Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hyacinth Games: Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch Starter Box

Hyacinth Games: Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch is a 2 player starter set that will get you right into the action. The caravan paths and walking trails through The Wilds take many travelers through Burnt Tierra Gulch. Due to the high rate of traffic, it holds strategic significance to both the Stitchers and the Drifters in the Area.

Playing Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch will determine who will control the gulch, and in turn, the resources that flow through it. This box set includes 5 Drifters and 3 Stitchers and stats for all 8 models, as well as 4 pieces of resin terrain, a scenario pack, quickstart rules, and waypoint tokens. All eight models are 28mm miniatures, cast in metal. Miniatures come unpainted. Bases included.

Mantic Games: Upcoming Deadzone Asterian Previewed

Mantic Games has previewed these rather great-looking Asterians for Deadzone.

Knight Models: 35mm Marvel Batman Deathstroke Miniature Released

Knight Models has recently released this 35mm Marvel Deathstroke miniature.

Scibor Miniatures: New Science Fiction Lion Knight Released

Scibor Miniatures has released this brand new Lion Knight.

Scibor Miniatures: New 54mm Alcomatir Barrel Slayer Dwarf

Scibor Miniatures: This 54mm resin miniature is provided with resin round 50mm scenic base.It is unpainted and requires assembly.

Deraj Studios: Portals Worlds Collide Prorgs Previewed

Deraj Studios: Prorgs, although naturally loyal and kind in nature, can turn against the humans that they watch over if misused. These figures are 19mm to the top of their heads, and are sculpted by Smok.

Kromlech: New Release - Orc Afrika Korps Squad and Company

Kromlech Miniatures has released some Orc Afrika Korps bundled Squad and Company deals.

Studio Miniatures: Upcoming Musket Armed Northwest Frontier Afghans Previewed

Studio Miniatures: Just in today from Soapy some new Afghans for our Northwest Frontier range. One pack firing and one loading, he is currently working on two more sets as we speak. These will be due out late august/early September. p.s. the extra part at the end of the muskets will be removed prior to moulding.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Akula's Armies: Apocalypse Isle Landrover and Volkswagen Van previewed

Akula's Galactic Armies, Apocalypse Isle Range: About a month for the VW and Landrover, but the crew for the Landrover will be longer (crew will be sold separately as the vehicle has a canvas top option). The first casting will be off to a sculptor to get the crew sized properly. I don't have prices yet as I need to see what the casters bill comes in at (the Landrover comes with lots of customisable options, roof, stowage and guns.

Northstar Miniatures: New Of Gods and Legends Egyptian Army Released

Northstar Miniatures: New army deal for OGAM, a non-Crocodile Egyptian Army. To get you playing Of Gods and Mortals, we have worked out some starter armies using our figures. The basic army in OGAM is 900 points, and that is what we have put together for you. You can have bigger armies, so this is a brilliant basic force that you can then build on. 

The Egyptian 900 point army consists of: God: Set, Legends: Pharaoh in Chariot & Great Mummy, Mortals: Six Sea People Warriors, Six Egyptian Archers and Six Egyptian Spearmen. All figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Mortals will be a random selection and may not be exactly the figures shown in the photograph.