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Alternative Armies: New Flintloque Female Dogman Barmaid

Alternative Armies: Now Released for Flintloque!  Our new Female Dogman Barmaid in 28mm scale. Our last release of the month. Enjoy!  

Also linked in the article is a free download for 'The Demon Drinke' in Flintloque so click through for both.  Lastly though it will be main news on Friday from now until Tuesday next week Alternative Armies has free worldwide postage on all orders over 10.00GBP product value.  Thanks for reading. GBS

Osprey Games: Agamemnon - Historical Strategy Boardgame

Osprey Games: Agamemnon - From veteran designer Günter Cornett, Agamemnon is a fast-paced strategy board game in which two players take the roles of ancient Greek gods during the Trojan War. By tactically deploying warriors to where they're needed across the board, each player may influence the final outcome of the battles famously detailed in Homer's Iliad. Some areas will be decided by the strength of your warriors, some by sheer weight of numbers, and others by the inspiration your heroes provide.

Deep-Cut Studio: Limited Edition Space Combat Game Mat

Deep-Cut Studio: New gaming mat release! Our first limited edition game mat just saw the daylight. Image, used to create this mat, was released to celebrate Hubble Space Telescope‘s 26th birthday. 

Bubble Nebula, also known as NGC 7635, lies 8.000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is a truly unique release with each mat having its own serial number. Mat boasts exceptional attention to quality and comes with some extra goodies in the package. Check it out while highly limited supplies last!

Nexus Miniatures: New Superhero - Retro Booster Miniatures

Nexus Miniatures: Nexus Miniatures are running their first "Retro-Booster" Promotion and the first lot of molding/casting is almost funded after a little over a week.

The first "wave" is made up of all new Models to the Range, and the "New Defenders" have already been unlocked. They are so close to unlocking even more exciting Models, Like the "Red Sector Cleanup Crew" - a ramshackle Crew of ex Asteroid-Miners turned Adventurers; and things are about to get Stranger with the release of "Elle" and her friends.

So Pop over to the Nexus Miniatures Retro Booster Advance Order Page - the more they sell the more exciting Miniatures they can "unlock" for you to order! It's running till the end of September, and best of all - if you order more than one "Boost" they send you a special Code so future pre-orders made as part of this Campaign cost no extra! Check the news and promotions here

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Renedra: Upcoming Fantasy Frostgrave Plastic Barbarians Pictures Previewed

Renedra previewed these work in progress pictures of the making of the upcoming plastic Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts  - plastic 28mm Barbarians!

With the kind permission of Nick at Northstar and Osprey we thought we would share the progress of a project we are currently manufacturing - these are Barbarians - this project has affectionally been called 'a beast' by our pantographer Pete, he and Terry are cutting the inserts that you can see in the pictures. These show the copy aid that we have manufactured to use to cut the insert, the pictures are at mid stage of cutting, but already the detail is showing especially in the cloak, and still there are 4 more cutter stages to go before the insert is finished, we are quite excited with this project, the level of the finished detail will need to be very high and will be one of the hardest inserts we have cut.

As you can see in the supplied pictures these modular barbarians will be clothed for cold weather with a mixture of furs and cloaks. These miniatures will be armed with a nice range of primitive weaponry such as stone tipped spears and stone carved daggers. Based on the composition of the previously released plastic boxed sets, a box will contain four identical sprues each containing five bodies along with plenty of close and ranged combat weapons along with some other bits and pieces. You can check a preview of some of the modular plastic Frostgrave Barbarian sculptures already here

In my personal opinion this will be the best plastic miniature  boxed set to be released for Frostgrave. These upcoming barbarians are sculpted by Giorgio Bassani who also sculpted the plastic gnolls and several metal Frostgrave characters. Keep checking Wargame News and Terrain as we are constantly searching for more news about Frostgrave and its miniatures.

The previously released plastic boxed sets are the following and were released to support the Frostgrave game expansions starting with the original Soldiers, Cultists and the new modular Gnolls. Note that parts of these sets can be combined with other released sets.

