Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mantic Games: Mantic Clearance Ending Soon!

Mantic Games: The Mantic clearance is ending at midnight on the 1st February!

Wayland Games: Plastic Malifaux Multi-Part Steampunk Miniatures Released!

Wyrd Miniatures: Create your own unique heroes for games of the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach with these multi-part kits from Wyrd Miniatures. They enable you to create your own RPG 28-32mm character figures to match your own character background and arm them as you see fit. There are a wealth of spare parts with which to customise your models or other Malifaux miniatures. The models you create will be brimming with character, this kit is sure to bring your heroes and games to life providing hours of fun.

Armies Army: Russian Army Forces Miniatures Pre-Order

Armies Army: Armies Army is very pleased to announce the pre-orders of its new Russian Empire Forces! The Russian Empire emerged from the second civil galactic revolution after decades of Socialist governments. The commonly known ‘Whites’ supported by several other nations regained control of several colonies and a large chunk of former Russia. The combatant Socialist government fled to the largest and richest system, Kirov and formally declared the Russian United States of Kirov as their home...  Check all the vehicles and pre-order deals here at the Armies Army blog.

The Russian Empire continues the fight with in what continues to be a very bloody civil war of Whites v Reds. The full range of figures include infantry and vehicles. To launch the new troops, I’ll be offering special pre order prices! The pre order offer will close on Feb 10th (as I’m away in Houston on business before:)) and Items posted within two weeks of that date if not before :) We have plans to extend the range as well, and are always happy to hear your suggestions! All pre order packs can be found at my shop via my shop.

Wayland Games: Angel Giraldez Masterclass Painting Book Pre-Order

Wayland Games: The legendary Angel Giraldez has now placed his Masterclass painting book up for pre-order, we knew it would be popular but never expected the torrent of orders that followed the announcement. To give all of you would be airbrushers a nudge we have put together a fantastic beginner bundle of the book, an Iwata Neo Airbrush and the Neo Air compressor to get you started. 

Dead Sculpt Figures: Ater Collectible Miniatures Kickstarter Lasciva Renders Preview

Dead Sculpt Figures: Here are some renders for Lasciva, more have been uploaded in the campaign page, I hope you like them! and thanks again for supporting this campaign! Check the campaign here.


Lasercut Card: New Street Scatter Terrain Released

Lasercut Card: LasercutCard expands your options for your tabletop with the release of new scatter terrain. These kits add that extra bit of terrain to your table to give you those extra hiding spots for your little mans. There’s water towers, bridges, and some dumpsters and bins.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kromlech: Arrrggh! Goblin Pirates on the Horizon!

Kromlech: Arrrggh! Pirates on the horizon! Today we have a couple of new releases. Four sets of Goblin Pirates: Goblin Pirates Salty Dogs, Goblin Pirates Deck Cannon, Goblin Pirates Command Group, Gobbosa Blakk Eye with Gnawer and one bundle with all above models + one additional model with cannon not available separately: Rotting Octopus Crew.

Newline Designs: New 20mm Jacobite Highlanders Released

Newline Designs: Added to the extensive range of 20mm figures are: JAC04 – Highlanders with Claymores and JAC05 – Highlanders with Lochaber Axes.

Peter Pig: New 15mm World War One French Miniatures Released

Peter Pig: Two of the new WWI late-war French packs: French charging and French advancing.

Pendraken Miniatures: Warband Rules - Coming soon from Pendraken!

Pendraken Miniatures: We are extremely happy to announce that the first set of official Pendraken rules will be available very soon, Warband, written by Steve Hardy! Warband provides all the rules you need to bring great battles between fantasy armies to your tabletop. Using miniature figures and terrain, you can fight battles from the glorious sword and sorcery epics you've read about. 

