Thursday, February 26, 2015

CP Models: New World War One British Infantry Released

CP Models: The first two packs of 1914 British Infantry to start our World War One range.

Ristul's Extraordinary Market: New Food Supplies Scenery Released

Ristul's Extraordinary Market has recently released these rather nice food supplies!

Northstar Miniatures: Artizan Design Second Afghan War Range

Northstar Miniatures: Artizan Designs new range is the 2nd Afghan War, featuring the British Army, the Indian Army, the Afghan Regular Army and Afghan tribesmen.

Artizan Design have delivered the first packs of Afghan Regular Infantry for their 2nd Afghan war range. Will have them available to buy soon.

Unfeasibly Miniatures: New 28mm Mounted and Dismounted Tuaregs Released

Unfeasibly Miniatures has released the following 28mm miniatures for their Exotic Adventures range. The new releases include several packs of nice Tuaregs on foot armed with swords, muskets and rifles. Other miniatures released are mounted Tuaregs armed with the same assortment of tribal weaponry. These miniatures can now be bought at Black Hat Miniatures or Unfeasibly Miniatures.

"Exotic Adventures, depicts the French Foreign Legion at the turn of the 19th Century in Northern Africa, immortalised in the stories of Beau Geste by P.C. Wren. The range includes Tauregs, who resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands. Produced under license from Unfeasibly Miniatures"

Perry Miniatures: Plastic Light Cavalry 1450-1500 Salute Release Preview

Perry Miniatures: These early samples of the up coming plastic Light Cavalry 1450-1500 were beautifully painted by Simon Chick. As you see, they will be released at Salute. This box will contain 12 mounted figures that can be assembled as either Coustilliers/Hobblers or Mounted Crossbowmen or Mounted Archers. These will be released at Salute.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Four A Miniatures: New Kev Adams Goblins and Other Miniatures Released

Four A Miniatures: Just had my next set of releases arrive today from Griffin moulds. All of these new pieces are by Kev Adams.

Cipher Studios: Anima Tactics Miniature Skirmish Game Being Discontinued!

Cipher Studios: Cipher Studios announces that the Anima Tactics™ Miniature Skirmish Game is being discontinued

Cipher Studios announces that the Anima Tactics™ Miniature Skirmish Game is being discontinued. Anima Tactics™ has had a long run, launching in 2006 with over 150 unique characters released. The game has become unsustainable from a business standpoint due to market and global distribution changes, so the hard decision to discontinue the line had to be made.

We at Cipher Studios thank our fans for the many years of support in building a wonderful community of players and hobbyists around a game we have loved creating. Anima Tactics™ and Hell Dorado™ will no longer be sold through distribution. The ranges for both product lines will remain available online through the Ninja Division | Soda Pop Miniatures web store.

The Cipher Studios web store will close March 13th. Stock will then be transferred to the Ninja Division | Soda Pop Miniatures warehouse and resume sale on March 30. The last new figures for Anima Tactics™ will be released through the web store, including a special edition Celia model. The Hell Dorado™ range will continue. Hell Dorado™ new releases will resume, with the next release wave beginning during Q2 2015.

Crooked Dice: New Now Paranormal Harbingers in Store

Crooked Dice: A sneaky late release this month, as the Harbingers arrive early. 

These poor possessed souls, are now the inhuman servitors to some greater demonic power. Legend says that if the two should ever meet, then the world is destined for a disaster of biblical proportions. Real wrath of God type stuff. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart and painted by Andrew Taylor. In store now, £8 for the pair.

The Plastic Soldier Company: The Great War Boardgame Kickstarter 15mm Plastic Artillery Previewed

The Plastic Soldier Company: A little sneak preview of a render of what the British 18 pounder artillery piece and crew will look like. Render of German 105mm howitzer and crew later in the week (along with renders of the German core miniatures). Check the Kickstarter here and pledge.

Northstar Miniatures: Winter is Coming - Frostgrave Fantasy Miniatures Preview

Northstar Miniatures has released these previews for the upcoming Frostgrave fantasy ruleset!

Awaken Realms Painting Studio: The Edge Kickstarter Preview

Awaken Realms Painting Studio: Come closer and dive into the grim post-apocalyptic steampunk universe - see origins of new adventure and help to forge it.

The Edge is planned to be a standalone universe with a long term development plan. We are keeping consistency in all of our miniatures and story. We are dedicated to create a great universe with compelling story and grim, steampunk environment, supported by well-thought and fun to play mechanics and the best quality models. Models will be set to 28mm scale and will range from smaller infantry through beasts and vehicles to huge constructs and gigantic monsters. Everything will be cast in quality resin to ensure highest level of detail. 