Frostgrave Soldiers - A Frostgrave Soldier's role is to accompany his Wizard employer into the frozen city, to fight their opponents, beat off wandering monsters and grab any treasure found. This box set of hard plastic figures allows you to build 20 different Soldiers to play in the game Frostgrave. To help you design the perfect Wizard's warband, the box set contains 100 weapon/ arm variants, 40 heads and over 30 pieces of equipment. No two Wizard's warbands should ever be the same! The plastic figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and require assembly with glue. We recommend you use glue designed for plastic to get the best results. Available here

Check our thorough Wargame News and Terrain  Frostgrave Soldiers review here. See pictures of the sprues, scale comparison pictures and did you know these are fully compatible with Games Workshop Warhammer fantasy miniatures? Assemble and convert these high quality Fantasy plastic boxed sets and pitch them on the tabletop battlefield!

Frostgrave Cultists - Death cultists are mortal men and women who have sworn their service to an undead master, usually in the hope of achieving some form of immortality. They normally come from the lowest rung of society and have few useful skills and little combat training. What they lack in ability, however, they make up for in fanaticism and fearlessness in the face of death. When sent out by their masters, death cultists generally conceal their identities behind masks and hoods, but proclaim their allegiances by adorning themselves with bones, chains and other symbols of death.

The Frostgrave Cultists box set contains enough parts to make 20 different figures. There are multiple heads, arms, weapons and accoutrements per frame, no two warbands will ever be the same. Cultists feature in Thaw of the Lich Lord as opponents in the scenarios and as random encounters. They should also be used as the soldiers for Warbands of evil wizards, especially ones who've embraced Lichdom. The Cultists have been designed to compliment the Frostgrave Soldiers plastic box set. By that we mean the arms, heads and equipment are interchangeable, giving you even MORE choice to built a unique and personal Warband.

And as an extra bonus, the Cultist plastic frame includes heads and arms to convert your Soldiers or Cultists into skeletons and Zombies. True Frostgrave Undead! Perfect to represent your 'risen from the dead' ex-soldiers. The plastic figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and require assembly with glue. We recommend you use glue designed for plastic to get the best results. Available here

Frostgrave Gnolls - The Frostgrave Gnolls box set contains enough parts to make 20 different figures. There are multiple heads, arms, weapons and accoutrements per frame, no two warbands will ever be the same.  Gnolls feature in Into The Breeding Pits as opponents in the scenarios and as random encounters. They should also be used as the soldiers for Warbands of Beastcrafter Wizards. The plastic figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and require assembly with glue. We recommend you use glue designed for plastic to get the best results. Available here

The Ion Age: The Afara Strider 15mm Mecha Kit Parts

The Ion Age: It was pointed out to me that I did not put up a parts image showing all the pieces of the mighty IAF128 Afara Strider, our 15mm scale light mecha.  

I have done this now and a short article too!  Click through  Additionally though it will be main news on Friday we currently have until next week free shipping worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP product value.  We have no more releases this month.  Thanks!  GBS

There are no more releases in August and we will shortly be running a weekend offer in conjunction with our two sister brands Alternative Armies and  It has begun now postage on all orders over 10.00GBP product value plus your normal Reward Points and Free miniature currrently IMP36. Lady Snowblood a HOTT Army Sengoku Conversion by Terry Webb Terry Webb kindly allows to show off his 15mm Japanese fantasy conversion and army for HOTT.  Lady Snowblood!  

Click through to read more and see more.  From the Sengoku range.  Additionally this will be main news on Friday but from now until 9am next Tuesday has free shipping worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP product value. Thanks.  GBS

Scibor Miniatures: New Massive Cthulhu Creature Awakens

Scibor Miniatures previewed this massive Cthulhu.

Dust Models: New Dust 1947 - Babylon Middle Eastern Abandoned Compound

Dust Models released this new scenery set for their Dust 1947 tabletop miniature wargame set in a weird world war two setting. This set is scaled 28mm, supplied unpainted and retails at £45.00.

Crescent Root Studio: New Pre-Painted Historical Buildings

Crescent Root Studio released this new 28mm buildings to their 28mm Series 3 - scenery line! Available in six colors and optional damaged sections.

Gorgon Studios: New Norse Undead Draugr Warriors Released

Gorgon Studios released these new highly-detailled 28mm norse zombies also known as Draugr. Prepare your warriors as winter is coming!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DGS Games: DGS News and Designer’s Blog September 2016

DGS Games: DGS News and Designer’s Blog September 2016 - Jon Cleaves here, lead designer, to tell you all about the goings on Freeblades and Faelon. 

