Thursday, December 5, 2019

Alternative Armies: New Eyetan Creature Released!

Alternative Armies: The last new release of sixteen in our Winter Mega Event is the Eyetan a creature great for many scales and settings (is it a monster or an alien or a bio-construct?).  With little arms it is 30mm tall, sculpted by Kieran Billings (he of the Big Mouth Beast) and certainly holds the eye eh!  Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP with 10% discount in cart ends on 11th December 2019 at Alternative Armies.  Thank you everyone for your custom.  GBS Check it now here

Wargames Atlantic: Plastic Persian Infantry Sprue Preview!

Wargames Atlantic: The first set for our First Empires ancients range is Persians. The plastic is finished and we are working on the boxes. Stay tuned for the release date (not too far off) and more information on this set in the coming days. Les Grognards will be going on pre-order very soon and there will be more to show on them tomorrow. Dark Age Irish are in tooling and we expect to show plastic later this monrth. WW1 Germans are wrapping up the design phase. And our "mystery" historical set is done tooling and we are just waiting to show off the first frames.

Edinburgh Miniature Company: New Spartan Miniatures - Discounted Pre-order!

Edinburgh Miniature Company: The Edinburgh Miniature Company has pre-order discounts in store for their new Spartan range. Check these lovely miniatures now here!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Alternative Armies: A Rod Longer Than Yours a Free Flintloque Scenario to Download

Alternative Armies: It may be getting cold in the real world but in Catalucia the sun beats down in a free full size Flintloque scenario featuring the new 18th Foot Goblins and the elite Wild Elves of the 1o Condottierie.  Click through to download it.  A Rod Longer than Yours... we will see how they measure up. Thank you.  GBS

Admiralty Miniatures: New Fantasy Characters Released

Admiralty Miniatures: Admiralty Miniatures have released six new 28mm characters, sculpted by James Dickie and Mathias Rizell. These include a ravenous Halfling, a mother and child, and a scalped Elf slave. Check them all here

Monday, December 2, 2019

Alternative Armies: 18th Foot Goblins and Casualties Released with Free Game Insert for Flintloque

Alternative Armies: Say hello to the 18th Foot a new regiment of Goblins in the Army of Al-Garvey including a new pack of casualties too.  Our releases for Flintloque this month and the result of special internal project.  Read all about it on our blog and also download a free uniformation article there too.  Until 11th December you get 10% off your cart (which applies to all codes including all Slaughterloo DAP's!) and free worldwide shipping too plus deals and offers (details on the blog).  Get your festive order in now and take to the field in Catalucia!  Thanks.  GBS

Breaking! Wargames Atlantic: Hard-Plastic Late World War One German Infantry!

Wargames Atlantic: We've been very focused on our Classic Fantasy and Death Fields ranges while continuing to work on new historical hard plastic sets. The first of those - Achaemenid Persians - are finished tooling and we will be showing off the plastic soon. An unannounced range is about to get its first test shots this week for release in January. And the Dark Age Irish are in tooling now.

In early 2020 we will be releasing the first of what we hope are many sets to allow you to refight The War to End All Wars in 28mm hard plastic. The first set will be Late War Germans (1917-1918). We're in the final stages of sculpting and adjusting sizes/poses and arms and heads but they should be off to the tool maker next month. No hard release date yet, but we expect to see them in early 2020.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Breaking! Alternative Armies: Sekmet Assault Rig 6mm Mecha Kits Released by Bradley Miniatures

Alternative Armies: In my opinion the finest release yet for 6mm science fiction from Bradley Miniatures the Sekmet Assault Rig is here!  A kit which stands 50mm tall when assembled and comes with eighteen weapon options and other parts giving dozens of build options.  There are now thirty codes in the range from infantry to walkers, tanks and more.  You will get 10% off in cart when you order plus free shipping when spending 20GBP or more on your order; this ends 11th December.  Details in the article.  Thank you.  GBS

The Plastic Soldier Company: PSC Black Friday Sale!