You can play games against your friends or competitive battles against worthy opponents. Warband is designed to be simple to learn and difficult to master, and so it uses a single consistent task resolution method throughout the rules. Whether you’re trying to get a unit of warriors to move, seeing how effective it’s shooting or fighting is, or how well it has defended itself, you’ll be using the same dice pool mechanism. You determine the number of dice to roll and each result of 4+ is a success. The more successes you roll, the better your units will do, and the more likely you are to win. Simple!

Of course fighting a good tactical battle, getting your units into advantageous situations, and making effective command decisions will mean you’ll be far more likely to win. Coming up with effective tactics for your chosen army to defeat your opponents is what will take you time to master. So with Warband’s intuitive rules you’ll be fighting the battle not the rulebook, and hopefully having a lot of fun into the bargain!The rules are currently at the printers and we're hoping to have the finished rulebooks with us very soon. As well as the printed copies (available through the Pendraken website, priced at £16), there will also be pdf versions available through Wargame Vault (price to be confirmed).

To go with these new rules, we are giving our Fantasy ranges a complete overhaul to provide as much variety as possible. The new ranges will feature larger packs of 25 assorted infantry, 12 assorted cavalry or 3 guns with crews, each priced at £4.50 per pack. All of these packs contain maximum variety, with no two figures being the same! Phil Lewis has spent a huge amount of time sculpting these, changing weapons, adding shields, cloaks or pouches, to make every figure different to the last. As far as we know this level of variety has not been seen before in this scale, so we're really looking forward to getting these released and out there to complement the new rules! The first two revamped ranges to be released will be the Hill Dwarves and the Goblins, each coming with a handy new army pack built around the Warband rules. Finally, we'd like to thank the author, Steve Hardy, as well for the time and effort he's put into these, and hopefully you'll all enjoy playing with them!

Awaken Realms Painting Studio: More The Edge Miniatures Previewed

Awaken Realms Painting Studio has previewed these miniatures for their upcoming The Edge game. Awaken Realms is created SF and Fantasy buffs who turned their passion for figure painting into their way of life. We spent years perfecting our skills and creating Warhammer (and others) miniatures. And one day, we asked ourselves - would it possible for us to create our very own world and figures? This is something we always dreamed about, and we would like to share our passion with others. And that's how "The Edge" project was born. More information here.

Gripping Beast: Upcoming Moorish Cavalry Previewed

Gripping Beast has recently previewed these upcoming Moorish cavalry miniatures.

Monday, January 26, 2015

MiniWorlds: Upcoming Sepulcrum Dungeon Expansion Set Pre-Order

MiniWorlds: New pictures about Expansion Set Sepulcrum. Pre-order of the Set will come very soon!

Kabuki Models: Science Fiction First Knight Miniature Preview

Kabuki Models: Another preview from Kabuki Models here. This time it’s First Knight! First Knight (KOL19) will be coming in March 2015.

Game Designers' Workshop: Traveller 2300 AD Man's Battle for the Stars

Game Designers' Workshop (GDW): Man has made it to the stars. Now he must fight to stay there, Human soldiers fight the implacable alien Kafers, Police fight smugglers, pirates and terrorists on rich human colonies. Explorers fight uncharted systems on the Frontier. Colonists fight hostile environments on strange worlds. And nations fight each other for political power to determine who will lead the human race in the struggle to tame the universe. You can be part of this new gae in 2300 AD - the state-of-the-art in science-fiction role playing.

2300 AD plays against a background of Earth and its colonies 300 years after the cataclysm of the World War III, The Twilight War. Set in a world where nations still clash, civilization has crawled back to its pre-war levels, and then beyond. The world is dominated by the Third French Empire, which maintains a shaky peace among its jealous rivals.. Earth's hundred nations have colonies among the stars. First contact happened long ago, and commerce with aliens in now commonplace.

Civilization has flowered to a point undreamed of earlier, but worms are at the blossom core. One alien race, the Kafers, is bent on eradicating humanity. Anarchists labor to bring Earth's rule crashing down. Smugglers transport alien products to other worlds, thoughtless of ecological effects. Pirates prey on merchant and colonization vessels. Much work remains to be done if humanity is to establish itself among the stars and explore the deeper into the galaxy.