Our most recent releases are the Falkaaran Shadow Hunter and Jhenkar.  The Shadow Hunter is a caster of spirit magic who specializes in hunting demons and closing witchgates.  A Jhenkar is a demon bonded to a Shadow Hunter to help him in his quests.  The Shadow Hunter brings a new spell list into play that is a version of the one already used by the Haradelan Fist of Vidunar.  Players will recognize some of the spells but the new ones help the Hunter reveal hidden models and move in and out of the Spirit World.   Rules for these models can be found in the Freeblades Rules Companion.  Speaking of the Companion…

The FRC is a $6 downloadable pdf, purchased through our webstore. When you purchase the FRC, it will become a permanent download in your DGS Games website account. So, as we add new models and rules, all you need to do is go back in and download the latest version of the FRC to have everything in one place. $6 for a full color rulebook as a pdf that you can load onto your tablet or other device, that contains everything you need to play the game that is not in the core rulebook. And you get all the updates to the FRC for free once you have purchased it one time. We think that is a great deal and we think you will too!

The pdf is interactive. This means that rules, page references and index are hyperlinked to the appropriate section of the product. Models in the stat summaries are hyperlinked to their entry in the webstore. Our next release is the Haradelan Bear of Bretan.  This model comes with pieces such that it can be assembled as a High Questor or Questing Knight.  His rules are already in the Companion 1.3, so you will not have to download an update when he becomes available October 7.  You can go check him out now.

Speaking of October, we are going to deliver the Traazorites early!

As you may know, we successfully funded our Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter in March.  Very successfully!  Check your rulebook and the Faelon section of our website for more information about this dangerous new addition to the Freeblades game line. Dinosaur-riding religious zealot legionnaires? Why yes, please!

This project created the starter set for the Traazorite Crusaders faction and reached four Stretch Goals.  In addition, two of our backers chose the make a model reward level, so the project ended up creating 11 models: all of the nine initial models for the Traazorite faction, the Daklos Ravager – a Traazorite warrior mounted on a Daklos, basically our version of a War Pterodactyl – and the Nightwhisper, the first model of your new Eclipse faction.  The Eclipse is the codename for a secretive group of female warriors and casters rebelling against the Traazorite Empire.

We are going to be able to deliver the Traazorites starting October 1st, which is more than a month early from their projected delivery date.  Now, the rules for the Traazorites will be available at the same time the Traazorites are released to the public.  We feel very strongly about taking the time to get the rules right.  The good news is, these rules will be in v 1.4 of the Freeblades Rules Companion, so you can have them the day the rules come out by downloading them from the website.  If you already have 1.3 or if you got a FRC as part of your reward, it will be free.  If not, it’s only $6, so a good deal there.  And you get a month to paint your models before anyone can play with them anyway!

-What else are we working on?

• Eclipse Nightwhisper
• Traazorite Daklos Ravager and Ravager
• Faeler Swordsman
• BrightSword (our RPG) playtest version 7.5 (7.4 is in the download section as an open playtest).
• A new Freeblades Campaign – the Six Barons - league games linked by a story and new options.
• Our website.  We are bringing a new forum online, upgrading the imagery in the webstore and making other improvements.  
Thanks for your patience.

– Our next Con is Tsunami Con in Wichita, 7-9 October, where we will release the Bear of Bretan.  Hope to see you there! Spike and Win!

Our website: 
Facebook: DGS Games, Freeblades Players
Twitter: @WorldofFaelon

Nexus Miniatures: New Sword Wielding Major Caprican

Nexus Miniatures: Ooh, some new pics of the finished Major Caprican!

Bombshell Miniatures: Upcoming Tabletop Babes III Kickstarter Announcement

Bombshell Miniatures previewed these new work in progress miniatures for their third Bombshell Babes Kickstarter. Looking to succesfully expand their range with more beautiful female figures.

From Bombshell Miniatures: "We have the Babes 3 project set up on Kickstarter and will launch September 19th. Visit the preview page and select to be notified when the project goes live. Pics of the sculpts will be posted as they are ready between now and the launch date. Below is a sample of some of the sculpts in progress. Check the preview page here

Gringo40s: New 28mm Gendarme de Elite Kettledrummer

Gringo40s released this Napoleonic 28mm Gendarme de Elite Kettledrummer.