The world of The Edge was shattered by a cataclysm ("Day of Judgement" as the Chapter calls it) that put humanity on its knees. When everything seemed lost, the remnants of the population were united by a priest of The One - Monotheistic technological God. By using remaining crystals from the cataclysm, the priest created technologically advanced machines and led humanity from its knees to a new golden era.

But time of peace did not last for long. It turned out that crystals were not the only thing left by meteors – deep in craters small portals had been laying hidden, waiting patiently. Demons emerged from them and an invasion that flooded the land begun. At first, it was not even a fight – it was a slaughter, a perfect invasion plan executed step by step without a fail. 

After some time Chapter was able to produce military technology that made the fight possible – but even aided by the powerful Angels of Death, believed to be the avatars of The One himself, they were sill losing one battle after another. Humans were adapting, developing new deadly technologies in haste however, even with all of their efforts, the Demons were still undefeated.

Then a certain event took place that no one was expecting, after one of the bloody battles, under unusual circumstances a new being came to life. Neither human nor machine, a creature that started feasting on the battlefield absorbing both flesh and mechanical parts, constantly evolving. 

Faceless creatures, without soul, emotion or mind – wandering through land and consuming everything in their way. They began to spread without any control and even if at first ignored by both Demons and Chapter, at one point they became a force that changed the whole face of the conflict. Faceless were one of the reasonsDemon invasion under the walls of Eld-Hain was broken, right before the first human refuge that was about to fall. All the communication attempts with them failed so far.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Warlord Games: New Kingdom Egyptian Command Released

Warlord Games: Continuing our releases from the Cutting Edge Miniatures range, this week we have two command packs for the New Kingdom Egyptians!

Black Hussar Miniatures: New Prussian Bagage Train and Camp Set Released

Black Hussar Miniatures has released these new Prussian scenery pieces and miniatures.

Minairons Miniatures: 1:56 scale M1 Armored Car Previewed

Minairons Miniatures: I'm happy to show you some preliminary shots of our upcoming M1 Armored Car, that will be our first 1:56 scale model of 2015. Casting of the ultimate model has already started - as you can see, it will be mostly high quality resin, with a few smaller parts in white metal. We expect to release it before Summer - hopefully around May.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kabuki Models: Fantasy Dwarf Beer Maiden at AdeptiCon‏!

Kabuki Models: Our little dwarf beer maiden is finished! It’s on its way to the foundry for white metal casting!

25mm to the top of the head, she's our first dwarf model and also the founder of a new range. This mini will first be available during AdeptiCon, March 19th to the 22nd, so make sure to stop by our booth and pick one up! Can’t make it to AdeptiCon? Don’t worry, the dwarf beer maiden will be available on as well – but only for the duration of AdeptiCon!

Pendraken Miniatures: Upcoming Post-War Trucks, Napoleonic French Guard and Fantasy Creatures!

Pendraken Miniatures: As fast as we get things released, there's more arriving at Pendraken HQ! We recently previewd a couple of Post-War trucks, which will be making their way into the moulding queue asap. Elsewhere, we've got a full range of Italian CTV ready to go for the SCW fans, plus a batch of Napoleonic French Guard sculpts arrived from the designer on Friday afternoon, so keep an eye out for pics of those. And finally for the Warband fans, we've got some new Accessories coming in the next week, with new Elementals, Giants and Ogres ready to hit the shelves.

Deep-Cut Studio: Futuristic Football Gaming Mats Released

Deep-Cut Studio: We have a new gaming mat release and it is something we wanted to share with you for a long time now. 

 This futuristic football gaming mat is larger than what you might usually find on the tables. It has 33 mm size hexes, so moving the miniatures is much easier. It has a rugged PVC surface so the board can withstand seasons of gameplay. It has a high quality design that your game deserves. And it can be yours right here and right now. Check our website for more close-ups and expect more soon.

Spellcrow: Science Fiction Reich Troopers Pre-Order

Spellcrow: This box contain 12 Reich Troopers. One of trooper may have added sergeant crest. Models are composed of three parts - legs, torsos with weapons and heads. The product is high quality cast resin. Needs to be cleaned and painted. This is pre-order! Model will be sending from late February.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Northstar Miniatures: Free Monkey with On the Seven Seas Rules

Northstar Miniatures: We've still got some metal monkeys lying around, so this weekend only, if you buy a copy of On The Seven Seas... 