The Plastic Soldier Company: PSC Black Friday Sale! 25-60% off selected PSC kits, PSC boardgames, spray paints, Battlegroup books, Rubicon, S Model, Zvezda etc Starts today, Friday 29th November, and ends midnight Sunday 1st December. Hurry and grab yourselves a festive bargain whilst stocks last! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Alternative Armies: Mecha X1 Giant Robot With Two Head Choices Released

Alternative Armies: Mecha X1 is here!  A towering robot for your Grey Alien invasion or your Post Apocalyptic wasteland (or anything else as it paints up great!) which is 90mm tall and comes with two different heads.  We have also new images of these two factions in the HOF Range.  All on the website.  Have a look at the article or go straight to the website.  This is the last 15mm release in the Winter Mega Event which ends 11th December.  Until then among other things it is 10% off all orders in cart and free worldwide shipping over 20GBP in cart.  Thanks chaps!  GBS

Micro Art Studio: Black Friday Sale Launched!

Micro Art Studio: Micro Art Studio has some stunning Black Friday deals, discounts up to 60% all weekend long!* *starts on Thursday 28th Nov., 18:00 CET

Alternative Armies: Kitoka Ashigaru Senior Command Released Plus Kitton in 2020

Alternative Armies: New 28mm Catmen in the Kitton range!  Senior Ashigaru Command pack sculpted by Sam Croes.  We continue with a code a month and there are now twenty different Kitoka to choose from. Click through to our blog to read the article plus a hint at what will happen in 2020 plus some great photos as a treat.  Ending 11th December we have free shipping over 20GBP and 10% off all orders in cart.  Thanks.  GBS

Black Pyramid Gaming: New Elephant Man and King Rat Characters!

Black Pyramid Gaming: Elephant Man - "A refined soul trapped within a deformed body, ‘Jo’ has spent many years touring Europe and Great Britain with freak shows and circus troupes as the Elephant Man, earning a meagre living whilst amazing the gentry with his intelligence and etiquette.  Labelled ‘Protean’ by the men of science, is his condition a natural aberration or the beginnings of something more….supernatural?" 

Suitable for Victoriana, role-playing, or modern game settings, he is the first of a small collection of Freak Show figures that Black Pyramid are designing as part of our Vox Populi range of collectable miniatures. The Elephant Man is available right now, along with other new releases, at

King Rat - "The spirit of the age, as far as the smog-hidden big industrial cities are concerned, King Rat symbolises the sins of Victorian England – wealth from the hardship of others, squalor-for-profit, organised crime, arrogance of high society – and he loves it.  Thought to be the head of an underground gang involved in racketeering, burglary, and black market trading, King Rat is a ‘shake his paw, count your fingers’ kind of chap. His organisation has been at odds with the Metropolitan Police, Sherlock Holmes and Spring-heeled Jack.  There are rumours that he has aided Jack the Ripper in evading capture and is involved with the Tongs." 

Suitable for Victoriana, role-playing, or modern game settings, he is the second of a small collection of Freak Show figures that Black Pyramid are designing as part of our Vox Populi range of collectable miniatures. King Rat is available right now, along with other new releases, at

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Alternative Armies: Alternative Armies Titles in Print and Digital Download

Alternative Armies: The Winter Mega Event is in full swing and I would like to present to you a short article on all of Alternative Armies game titles.  We have two dozen titles across different genres and scales including Doom Squad, Patrol Angis, Furioso, Flintloque. Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction. Various Scales. Solo Play and more players. Most are also paid downloads at twenty percent less than print price. Now is a great chance to get some reading material before Christmas.  Thank you for your attention.  GBS Check the full article here

The Little Soldier Company: Alice in Geründerland - Killer Rabits Released

The Little Soldier Company: A veritable warren of killer rabbits being the first in the Alice in Gerüderland range, a play on Alice in Wonderland of course. Suitable for use in many anthopomorphic or post apocalyptic games, the initial release features both gun and sword weaponised bunnies. 

There comes a time, as Alice surely once thought, that chasing a white rabbit in a suit down a hole is not really the most sensible way to start the day… adventure maybe, but certainly not the day... some doors are not meant to be open or even, dare it be said, left ajar... doors left ajar tend to let all sorts of things both in and out.

