Monday, February 18, 2019

Element Games: New Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – The Dreaded Ambull Pre-Order Launched

Element Games: With every expedition, the explorers who set out from Precipice unlock more of the Blackstone Fortress’ secrets. Countless riches await those who can find them – and countless dangers also. Amongst the roving squads of heretical warriors, the prowling packs of snarling predators and the eldritch defence systems of the fortress itself, a new threat has been sighted. A monstrous beast lurks in the darkness, one that is feared throughout the Imperium and beyond. It is an apex predator, an ancient terror, and a being utterly incapable of reason or mercy – a dreaded Ambull.

In the first expansion to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, The Dreaded Ambull, you'll discover more challenges, more insight into these mysterious structures, and of course, more enemies for your intrepid adventurers to discover and take on. Along with new rules, new discovery cards and new exploration cards, this box also contains three Citadel miniatures. As well as the hulking Ambull itself, there are two Borewyrm Infestations that represent the offspring of this terrifying xenos monster. With this expansion, you'll be able to add new dimensions of enjoyment and complexity to each of your visits to the Blackstone Fortress. Included in this box are three brand new plastic Citadel miniatures: One Ambull and two Borewyrm Infestations (supplied with one 50mm round base, and two 25mm round bases). 

Grab your copy of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – The Dreaded Ambull here at Element Games and make sure to use our free code TIM940 for double loyality points, double win!

Shieldwolf Miniatures: War is Coming: Goblins Kickstarter Project Launched - Hard Plastic Goblins and More

Shieldwolf Miniatures launched their War is Coming: Goblins Kickstarter to fund a range of plastic multi-part fantasy and science fiction goblins along with plenty of cool characters and creatures. 

The fuel driving us is to bring to life an entire new and unique range of fantasy (and sci-fi!) models, perfect for your wargames and roleplaying campaigns. Shieldwolf Miniatures is the largest Southeast European tabletop wargaming company, with proven expertise in the creation and distribution of fantasy & sci-fi miniature figures. Our products are made with the highest quality Hard Plastic (HIP) and resin to assemble and paint. The production of our kits take place in the E.U., under our complete control.

This Kickstarter campaign seeks funds to release new and unique armies for our game, War is Coming. We commence with the Forest Goblins, after which we expand to the Drotts (Fantasy Common Goblins) and Drottchins (Science Fiction Goblins). Below you will find a complete description of the first plastic kit from the ones planned for this project, including locked stretch goals. These are representing items all included in the final product. Check the Kickstarter here

Wayland Games: Discounted A Song Of Ice and Fire: Free Folk

Wayland Games is selling the brand new Cool Mini or Not A Song Of Ice and Fire: Free Folk miniatures including the brave wildlings and massive giants! Grab them here at a nice 10% discount.

Alternative Armies: Painted and Scenic Shots of New Bradley 6mm Vehicles

Alternative Armies: The brand new Bradley 6mm science fiction releases (thirteen new packs) with a great introductory offer (spend 50GBP and get the huge Corvo Dropship worth 20GBP free in your package) ending 1st March.  A total of twenty seven different vehicles and infantry to choose from.  We are delighted to show off a few of these new codes painted by Alternative Armies studio as well as scale and scenic pictures too.  Click through to have a look  Thanks!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Breaking! Northstar Miniatures: New Plastic Frostgrave Wizards Pre-Order Launched!

Northstar Miniatures: Whether they come in pursuit of forgotten lore, ancient mysteries, or more mundane treasures, wizards and their apprentices flock to the ruins of Felstad like crows to carrion. Something about the ancient city calls to them, and few can resist its lure. For all their spells and power, fewer still survive its perils…

This boxed set offers enough parts to build eight wizards or apprentices for Frostgrave. It includes a wide range of heads, arms, equipment, and familiars, and is also compatible with the Soldiers, Cultists, and Barbarians boxed sets. £15 - 28mm sized plastic figures. Pre-order page here

Friday, February 15, 2019

Games Workshop: New Fast-Paced Warhammer 40K 'Combat Arena' Miniature Game Previewed

Games Workshop: Combat Arena is a fast-paced miniatures combat game that pits you against your friends in lighting-quick bouts of tactical action. Set aboard an Imperial vessel, the game sees each player pick a hero and battle it out, mastering their distinct fighting styles and abilities to claim victory. Each of these champions is represented by a brand-new model from classic and fan-favourite units of yore such as the Crusader and Primaris Psyker – not to mention a new Rogue Trader! In fact, the set is a prequel to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and that ancient structure has further perils in store for them – keep an eye out for them in an upcoming adventure pack…