Hawk Wargames: New Dropfleet Commander Starter Boxed Set Pre-Order Announcement

Wayland Games has launched the discounted pre-order for the Hawk Wargames Dropfleet Commander starter boxed set. Lead your epic space fleets to victory on the tabletop!

It is the year 2672, a time of war on a galactic scale. The mighty battlefleets of the United Colonies of Mankind are ranged against those of the alien Scourge, vile overlords of humanity's once great homelands – the seven Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. The Colonies are on the offensive, the will of an entire species bent on vengeance. This grand endeavour is known as the Reconquest; the greatest military enterprise in the history of mankind. Thousands of ships and millions of soldiers battle for victory in the void and on land.

You can now play your part in these war-torn times. Fight for noble humanity or the dreaded Scourge in orbital battles for supremacy, played with finely detailed miniatures. You will command fleets of colossal warships, unleash strike craft and deploy your ground forces in strategic naval battles above a war-torn planet. Prepare your vessels; the battle for mankind's future has begun!

This 2 Player set contains absolutely everything you need to get started in games of Dropfleet Commander, including two starter fleets, a 3'x4' gaming surface, fastplay aids and a wide selection of tokens. This incredible boxed set also includes the full sized Dropfleet Commander rulebook, a 224 page full colour tome containing immersive background, the game rules, complete fleet lists for all 4 factions and hundreds of lavish images. Available at Wayland Games or Hawk Wargames.

The complete contents of this boxed set are listed below:

  • UCM Starter Fleet: 3 cruisers (typical length 107mm) and 4 frigates (typical length 65mm). These multi-part, hard plastic, lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as a wide variety of different classes.
  • Scourge Starter Fleet: Consists of 3 cruisers (typical length 112mm) and 4 frigates (typical length 58mm). These multi-part, hard plastic, lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as a wide variety of different classes.
  • Note: All ships are provided with a multi-part Dropfleet flight stand, designed to track in-game status without the use of tokens. Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.
  • Dropfleet Commander Rulebook: 224 Page, full colour. Contains in depth background, the game rules, fleet lists for all 4 factions and captivating imagery.
  • 3'x4' Gaming Surface: 2x A1 double-sided posters. One side features a planetary surface; both posters can be joined to create a 4'x3' gaming surface. The reverse features stunning artwork.
  • Scenery: 8x Card Cities and 8x Card Debris Fields, allowing a wide variety of game scenarios!
  • Tokens: 102 punch out card tokens for fighters, bombers, ground forces, city sectors and much more!
  • Gaming Tools: Retractable keyring tape measure (1m/38" length) and ten 12mm black D6 dice
  • Fastplay Aids: UCM and Scourge reference sheets, turn sequence prompt, Activation Sheet and starter scenario

Rebel Minis: The Dark Hold Goblin Adventures - Savage Worlds Kickstarter

Rebel Minis: Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is a Fantasy RPG setting for Savage Worlds in which players use Goblins as Player Characters!

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is dedicated to the small groveling races which scratch out an existence in the dark catacombs through which other heroes stride like unto gods. Can you survive as one of a lost culture of Goblins living in the abandoned tombs of a long forgotten empire?

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is a Savage Worlds compatible sourcebook (You will need a copy of the Savage Worlds core Rulebook) allowing players and game masters to run a campaign revolving around low level goblin characters. Check the Kickstarter here

Dragon Force Design: New Urban Rubble Base Sets

Dragon Force Design released these new Urban Rubble Sets!

Mantic Games: Mantic's Gaming Hall & Shop is Now Open...

Mantic Games: We have been busy preparing our own gaming hall and shop here at Mantic HQ and would like to invite you all to visit!

We have the store, gaming facilities and we are launching a Monthly Gaming Club too. Mantic Monthly Gaming Club – Saturday 3rd September, 10 - 4:00 pm - Our Monthly Gaming Club will be the first Saturday of each month, right here at Mantic HQ:

  • Gaming hall with a range of tables and scenery for you to play on
  • The Mantic shop, ready for you to recruit more troops for your forces, with exclusive offers and show only miniatures
  • Demo’s available, including The Walking Dead miniatures game
  • Free tea & coffee
  • We hope to run all kinds of events, campaigns and activities for both regular club members and those making a trip to Mantic HQ
  • The launch event is free, there will be a small charge in the future (to be confirmed). This will go towards maintaining  and adding to the gaming boards & scenery range, as well as tea and coffee and club events.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016