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Games of War: Steel City Wargames Terrain - Portable Laser Cut Steel Scenery Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at the brand new Steel City Wargames Terrain currently being funded on Kickstarter by Henry from Games of War based in Oxford in The United Kingdom. This new science fiction wargaming scenery made out of laser cut steel is actually more or less a full battlefield in a bag. Being made from indestructible steel, the scenery is very robust and durable while also being portable and storable due to the very compact size and custom storage bag. The scenery is produced in the Midlands, UK out of cold rolled steel which naturally patinates and is 100% recyclable. So let's check out the actual content or make sure to check out the Kickstarter here

Steel City Wargames Terrain

So today we take a look at the Steel City 'Full Block' in Air Drop Bag which includes no less than 2x Big 'L' buildings with 4 Floors (including 8 Magnets), 4x Medium 'L' buildings, 4x Small 'L'  buildings and 6x Czech Hedgehogz anti-tank obstacles neatly stored in a portable 'Air Drop' Bag. This terrain has been designed to be useful for casual or competitive gaming supplying a nice amount of scenery and line of sight blocking features for tournament gaming.

Although more inclined to use more custom-build and detailled scenery (and therefore more fragile scenery) myself I can certainly see this type of scenery being attractive for wargamers often playing in different locations and tournaments. The scenery is near indestructible so will last a lifetime and is easily portable due to the compact size and useful storage bag. The detail of the buildings is rather simplistic due to the chosen material and design but gives a very nice impression of the structures with vents, windows and doors all very suitable for wargaming.

So let's start with the cool and useful Czech Hedgehogz anti-tank obstacles of which 6 are included in the package. These are each supplied in two pieces which easily fit into each other, pretty useful to keep out those deadly tanks and armoured vehicles while holding the city ruins.

Next are the 2 Big 'L' ruined buildings with 4 Floors (including 8 Magnets), these are pretty impressive and offer some very good cover for your miniatures. These pieces are supplemented with steel floors and magnets allowing you to add some levels for your defending units. As you can see the two buildings can easily be placed to construct one building with four defendable sides instead of the normal two.

Then we have the 4 Medium 'L' ruined buildings which can also be used with the modular floors as mentionned above. The scenery pieces are smaller but can also be used in pairs to construct larger buildings offering some very useful line of sight blocking obstacles for your wargames.

The last of the buildings included are the 4 Small 'L'  buildings which are some kind of industrial buildings with exhaust vents and large ventilation systems. These are pretty cool and can fit together to form a full industrial unit, great as an objective or camouflaged stronghold position.

Last but not least the useful storage bag made to carry all of the above mentionned scenery and plenty of more. Allowing you to take your scenery with great ease to different locations and tournaments or a good way to safely store your scenery when not in use. The bag doubles as a cooler bag too!

The Conclusion

This Steel City terrain isn't like your more usual scenery made out of plastic, resin, wood or other more fragile materials but build to last out of quality steel. The detail of the buildings are rather simplistic by design and due to the chosen purpose of being durable and easy to transport. Supplied with a custom bag for transportation and storage you can easily take this scenery to different venues, clubs and tournaments without to worrying about their fragility. Although I'm more into detailled scenery, I can certainly see the appeal of this terrain being used by frequent travellers, tournament players and club organisers. 

Interested in learning more about this new scenery from Games of War? Make sure to check the ongoing Kickstarter here and grab some of this useful tournament scenery that will last you a lifetime of pleasure! This scenery set including storage bag is available on Kickstarter for £199 or €232.

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