facebook here

The game uses an alternating activation system where players take turns to control one of the warriors in their warband. Each time you attempt any action except movement, you roll to see how well you succeed. This mechanic governs most actions of the game. At its heart, this core mechanic is simple: Decide which action you attempt to take, pick two 6-sided dice and roll to see if an action succeeds. Typically, you need 7 or more to succeed. Your warrior may also be extremely competent (for example a sharpshooter trying to hit an enemy with a Sniper Rifle could have a bonus of up to +3 to the roll!). Each model may take as many Actions as they are allowed based on their profile and the weapons and equipment they carry. These could be attacks in melee or ranged shots, sprinting, climbing and many others.

However, there are many modifiers that can make the chance of success easier or harder! In the example above, if the enemy is behind cover, the target number becomes 9. Other circumstances may make the target number even higher, as high as 12! For example, should your opponent be heavily armoured, the difficulty level of attacking them in melee or in missile combat will be increased. Choose which actions you attempt carefully, though! The Activation of the model ends immediately if you fail an Action, at which point your opponent can activate one of their models. So your sniper may have an Aim Action which will make the shot they take much easier, but if you fail, your Activation ends before you can even pull the trigger! Various modifiers, special skills, weapons and equipment may also grant Bonus and Penalty Dice. Each Bonus Dice will allow you to roll one additional D6 and then pick the two highest results amongst them, while each penalty dice does the opposite. These bonus and penalty dice can come through special skills, equipment or abilities the warriors may have.

In combat, should your attack prove successful, you roll on an Injury chart with a D6. A result of 5 or more means a typical opponent is taken out of action, while a result of 1-4 means the warrior is merely knocked down. However, should your foe be especially tough or well-armoured, you might need a 6 to take them out, or in the case of some mighty monstrosities a first hit will never take them out - you have to first knock them down before you can try to take them out for good! Some other opponents, such as the zombie-like Metastatic Vessels, are immune to being knocked down and keep coming unless they suffer a debilitating damage. These examples only scratch the surface, of course. The aim of the rules is to be easy to pick up, but offer unrivalled depth. We want the game to have the depth of the old-school games without saddling the player with undue book-keeping or having to remember a plethora of rules at all times.

The Rules will include the following: 12 different scenarios to challenge your force, Rules for six different warbands including the Trench Pilgrims, the demonic Black Grail, stalwart forces of New Antioch and more! Selection of Mercenaries you can hire to bolster your own force, Campaign system where the scenarios and the Loot you find change and evolve the further the campaign continues. Glory system that allows your heroes to gain favours, equipment and weapons which no amount of money can buy. Permanent Injuries that can maim your unlucky warriors in mind, body and soul, Experience and Character progression system with more than 40 skills for your warriors to acquire through hard-fought battles, Start your warrior at humble level 1 and see them climb up to a mighty level 24! Alternative rules for vehicles, critical hits and much more! And there you have it - a brief overview of the forthcoming Trench Crusade game. Are you ready to join the faithful on the front lines?

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