Friday, October 31, 2014

Puppetswar: New Science Fiction Pegasus Vehicles Previewed

Puppetswar: First look at and few basic variants of "Pegasus". It is still work in progress.

Red Star Miniatures: Red Star Miniatures Available at Empress Stand at Crisis

Red Star Miniatures: While we are waiting for our next figure release (75mm recoilless gun with French and Vietminh crew), we are happy to confirm that our French Indochina War range will be for sale at the Empress Miniatures stand at the Crisis 2014 show in Antwerp on November 1st.

Black Scorpion: New Miniatures Previewed and Available at Crisis

Black Scorpion: Like every year, Black Scorpion will be at the Crisis show in Antwerp, Belgium. We'll have our standard ranges available, and display figures on display. It's a great show and worth attending if you can. We may also have a few pre-releases available on the day in very limited numbers. Please stop by early, if you'd like one. They are: Witch and Boris the Cat, Archibald II and Pumpkin bear (this will probably be a free giveaway when you buy something else from us, while stocks last)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

J&M Miniatures: Guy Fawkes Sale at J&M Miniatures‏

J&M Miniatures: Remember, remember the 5th of November and get 20% all IN STOCK pike and shot miniatures at J&M Miniatures. Sale runs from 1st November 2014 until 9th November 2014. For American and overseas customers please refer to our shipping policy.

Nordic Weasel Games: Halloween Sale on Several Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: Halloween is coming up in the US, so we're doing a nice sale. If you've been interested in Five Men in Normandy (squad level WW2 skirmishing), Five Parsecs From Home (pseudo-RPG scifi campaigns, very Traveller in style) or No End in Sight (Platoon level post-WW2 gaming), they are all 5 dollars off until Friday at midnight. FiveCore is 3 dollars off. Do note that a copy of either FiveCore or Five Men is required to play Five Parsecs, unless you intend to adapt it to another rules system. Grab your bargain here at the Wargame Vault.

The Ion Age: New Free Halloween Miniature and Espaten Mobile Weapons Offer Extended

The Ion Age: The IMP15 Witch Knight is November 2014's free miniature which is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order of any value. It can also be bought in any amount too on the monthly IMP page of the website. She is wearing elements of Alwite powered armour as well as a hat and a cloak. In her hand is a futuristic broomstick which could function for flying or as a weapon. She stands some 17mm tall in one piece. A real character. This miniature is a fine addition to any 15mm science fiction collection for any game system. Check The Ion Age blog here.

As it is our second year we look back at this time last year and see what the free miniature was at that time. In November 2013 the free miniature was IMP03 Knight of the Dead. It was our third miniature to be given out free. You can find this miniature in the Year One Collection if you are lacking it.

From now until 1st November all orders that arrive with us will still get the IMP14 miniature free and the IMP15 miniature AS WELL! I have also had enough emails and requests to keep the current offer on the new Espaten platforms, motive units and gun crews open (15% off regular prices) that we will do so until the start of November; see these on our website. Bonus!

Northstar Miniatures: Official Game of Thrones Dark Sword Miniatures Stockist

Northstar Miniatures: I'm very pleased to announce we are the UK importers for the Dark Sword Miniatures range of figures, George R.R. Martin. Welcome to our pages for the imported American Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. Award Winning Premium Pewter Fantasy Miniatures in the newer heroic 28mm gaming scale that are Hand Crafted Miniature Works of Art.

Warlord Games: Look out Antwerp! Lee, Ches & Dave are Coming!

Warlord Games: Look out Antwerp! Lee, Ches & Dave are planning their attack! We are stocking the racks chock full of goodies, including over 150 types of tanks. You’ll find us next to the refreshment cage on the right as you come into the venue. Next to us will be a beautiful WW2 Normandy Beach – a real must see! Rick Priestley has kindly signed a number of rulebooks that will be available for sale at the usual RRP. We also have a number of the brand new Battleground Europe books on early release. Note that the sales will be cash only.

Wayland Games: New Malifaux Terrain, Planetfall Miniatures and Warsmith Warboards Preview

Wayland Games: We have a few scenery gems for you this week, PlastCraft have announced a new range of kits designed especially for Malifaux! The range can be seen above, click the images to find out more and pre-order. Warsmith have succeeded with their kickstarter and are now releasing their Warboard creation on the world. There are details below with a sneak peak of the designs! Lastly Planetfall has some awesome additions including the Hawker Industries and Ba'Kash allied aerial helix sets and brand new Commander Pack.

My personal favorite must be the new official Malifaux terrain by PlastCraftGames for Wyrd Miniatures. The first release wave includes all sorts of interesting scenery pieces such as walkways, graveyard and houses. You can check all of the buildings here and grab them nicely discounted for the moment.

Each Warboard is constructed of 2mm solid board, is double sided and folds out to 2′ by 3′ gaming area (61cm x 91.5cm). The innovative printed designs mean that there is no limit to how many boards you can join together, so you can keep your battlefield layouts fresh, diverse and engaging with minimal fuss! The boards also fold away easily into a sturdy cardboard carry case for easy transportation. Here's the preview.

Uncle Mike's Worldwide: What Lurks in the Lair of Cthulhu?

Uncle Mike's Worldwide: With only a few days left in the campaign, the time has finally come to append our PayPal-based pledges to the total funding. This brings us close to $46,000, which means we've unlocked another Stretch Goal! Now available: the Lair of Cthulhu Box, featuring the Bob Murch-sculpted Crypt of Cthulhu.