Alternative Armies: Three New 28mm Barricades Released - Boxes, Barrels and Long Table

Alternative Armies: The 28mm terrain range expands with three new codes at Alternative Armies.  Great for use in Flintloque or any Fantasy or Horse and Musket setting our terrain is highly detailed and full of character. Barricades to go alongside our Abandoned Wagons.  Crates and Boxes, Beer Barrels and a long table with heaped furniture.  The smaller ones come two to the pack.  You can buy three packs and save plus we have the option on screen to purchase painted and ready for instant use.  Click through to check them out and to see more pictures and free downloads too.  Our release for this month into the World of Valon range!  GBS

Victrix: New Plastic Celtic Chariots and Crews Pre-Order

Victrix: Now on pre order. 28mm 1/56th scale Hard Plastic Celtic Chariots and crews. Set = 3 Celtic chariots & 6 horses. Figures = 6 drivers, 8 armoured fighting crew, 3 Boudiceas and 3 Druids. Head & arm options. Also severed heads, ornaments, ribbons and javelin cases + LBMS transfers.

Sally 4th: New 28mm Albedo Sci-Fi Vehicles Released!

Sally 4th: The AV8 series APC The standard EDF AV8 APC is a tracked, low profile vehicle, capable of carrying eight fully equipped infantry and a driver. Powered by a small fusion plant, the vehicle provides protection against small arms, as well as limited protection against missiles and large-calibre weapons. The AV8 has firing ports to allow the passengers to use their sidearm if required, as well as a post mounted 10mm M2-50 HMG. Link here

This is a detailed resin kit, shipping now. RRP £28 There are 4 variants (APC / Fire Support Vehicle, both in early and late war designs). The early war vehicles have slopped sides, late war variants have replaced these with 6 external stowage bins. These are in stock and shipping now.

Wood Axe: New Witch Hunter Miniature Pre-Order

Wood Axe launched their Witch Hunter pre-order on Facebook

Deep-Cut Studio: New Official Aleph Infinity Game Mat Release

Deep-Cut Studio: New official game mat for Infinity miniature game just launched. Aleph completed the initiation cycle, offering new ways to play your battles on a highly detailed and themed playmat. Welcome to the Machine! Join the greater cause at – home of game mats.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dancing Yak Miniatures: Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblins Previewed

Dancing Yak Miniatures: Some of the new hobgoblins for the upcoming Chaos Dwarf kickstarter, assassin hero and shomon will follow swiftly. Coming in both 10mm and 28mm, more to come. 

Wargames Foundry: 25% Discount Miniatures and Paint Sale!

Wargames Foundry: We're having a 25% discount sale on products listed on our main Wargames Foundry website! (Painting Guide not included; other books are) Only until Sunday 24th February.

Enter the code "WF25%" in the Discount code box when you check out. Shipping will be charged as usual: Our postage rates (in GBP) are £4 to the UK and £6 to most of Europe, North America and Australasia, or free with orders over £80. A £10 flat rate charge applies to all other countries so that we can send your order by Royal Mail tracked. Regrettably this cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. For the first time in 7 years, Foundry Paint is included in the sale! The discount code will work on all single pots and triads. Regrettably, larger paint sets are not included in the sale as they are already discounted.

Shieldwolf Miniatures: War is Coming: Goblins Kickstarter Preview Video

Shieldwolf Miniatures previewed their hard-plastic goblins for their upcoming Kickstarter featuring all sorts of cool fantasy and science fiction goblins and creatures! Check the pictures and video below for details, looking great and enough to create an entire new army!

Alternative Armies: Article Crystal Elves in Flintloque Part Two

Alternative Armies: Part Seventeen of Andy Jefcoate's adventures in Flintloque sees him continue his use of Crystal Elves in their armour with two handed weapons in his games against the Witchlands Undead. Click through to read the article and see more pictures. Additionally 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box set is back in stock if you want to get into the Witchlands and fight the Undead too with ten miniatures, booklet, dice and bases for just 20GBP. Thanks. GBS

Monday, February 11, 2019

Alternative Armies: Painted Asgard Space Marines Collection By Mark Stevenson

Alternative Armies: It is my pleasure to show all of you Mark Stevenson's painted collection of Asgard Space Marines now produced by Alternative Armies.  A classic set of miniatures great for 28mm gaming in a hard sci-fi white and orange scheme.  Enjoy and all of these miniatures are on our website Many pictures in the article.  Thanks!  GBS