Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Northstar Miniatures: Fantasy Frostgrave Stone Medium Construct Previewed

Northstar Miniatures: Stone Medium Construct. These are constructs that are around human size and generally are human shape. Constructs are artificially created objects that have been imbued with a magical semblance of life. Many were also forms of machine created specifically to chop wood, wash clothes, or serve as mounts.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Macrocosm: Special Miniature Sale Announcement

Macrocosm: We are running a special promotion for the next week. Order anything from our webstore and use this coupon 'somethingnew' to receive a 10% discount to you shopping cart.No minimum spend, no limit on use. Ends Friday the 10th.

Miniatures of the North: Mythological Fauns and Companion Cavalry Previewed

Miniatures of the North has previewed these Fauns and Companion Cavalry.

Fife and Drum Miniatures: Fourth of July Sale Announcement

Fife and Drum Miniatures: To kick off the Fourth of July 2015 weekend, Fife & Drum Miniatures is offering a new 1776 Deal for our North American customers. Any orders for American Revolution (AWI) figures received before July 15th, 2015 will receive free shipping and a 10% discount for the entire order.

Wargames Terrain Workshop: New Pallisade, Vampire Plant and Fantasy Football Minotaur

Wargames Terrain Workshop: For July we have released a 28 mm scale pallisade wall with firing step, available as separate pieces or as a combined pack. We also have a vampire plant to continue on our alien flora, and a fantasy football minotaur for when you need a player to make a blitz.

Thomarillion: Fantasy - Historical Big Candleholder Released

Thomarillion has released this big candleholder scenery piece.

Hyacinth Games: Upcoming Wreck Age Church of Fun Cultists Previewed

Hyacinth Games: Welcome some new members of the flock. Work in progress shots of 3 Church of Fun cultists.

Offensive Miniatures: New New World War Two LRDG - Scorpions Tail

Offensive Miniatures: Building on the range of Elite units of WWII, the latest release is the Long Range Desert Group Chevrolet truck with captured Italian Breda gun - the 20/65 model 35 AA gun - for use as heavy fire support against ground targets, as well as aircraft.

This version was typically deployed in a ratio of one Breda mounted gun for every four standard Chevy vehicles and two jeeps. The model comes with 4 crew figures, including driver and a host of equipment and small arms. The price is £25 for the kit including vehicle Breda gun and crew, order code - EBEA 502. Our standard Chevy is available for £22, and a ground mounted version of the Breda with 8th Army crew is available separately for £10. Go to Elite Catalogue, British Eighth Army Tab.

Industria Mechanika: New KRBL-TR-47 - Krabbel-Tiere Walker

Industria Mechanika: From Christophe Desse, creator of the Red Star 47 and Estafette. Note: The figures shown are from our Ground Crew and Flight Ready figure sets. KRBL-TR Scout Walker will come with new figures for driver, and turret, but the KRBL-TR will work many of our figure sets.

Warlord Games: Free Downed Royal Airforce Pilot With Each £50+ Order

Warlord Games: Our Downed RAF Pilot, Squadron Leader ‘Topper’ Redfern has crashed with important information on the enemy positions! Get him free with every order over £50 during this glorious month of July

Watch this space – we’ll have a free PDF scenario including the Squadron Leader. Topper will be extricating himself from his parachute before heading for the nearest hamlet and a chinwag with those dashed brave fellows in the resistance. Can you aid in his rescue before the vital information he has falls into enemy hands? Perfect for adding that extra layer of story detail to your battles in Bolt Action!

Ax Faction: The Siegebreakers - Fantasy Adventurers Set

Ax Faction has released The Siegebreakers - Fantasy Adventurers Set!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clockwork Goblin: Weird Wars Two Konflikt47 Rulebook Pictures

Clockwork Goblin shared these pictures used for the Konflikt47 rulebook.

Evil Craft: New Fantasy Chaos Weapon Sets Released

Evil Craft has released these three sets of new chaos inspired weaponry.

Anvil Industry: Afterlife Republic 'Instigator' Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle!

Anvil Industry: The Republic's 'Instigator' Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle! This is the most intricately detailed kit we have ever produced, with 27 separate components allowing lots of different configurations and optional extras! Soon we will post a video showing all the parts and assembly options. I am really pleased with how this has come out, and cant wait to work on more vehicles in the future! The Instigator isn't available in our store yet, but will be in the not too distant future.

Warmonger Miniatures: New Kev Adams Fantasy Mercenary Orcs Released

Warmonger Miniatures: More Mercenary Orcs are turning up on our website: Bubblegut, Gripeshite, Plungerstart Bungle, Blaster Bungle, Shooty Bungle, Maggotsmak, Grendlespark the Shooter, Spiggy Fluckboy, Slapdud Bungle and Rundlespit.

Brigade Models: New 2mm Greek Pantheon, Temple and Temple of Vesta Released

Brigade Models: As promised, we have more additions to the Roman buildings in our Small Scale Scenery range. They are all temples of varying sizes, ranging from the diminutive Temple of Vesta to the large and imposing Pantheon.