Geründerland was such a place….that is to say a door there had been left somewhat ajar and most definitely not closed. When you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as a child you assume it is the approach of younger siblings…….as you grow older you assume it is offspring... in Geründerland you assume nothing... it is always better to flee. Check more of these miniatures here


Alternative Armies: Shogi Player and Norimono Palaquin Released With Free Rules for Sengoku Monster Hunter

Alternative Armies: New releases for Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy!  A Shogi Player on Bench and a bearer carried Norimono Palaquin sculpted by John Bell bringing the total miniatures in the range to well over 140 poses.  We also have a free one page download for the Monster Hunter rules featuring these new codes written by Steve Danes. Click through to the blog article to read and see more plus to download or go to the website for the whole range.  Thanks!  GBS

Breaking! Gripping Beast: Plastic Norman Crossbowmen and Bowmen Preview

Gripping Beast: It's been a while since we talked about our upcoming Norman range, hasn't it? With a tweak here and there they've really begun to come together nicely, and for our first digital project we're happy to say that it's been an incredible journey so far.

We're happy to show off the renders of our work-in-progress Norman Archers, as well as the renders of our Norman Crossbowmen. Whilst these miniatures will look grand ranked up for games like Swordpoint, we like to think that they'll stand out in your SAGA warbands as well. We'll be taking a look at our work-in-progress Norman Cavalry a little later this week, as well as another look at some more infantry renders! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Alternative Armies: Guild Room 28mm Returns with Wizard on Throne and Drunken Carousers

Alternative Armies: In new molds and back from a hiatus lasting decades the Guild Room returns!  In 28mm scale two packs the Wizard on Throne and Drunken Carousers which were originally Tabletop Games 1980's codes.  Click through to learn and see more.  Note Guild Room and The Torture Chamber range contains adult elements.  Our Mega Winter Event is on until 11th December.  Thank you.  GBS

Alternative Armies: Retained Knights of Castella by Sam Croes

Alternative Armies: I am delighted to show you Sam Croes own collection of Retained Knights for the Barony of Castella!  I managed to get some photos of these lovely paint jobs recently and they are now on our blog (click to make them much bigger).  The Ion Age space opera ranges are in 28mm and 15mm scale with hundreds of choices.  Click through to read and see more.  Until 11th December our Mega Winter Event is on so it is a great time to get into Patrol Angis or expand your forces.  Thank you kind sirs for your attention...I wish I could paint. GBS

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Alternative Armies: HOT23 Sitting Dragon Returns Among The 15mm Monsters

Alternative Armies: The Sitting Dragon returns to the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range following on to the Giant Hydra and Chimera as Alternative Armies continues to re-master its classic monsters in this scale.  Click through to read the article in full on the blog.  Until 11th December the Winter Mega Event is on which means free shipping and 10% off your cart plus much more.  Thanks.  GBS

Moonstone: Five Brand New Faction Boxed Sets Released!

Moonstone: Moonstone have launched 5 new Box Sets this month. These can be bought directly from our webstore as well as from most UK retailers and a handful of US and European Stores.

Rags to Riches RRP £21
Booty’s Bilge  RRP £21
Brunhilde the Giant  RRP £16
Bristlenose the Troll  RRP £16
The Gnomish Airship RRP £16

Friday, November 22, 2019

Breaking! Wayland Games: Huge Black Friday Sale Launched!

Wayland Games: What could be better than tabletop and miniature gaming? Massive savings on over 2,000 tabletop and miniature gaming products, of course, and you're in luck, that's what we're giving you this Black Friday.

There's no time to waste, let's start with one of the most exciting deals of the year; triple loyalty points! All of our Black Friday deals are available from 22.11.2019 - 02.12.2019. However, we're giving triple loyalty points to everyone purchasing between 29.11.2019 - 02.12.2019.  Sound good? We're only just getting started.

Alongside that excellent offer, we've also increased the discount on some fantastic ranges! Are you a fan of Wyrd, Corvus Belli, Knight Models, Firelock Games, The Army Painter or Secret Weapon Miniatures? Now is your chance to get hold of items with up to 20% off RRP. You'll also find Malifaux 2nd Edition Starter Sets with up to 45% off RRP. 