On the Seven Seas is a set of wargames rules covering the high adventure and low morals of the world of the pirate. The rules cover licensed privateers such as da Gama and Drake, ruthless pirates of the Spanish Main, Blackbeard, the Barbary corsairs, the wako of the Far East, not to mention the anti-pirate squadrons, Spanish garrisons and native warriors from around the world that found themselves at odd with generations of sea-borne reavers, The focus of the game is on boarding actions and the exploits of pirate crews on land, and the rules offer a quick-to-learn basic game based around individual characters and small units of rank-and-file. Most games will run to some 15 figures a side, although larger games are possible, and tribal forces especially will consist of more models. 

Gameplay centres around two driving motivations that epitomise the pirate life – Fear and Greed. Cunning captains will have to balance these two elements, instilling fear in their opponents with bloodthirsty reputations, while keeping their own crews in line with the promise of loot and wealth. Captains and crew are not just distinguished by these two ratings, however – characteristics and disadvantages can dramatically alter a character’s abilities, and allow for the development of characters over time. 

The rules also contain manoeuvre and gunnery rules for ship-on-ship combat. This is not a game of mass naval actions, but of small, personal duels between determined captains. Caravels, sloops, schooners, native canoes, junks and square-rigged ships up to frigate size can be deployed in the pursuit of a prize… or a pirate vessel. 

The crews themselves may be drawn from a number of different options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and a points system is provided to produce balanced forces. Crew options include: Conquistadors, Spanish and Portuguese garrisons and treasure escorts, naval pirate hunters, natives from the Americas, Africa, Indonesia and the South Seas, and, last but by no means least, pirates from around the world – Europe, North and West Africa, China and Japan.

Curteys Miniatures: New Medieval Archers and Crossbowmen Released

Curteys Miniatures: Two new packs towards our Feudal Medieval range, also suitable for the Crusades.

Warlord Games: New US Army M3 White Scout Car

Warlord Games: The latest addition to our massive range of resin vehicles for Bolt Action is this US Army M3 White Scout Car. 

Produced by the White Motor Company, the M3 White Scout Car was first produced in 1937 – the original order was for just 37 units, however by the end of the war, nearly 21,000 had been put into service for the Armies of the United States! Built on a commercial truck chassis, the M3 was able to withstand the extra weight of light armour being added – enough to deflect small arms fire.

With a 4-speed gearbox, 30 gallon (US) capacity fuel tank, and leaf spring suspension – the robust, hard working White Scout Car could carry up to seven infantry, and give not inconsiderable fire support – mounting two 30 cal machine guns and a 50 cal heavy machine gun!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Warlord Games: Plastic Napoleonic Portugese Infantry Preview

Warlord Games: Following the tremendous success of our Waterloo and Peninsular British plastics last year, we’re following-up in 2015 with plastic Portuguese (and more!).

Wojtek has been hard at work (or so he tells us!) putting together the 3-ups, and they’re looking really rather nice! We didn’t want to keep this to ourselves, so – take a look! As you can see we’re including shakos for early and later infantry as well as the bonnet de police style cap. We’ll bring you more details about release dates, pre-orders and previews of more Napoleonic plastic sets soon!

Westfalia Miniatures: Upcoming Napoleonic Miniatures Announced and Previewed

Westfalia Miniatures has previewed this upcoming 1809 Badener by Alan Marsh but has also announced the following: Lots of new things should be available by then. Namely Napoleonic / pre colonial Persians, Afghans, Wahhabis more Saxons, the Badeners, and the Hanseatic Legion in 1813 in skirmish poses to fight French Mariniers.

Kingsford Miniatures: New Samurai, Ashigaru and Ikko-Ikki Previewed

Kingsford Miniatures: Just posted some photos of new "greens". These figs, a samurai, an ashigaru, and an ikko-ikki will be sent to the moulders this week. The samurai and ashigaru will be added to existing packs in the near future. The ikko-ikki is part of a resculpting and remoulding process I am going through with some of the packs. I'm not sure when he'll be available.

In addition to these new additions there's a few side pieces such as ammo boxes and arrow baskets that are meant to fit to an existing fig in the range. Along with that there will be a new back banner added to the range. All very good stuff that will add to the diversity and character to the Kingsford range and your model collection! Lastly, I'll be reordering pieces that are out of stock or low in stock. So if you've been waiting it shouldn't be too much longer unless it's the Ikko-Ikki ones.