Warlord Games: New Late War Panzergrenadiers Boxed Set Released

Warlord Games: Speeding into the thickest of the action from the armoured confines of their late war version of the Sd.Kfz 251/1 Hanomag half-tracks, the Panzergrenadiers are the Third Reich’s fire brigade – plugging gaps in the German defences or taking full advantage of weak spots in the enemy battle lines. Combining mobility and protection with the suppressive firepower of their machine guns, each squad of panzergrenadiers can lay down a withering hail of small arms fire.

This boxed set contains 3 of our superb new plastic Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf D half-tracks and 30 multi-pose plastic German panzergrenadiers – a great core for taking on the Ivans, Tommies or Amis!

Ironclad Miniatures: Birthday Sale Launched - 20% off Until 10th of July

Ironclad Miniatures: We are having a Birthday Sale with 20% off everything in store to celebrate that we have been going for 10 Years. Sale ends midnight on Friday the 10th of July.
Here at Ironclad Miniatures we produce several ranges of wargames figures and terrain in 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm scales. All designed and produced to the highest possible standards at affordable prices. We produce over 350 different products for the discerning wargamer. Some of our ranges include:

  • 28mm Victorian Sci-fi Steampunk figures and vehicles
  • 28mm Second Afghan War
  • 28mm Boxer Rebellion
  • 28mm Very British Civil War.
  • 15mm, 20mm and 28mm modular trench systems.
  • Plus many other ranges to enhance your wargaming table.

DGS Games: Freeblades: Creatures of Faelon - Mokruhl Creature Artwork Previewed

DGS Games: First, a huge thank you to everyone who has backed us so far. You guys are amazing.We’re in the hardest part now, the middle. Everyone can be helpful – let all your gaming friends know – whether Freeblades players, or ones you’d want to recruit, or players who just like fantasy miniatures for whatever reason. A reminder that there is basically every option available between the reward levels and add-ons – whatever models you need, rulebooks, dice, tokens, packages deals. If you are looking to get your friends in to Freeblades gaming, this is a great time. Shares and reposts to your favorite game sites mean so very much to us. As a treat, here’s a look into the rules for the scary new Mokruhl...

The Mokruhl fits in a lot of places in Faelon.It will be appearing in the expanded Demon Infestation scenario later this year. It can replace the Warlock in your Grular freeband. It’s also the caster in the future Shadow Demon faction (which we will do early if we meet our first stretch goal, hint, hint…).

It’s the first freeband model to bring Sorcery to the table. The Mokruhl’s brand of this forbidden power is a combination of Shadow Magic and Illusion Magic. Its spells will allow it to both confuse and attack.It won’t be such a bad melee fighter either, having both a decent attack and being harder to hit than most casters. And it’s a cool model!

15mm.co.uk: Attor the Ghoul Dragon Offer Coming 10th July 2015

15mm.co.uk: Welcome to the high summer so its only fitting that we give you a quick teasing look at something which will be coming on the 10th July 2015 which belongs in the bleakest of dark winter weather. Attacking a small village defended by a questing knight is Attor the Ghoul Dragon!

If you are a fan of 15mm fantasy wargaming and a player of HOTT or any other system in that scale and genre then you will be interested in our up coming offer. Not only is the Ghoul Dragon our first miniature as a result of the customer requests 'Monster Survey' earlier this year but its also going to be the one hundredth code in the HOT range. As a result of this we are going to celebrate by placing this new monster at half price, yes 50% off, its full price for two weeks on our website. Awesome offer! The price will be at half off so all you will need to do is add to your cart. One, three, five of them as many as you want.

TableTopScale.com: ​20mm WWII Headsets From Force20 Now Available​

TableTopScale.com: Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures has released three, 20mm white metal, WWII era headsets. DH-01 is a pack of American heads. DH-02 is a pack of German heads. DH-03 is a pack of Japanese heads. Each pack has a suggested retail price of US$4.79. Force20 products are available from TableTopScale.com, Elhiem Figures, and Sgt. Major's Miniatures.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Atlantis Miniatures: 28mm Goblins,Orcs and Trolls Kickstarter Launched and Funded

Atlantis Miniatures: Highly detailed resin miniatures full of character! Atlantis Miniatures is a small UK miniature company. We've been working away solidly for nearly a year to bring our first range of miniatures to life. We love what we do and can't wait to get started on our next range. Up to this point we have been completely self funded and will go forward with the money raised into our next projects. 

It's common practice for companies to use kickstarter and the money generated to cover the labour costs needed to put a kickstarter together. This is not the case with our kickstarter. All money will go towards 3D printing, casting, packaging and the distribution of this range. The profits will go towards the conceptualisation of the next range! If the kickstarter goes beyond our expectations we will expand and look at employing some more talented artists!

West Wind Productions: Empire of the Dead - Steam Velocipede - Steampunk Machine

West Wind Productions has released this nice steampunk velocipede!

Infamy Miniatures : New Big Smoke Steampunk Characters

Infamy Miniatures has previewed these new steampunk miniatures.

Crocodile Games: Birthday Special Sale Launched

Crocodile Games: Happy Birthday to the Croc! July is our birthday month, Sobek has reached the ripe old age of 14! To celebrate, we are having a 14% off sale on all miniatures in the croc store and the Aegyptus and Wendigo rulebooks on sale for $10 each. But that's not all... all orders placed in this window will receive a free Athenian mini from our upcoming Olympus range! Enter the code above when you place your order to receive your discount - but hurry, the sale ends on July 12.