Saturday, May 30, 2015

Warlord Games: New Metal French Old Guard Grenadiers Released

Warlord Games: Available now are arguably the most resolute and famous soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars – the Grenadiers of the Old Guard!

There are few soldiers more famous than the Grenadiers of the Old Guard, veteran soldiers of many campaigns who would literally give their lives for their Emperor if needed. Formed from the Consular Guards in 1804, they were the elite of an elite, each man hand-picked for his height and military bearing. They proudly grew fierce moustaches, powdered their pigtailed hair, and wore gold earrings which gave them a glamorous if wild countenance.

Wargames Factory: Memorial Day 2015 Sale!

Wargames Factory: We're got deep discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off on most of our products! This sale starts now and will run until the end of the month (May 31st).

We are trying something new as well! For a limited time at the beginning of this sale we're offering flat rate shipping! This is a trial run and there are no guarantees we'll keep it going through the entire sale.

Antimatter Games: Painting Scaly Beasts Painting Tutorial Released

Antimatter Games has recently released its wonderful and really helpful Painting Scaly Beasts Painting Tutorial!

As I'm planning to buy some Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromites, I quickly grabbed a copy and can say it's certainly worth the price of only €4.55! This 30 page painting guide will teach the basics of the Glaze Style for large, scaly and gribbly miniatures. The book includes the following sections.

  • PAINTS AND COLOR THEORY - describing the types of colors used for glaze painting and how complementary colors can be used to improve contrast.
  • BRUSH HANDLING - detailing the sizes of brushes to use and the types of painting strokes that work well with the glaze style.
  • STEP BY STEP TUTORIALS - covering four models painted to display quality, showing how the glazes and washes are applied.
  • TIPS AND TRICK - explained for specific textures like large scales and feathers, as well as faster painting for gaming models.

Perry Miniatures: More Napoleonic British, Danes and Dutch Previewed

Perry Miniatures has previewed these upcoming Napoleonic British, Danes and Dutch infantry.

Demented Games: New Twisted Steampunk Miniatures Released

Demented Games: Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish adventure game, with the finest range of 32mm steampunk miniatures on the market.

The immersive, narrative-driven world of Twisted revolves around opposing factions, as they attempt to discover the location of the mysterious entity known as The Engine. It’s up to you to determine which faction will protect – or enslave – this powerful steampunk-world-generating device!

The visual design of Twisted is founded on ramshackle mechanical Victorian steampunk blended with the organic, decorative style of Art Nouveau. The idea underpinning many of our figures is to take famous characters and ‘twist’ them into an alternate steampunk form to make them part of our universe. Hence the name – Twisted!

The team behind Twisted – Demented Games – is based in Australia. With many years of experience in the industry, and one of the most recognisable sculptors and painters in the world – Sebastian Archer – being an integral part of the team, we are well placed to deliver the highest quality both in miniatures and customer service.

Kromlech: Weekend Shop Voucher and Poster Give-Away

Kromlech: Hi,the weekend is upon us and hopefully everybody will get some rest, fun or both. But if by any chance you will do shopping at our web store this weekend, which in my humble opinion is just the rest and fun, then you will have a chance to get a promo voucher which will be send with a poster. Not only one but two of these sets will go into the hands of two lucky random customers. One from Saturday and one from Sunday.

But I do not forget about our fans at Facebook. That is why a third similar set will be availalble here. 
All you need to do is to like our fanpage and write in comments who will celebrate a day at 1st of June in Poland [but not only here].  I will write to a winner at Monday 1-06-2015 in one of yours comments. It is going to be a random one as usual.

Mad Robot Miniatures: New Fantasy and Science Fiction Conversion Bits Released

Mad Robot Miniatures has released a bunch of new parts for your converting pleasure.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Puppetswar: New Science Fiction Orc Contraption Bits

Puppetswar: Straight from our steam-driven factory. Huge wave of new releases. There are fourteen (yes, fourteen) new products available today, and I'm going to show them all.

Manorhouse Workshop: Plastic Modular Dungeon Oblivion Starter Set Box Previewed

Manorhouse Workshop: Today we present the mock-up of the box: “Oblivion Starter Set” The first box of many others that you will discover during the Kickstarter.

The dimensions are “important”: 32 x 50 x h12 cm. and it will be full, full of pieces. But the most important thing is: we are about to receive the first hard plastic sprues. (A matter of a few hours really) We have already seen a photo sent by the company. (pity it is not the most for publication …) but we can assure you that when you will see the result obtained from the steel mold … you will be impressed very favorably.

Fenris Games: New Hellbores Monstrous Larvae Released

Fenris Games has released these new Hellbores Monstrous Larvae.

Alien Dungeon: All Quiet on the Martian Front - The Morlocks Are Coming!

Alien Dungeon has previewed these All Quiet on the Martian Front - Morlocks!

Black Scorpion Miniatures: New Amazon Team, Pirates and Wild West Terrors

Black Scorpion: We've just added the latest releases from Salute to the store. Select the ranges to the left to find them or latest releass at the bottom of this page. They are: Amazon team and various extras, hired hands, old west terrors, Pat garrett and dwarf and human cannons. You can also now buy the new cannon without crew should you wish. Remember orders of £50 or more go post free worldwide!

Meridian Miniatures: New Science Fiction Terramortis Imperator Previewed

Meridian Miniatures has previewed this work-in-progress Terramortis Imperator.

Eureka Miniatures: New Classical Chaos Miniatures Released

Eureka Miniatures has released these interesting chaos creatures!

Brigade Models: 15mm Science Fiction Yenpalo Alien Infantry Released

Brigade Models: As mankind expanded beyond the solar system, if other civilisations were out there then one day we were going to make contact. Inevitably, given the vastness of the galaxy, it turned out that we weren’t alone after all. One of the first races encountered, the Yenpalo, are an aggressive, vaguely reptilian humanoid species. A number of combats have occurred between Yenpalo spaceships and human fleets around disputed systems, but ground combats have so far been fewer and confined to small-scale skirmishes. Reports of these actions speak of fully-armoured troops equipped with energy weapons and some form of personal particle shielding that seems to be effective against normal slug-throwing weapons.

The infantry set has ten figures – two five-man (alien?) sections, each with one squad leader, two riflealiens, a support weapon and a close combat specialist with pistol and energy shield. The support weapons pack has a shoulder launched anti-tank weapon, three assorted heavy weapons and another shielded figure. The shields are printed on clear plastic. They need to be cut out and stuck on with clear glue after the figures are painted. These figures were formally part of the Armies Army range as the ‘Enemy Unknown’.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mountain Miniatures: New Ian Mountain Orc Characters Pre-Order Deal Launched

Mountain Miniatures: I've started a new range of fantasy figures, the first three of which are up for pre-order to help pay for the moulds and casting. There is a limited pre-order price deal for all three figures available in the store on my website.

Bolt Thrower Miniatures: New Fantasy Warriors and Creatures Released

Bolt Thrower Miniatures: The aim of our range is to provide awesome miniatures which we haven't been able to find from anyone else. We are trying to invoke the characterful sculpts of the golden age of miniature wargaming, back when men were men and iron-thewed barbarians wielded unfeasably large swords.