Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dark Age Games: Upcoming Warknight Captain Previewed

Dark Age Games has recently previewed this upcoming Warknight Captain.

RuneCast Miniatures: New Hungry Dwarf Swordplayer Previewed

RuneCast Miniatures has previewed this new dwarf miniature.

Warlord Games: Upcoming Plastic Panther, Cromwell and Panzer IV Previewed

Warlord Games: With our new plastic Panther kit available to order from this Friday, and the ‘Tank War’ Bolt Action supplement rumbling ever closer, we’ve been going tank crazy here at Warlord HQ – and one of our eager tank hunters has managed to sneak into the design studio and lock targets on a few pre-release plastics scheduled for release later this year! Laserburn Vehicle Showcase and Freebie in All Orders Last week all of us at reached the end of a six month project to re-master and re-release all of the classic 15mm scale Laserburn vehicle codes. Its been a constant part of our lives for this entire time and while the odd thing was a little troublesome on the whole it was a great experience. The reason not least for this being the outpouring of adoration and joy towards us from science fiction wargamers both young and older at our efforts. 

In some cases notably the V011 Scorpion Air Lander and the V106 Law Officer Air Raft which would have never seen the light of day again but for this process. One being so heavy in white metal that it would be impossibly expensive for customers and the other the loss of its mold stock due to age. As a result we are rounding up the whole range and the Laserburn experience so that you can see it all. From the first to the last here are all the vehicles in all their glory! Check all the vehicles here.

 So if you adore Laserburn think about adding to your collection and if you decide to then we will, over the next seven days, throw in for free a Surprise Packet of Laserburn products. Bigger the order bigger the surprise but you will get something cool in even the smallest Laserburn order.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alternative Armies: August 2014 Offers at Alternative Armies!

Alternative Armies: Thanks to everyone who sent in kind words and praised us on the transfer of all our white metal riding pigs for Flintloque and Slaughterloo into resin. Earlier this week we announced that every order placed with us would get one of these grey tone piggies for free in their package as a wee gift. Well on top of that we have an offer this week instead of a release. Players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo have been asking if we were going to do something on the codes affected by the change so we will do! For one week from today we are taking 15% off the prices (Unpainted and Painted) of the following pig riding codes (packs, units and singles): 52506 Krautian Dwarf Command and 52516 Uhlans Von Krautia

Lastly we have updated for August 2014 our Deals and Offers page. The final sets of LEU02 1st Moldsk Guard have sold out and only a couple of LEU03 Princess Julianna packs remain. This month we have the following offers. BS001 Pastry Pies are half price meaning you have add baked goods to your 28mm Flintloque or Fantasy miniatures. From the classic Asgard space marine range SM9 Large Battle Droid is half price and we would like to thank everyone who took up the last offer on the Space Captain. Artillery for Flintloque and Grapeshotte now on offer is the 59516 Rocket Platform at 15% off so that you can whizz pop your foes. 

Personalties we have an offer of 15% off on 56017 Finkestein Ogre Officer. The Erin 2nd Edition starter boxed set is 10% off its already great price which includes the rule book, dice and miniatures and this applies to painted and based as well as unpainted options. Lastly we have an offer on the first pack re-released under Project Darkhelm so that is 15% off the pack of five DH1 Young Dwarves.

The Ion Age: Ion Age Year One Collection Now Online!

The Ion Age: August will mark the one year birthday of The Ion Age and as I hinted at a week ago we are going to be having a month of new releases, special offers and sneak peeks too. This will go across the whole month but it starts here and now in terms of releases with the Year One Collection.

We at The Ion Age love to give things away free. We love to keep the fun in wargaming and to make our universe deep and rich and one way we do it is the monthly free miniature. Every month we have a special IMP series figure which is put into all orders for free. This release gives you the option to purchase formerly free miniatures from Year One. That is August 2013 to August 2014. The prices are reasonable and it means you can get the ones you might have missed and get more of any you like the look of for your collection. As I have said people asked for this and since we now have ten fold more customers than we did when we started out it makes a lot of sense. But not to worry...Year Two kicks off in four weeks with another free and unique miniature. More information here.

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm Nova Respublik Drakon and Grifon Vehicles

Khurasan Miniatures: We are very pleased to release the next generation of armoured warfare for our 15mm Nova Respublik range, the Drakon tank and Grifon IFV. Built to supplement the vast fleets of Red Banner tanks and Hedgehog IFVs, these vehicles represent a significant step forward in technology, matching that of federal vehicles.

Mantic Games: Dungeon Saga The Dwarf King's Quest Kickstarter Preview

Mantic Games: For anyone who missed it, Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest got a release date. Monday 4th August at 1:30pm BST to be precise! Alongside this news, a brand new blog about the game went up. Fey magic has dispelled the ancient seals that protected it, meaning that it is no longer password protected! Over at DungeonSaga, you can check out the brand new logo and box cover, as well as exceptional new coloured art by Heath Foley and awesome Undead miniatures sculpted by Sylvain and painted by Dave Neild.

Knuckleduster Miniatures: New Wild West Brawlers and Gunslingers

Knuckleduster Miniatures has released these new miniatures.

Hirst Arts: New Robot Factory Moulds Released

Hirst Arts has just released these new moulds to cast your own robot factory.