The Near Star Catalog - The 2300 AD universe deals with star systems within 50 light years of Earth. Extensive research and analysis has produced the most accurate star map ever made. More than 700 stars in over 500 systems, on a 22" x 25" color map. Location, special type, size and magnitude are documented in a separate star catalog.

Game Systems - Playable realism. Many games which are realistic cannot be played; most playable systems aren't terribly realistic. 2300 AD is both at once, balancing detail with simple, accurate game systems. The heart of 2300 AD is its task resolution system. Rules covers all aspects of conflict resolution, from creating new scientific equipment to flying starships to running group combat. Clean but detailed rules also cover player character generation and experience, starship operations and combat, star system and world generation, and non-player character skills and motivations (including six different alien races), making 2300 AD the state-of-the-art in science-fiction role playing.

Game Components

- Adventurer's Guide - 96 pages of player information
- Director's Guide - 112 pages of referee information
- Near Star Map - full-color, poster-size map of the stars
- Play Aids - 32 page book of aids, including: 16 pages of forms, 8-page solitaire adventure, and a 9-   page catalog of star data.

Diplomatist Books: New Blog and Stocking History of Wargaming Project Books

Diplomatist Books: Diplomatist Books, which sells affordable secondhand and remaindered Military History for wargamers who want to know about the periods they play, has a new website including a blog that will give the latest updates. The first update is that they will shortly be stocking publications of the History of Wargaming Project. Check the blog here.

Northstar Miniatures: Last The Law of the Gun Wild West Rules Copies For Sale

Northstar Miniatures: There are less than 10 copies of The Law of the Gun left. I don't think Mr Peers is going to reprint this, so grab yours now.

Scibor Miniatures: New Moscals Chaos Dwarf Lords Released

Scibor Miniatures has released these nice Moscals Chaos Dwarf Lords.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Battlefront Miniatures: Limited Flames Of War Paint Sale Bundles

Battlefront Miniatures has launched these Flames Of War Paint Sale Bundles.

Battlefront Miniatures: Fate of a Nation Israeli Command Teams Released

Battlefront Miniatures has released these 15mm Israeli command teams.

Lead Adventure Miniatures: Victorian Steampunk Flame Thrower Lady Preview

Lead Adventure Miniatures: Today another Steam-Punk girl, with another Flame Thrower, Ms.Green!

Warlord Games: New Bronze Age Chariot Deals

Warlord Games: To give a helping hand to all those new Bronze Age armies out there we’ve put together a range of deals that will get your chariots massed and ready for action at a great price.

Massimo Torriani: Centuria, Miniature Wargaming in the Ancient Period Ruleset Discounted

Massimo Torriani: Centuria is a wargame for two players or more that lets you simulate battles set in the Ancient Period. The game uses our well-known Action/Reaction mechanism but now includes exciting new rules to better simulate the dynamics of these battles and will allow you make many strategic and tactical decisions that will help you on your way to victory. Closing ranks at the right time, charging the enemy when he’s disordered and making the most of his hesitation to break his lines, these are just some of the new ways of fighting that you’ll find in these pages. 

The system allows you to play with any scale of miniature and keeps the base sizes fixed while just changing the number of miniatures that are on them. As well as a points system to help you balance your games, each unit also has a Training Value, a value that shows its prowess in Melee, an Armour Value and a number of losses that it can take. The rules also contain three classic scenarios, Vanguard, Ambush and Sacking the Camp which will test your command skills. The game is easy to learn and a normal game will last a couple of hours. Inside you can find 6 armies but you can download other 20 for free on this site.

Warlord Games: World War Two Guard the Castle Miniatures

Warlord Games: This fantastically characterful set contains 4 models that look great guarding a German HQ or any other key objective in your battles.

Spellcrow: Lots of New Fantasy Miniatures Previewed

Spellcrow has previewed these new fantasy elfs, halflings and goblins.