Now, let's talk Board Games. Perhaps you're searching for a new board game to play over the festive period or maybe you’re after your next Meeple fix. Nevertheless, it's time to save money with our Black Friday deals on popular Board Games - check out Catan, Ticket To Ride, The Mind, and Century Spice Road. All with up to 25% off RRP. The best part of all of our Black Friday Deals is our 'specials' section.  Why? It’s because of our army bundles of course. Take a look at our Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar bundles. 

That's not all, there's more to explore in our specials section, including a selection of terrain bundles. Are you just looking for terrain? Perfect, we've paired Gloomburg, Outpost Attica and Tech City buildings with gaming mats and put them each into their own one-click bundle. All you have to do is pick, click and check-out. Take a look now.  If that doesn't quite tickle your tabletop fancy, maybe our two Infinity bundles will, both of which include an exclusive miniature. If that’s not enough, then we’re also giving you an impressive 30% off of Warhammer Champions cards and playmats. Perhaps LEGO is more your thing, if so, then brilliant, we’ve got something extra special for you. You'll receive a free mini figure when you spend £30 or more on LEGO using code MINIME2019. 

Last, but by no means least, you can bag up to a massive 80% off RRP on products in our clearance section this Black Friday. Be sure not to miss out on the deals though, as once a product in this section sells out, you won't be able to buy it at the discounted price again. How could Black Friday get any better, well here’s how: If you make a purchase during Black Friday, you’ll be entered into a free prize draw giving you the chance to win 10,000 loyalty points. That’s the equivalent of £100 to spend on your favourite hobby products with Wayland Games online. Shop now to ensure you don't miss out on these brilliant offers. The Wayland Games Black Friday deals won't be around forever! 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Renedra: New Hard-Plastic Ramshackle Buildings Previewed

Renedra: Afternoon all we are doing 2 new boxed buildings for Salute – one of these is now well underway and this building is going to be an addition to our ramshackle range – and will be a Ramshackle House – there will be 4 frames in the box – hope you like it.  Thanks Jessica

Alternative Armies: 15mm Hazmat Team and Hazmat Troopers Packs Released!

Alternative Armies: Look out!  Radiation, Chemicals, Viruses and Alien Invaders..all call for the clean up skill of the new Hazmat Team and Hazmat Troopers!  In 15mm scale now released a total of ten poses in two packs or as single miniatures.  The Mega Winter event is on as well, free shipping, discount in cart and more.  Read the blog article for full details and pictures or go to the website.  Thanks!

Barbaric Splendor Miniatures: Chroniclers of Barbaric Splendor - Swords and Sorcery Miniatures Kickstarter

Barbaric Splendor Miniatures: Chroniclers of Barbaric Splendor offers 32mm metal miniatures based on the works of 5 creators of Swords and Sorcery for your gaming or collecting needs. This Kickstarter is meant to launch a line that will expand the existing Barbaric Splendor Miniatures collection, with the hope of further expansion in the future to include more creators!

We will begin with 14 miniatures - 3 for each creator with a mounted miniature  that will count as 2; stretch goals will be shown as the campaign progresses. Add-ons will be available and revealed as the campaign progresses. 4 miniatures are finished sculpts; the others are confirmed with the listed sculptors for completion post-campaign. The first new add-on is also being sculpted and will be revealed during the campaign. The other add-ons will be represented by concept art, and are also confirmed with sculptors. Check the Kickstarter here

Not only are we featuring great writers and artists, but these miniatures are being sculpted by equally amazing sculptors as you will see! Simply pledge for the number of miniatures you wish, the post-Kickstarter survey will let you choose the miniatures you want. During the Kickstarter, all miniatures will be priced the same, with the exception of mounted or large miniatures, which will count as 2 miniatures.

Each miniature will cost $7; mounted and large miniatures will cost $14. Prices for add-ons and stretch goals will be revealed as the campaign progresses. These prices will increase when these are available at retail. Shipping fees will be collected separately at the time of fulfillment. These are scaled at 32mm to match some of the other popular barbarian lines/games that they would be good for use with! Miniatures will be shipped without bases. Each of these miniatures is officially licensed from the creator. So set ablaze the signal fires and let the warhorns blare - we celebrate these creators of Swords and Sorcery,  these Chroniclers of Barbaric Splendor!