Saturday, October 25, 2014

Amera Plastic Mouldings: New Airfix Pontoon Bridge Diorama Base Released

Amera Plastic Mouldings: The set comprises 2 bases which join together to create a WWII diorama for Airfix's Pontoon Bridge (Bridge not included) as the centre piece. The well detailed bases are supplied in white plastic and requires simple trimming to join the bases together. (tanks and bridge not included) Dimensions: 82cm L x 33cm W

Warlord Games: Soviet T-26B Mod 1933 Light Tank Released

Warlord Games: Yet another new resin Bolt Action vehicle is unleashed onto the field of battle this week – this time something for the Soviets and Chinese. This model of the T-26 was also captured and repurposed by the Finns, Germans, Romanians and Hungarians). It also served in the Spanish Civil War.

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PlastCraft Games: New Official Malifaux Terrain Previewed

PlastCraftGames has previewed this new picture of their upcoming official Malifaux terrain.

Warlord Games: Tank War At Wayland Games Centre Essex

Warlord Games: Like World of Tanks? Like toy soldiers and model tanks? Then join us for Tank War at the Wayland Games Centre in Essex! This is a one day event on Sunday 9th November that gives new and existing Bolt Action fans a real taste of the new expansion – Tank War!

- You will be taught some fast and furious painting techniques to get your tanks looking fresh from the factory or grizzled and battle worn – it’s up to you!

- You will learn the fundaments of controlling your vehicle on the battlefield with none other than the creator of Tank War – Alessio Cavatore!

- You will then round up the day by playing World of Tanks for real on an awesome battlefield where team work and individual acts of insane bravery will carry you through to victory!

Hell, we’ll even throw in a hot dog for you…

Warlord Games: New Early Hebrew Command Released

Warlord Games: This week we have a great-looking new release from the Cutting Edge Bronze Age miniatures range – Early Hebrew Command…

Eureka Miniatures: New Civilians and Animals Released

Eureka Miniatures has released these rather nice 28mm scaled civilians and animals.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ebor Miniatures: Now Stocking Battle Honours Miniature Ranges

Ebor Miniatures: I'm pleased to announce I will be selling the former Battle Honours ranges under their new name of Kitney Miniatures. Due to the massive scale of all the ranges, it will take some time to add them all to the webstore.

I would welcome requests for preferred miniature ranges to be brought out first, so as to help prioritize production of the most popular ranges. Kitney Miniatures will include the massive 28mm WWII range, plus the 15mm ranges for the ACW and Napoleonic wars. Also, the 28mm ranges for the mid 19th Century.

Warlord Games: Beyond the Gates of Antares Concord NuHu Previewed

Warlord Games: Direct from the Warlord studio comes this 3D render of the Concord NuHu character for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Warlord Games: Plastic Puma Armoured Car and Tiger I Tank Previewed

Warlord Games: Two exciting previews for AFV lovers – a first look at our new plastic Sd.kfz 234/2 Puma armoured car by renowned scale model manufacturer Italeri as well as another project coming through fast…

Victrix: Now Selling Aventine Roman Cavalry Units in Army Deals

Victrix: A few months back we were talking to Keith at Aventine Miniatures who said he and Adam were working on some new Republican Roman cavalry. Keith had seen our plastic Romans and Greeks and wanted to look at producing some figures that fill the gap between our plastic sets and their superb Metals range. The general size of Aventine sculpts fitted with our plastics but things like heads and hands were a little bigger than ours. These new cavalry they have produced have had their heads, hands and feet slightly reduced and from the photos you can see Adam has done a lovely job on the new cavalry packs and they fit in really well with our miniatures.

Now we won’t be selling individual packs of Aventine miniatures. We are only selling 12 man Roman cavalry unit packs with our Roman 2 and 4 box deals. If you want to buy single packs or just unit packs of cavalry buy them from Aventine miniatures direct. 

Also please don’t assume we will not make cavalry in the future, but plastic cavalry are some time off yet and as we know Wargamers want their complete armies yesterday! These great cavalry figures from Aventine fill that much needed gap.