Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ramshackle Games: Science Fiction Iron Brothers Released

Just found these from Ramshackle Games not quite new but worth sharing: Random selection of 10 resin models. Figures measure approximately 28 to 29 mm to the top of their heads.Supplied unpainted and unassembled. May vary slightly from image shown. Please not that the models shown in the colour image are based on metal disks, which are not supplied.

TinMan Miniatures: New John Carter Kaldor and Horde Warrior Released

TinMan Miniatures: Now available are new versions of their Kaldor and Horde Warrior models.

Morningstar Productions: Easy Black Powder Rules Midst Battle's Din for Cheap

Morningstar Productions: Morningstar's Tactical Two Pager games are a series of simple but engaging games filled with fun and flavour. Each one takes up only two sides of easy-to-print A4, eliminating the need for a quick reference sheet and providing our players with a cheap source of entertainment.

Midst Battle's Din is a skirmish game for 10-50 models a side, designed for the period 1745-1856. Recreate the battles for North America, Sharpe's adventures, the fall of the Alamo and the Spanish Americas, the Sikh Wars, the Wild West and more with your own cast of heroes and masses of minions! Though not designed to cover the period explicitly, the game also works for the later 19th century - for instance the ACW, the Prussian Wars and the colonial conflicts of various European empires.

The game has an initiative-based activation system with an element of risk, and elegant firign and melee mechanics that resolve the entire attack using just one roll of two six-sided dice. The "Panic" based morale system integrates personal and force level morale to produces believable results with no book-keeping. The rules as written are for models from 15mm to 28mm - halving or doubling ranges will give good games in smaller or larger scales. An average-sized game takes about an hour, and large games can still be finished in an evening. If you are playing a large game, you may want to get a few easily differentiated pairs of d6 to help move things along.

Wargames Illustrated's "Rulesmeister Mike" said: "It is easy to learn, has a good period feel, and, for a compact set of rules, gives the players a satisfying range of challenges and decisions." Get your copy now at a cheap, cheap price! Currently at only $3.00 at the Wargame Vault.

GCT Studios: Bushido Sukoshi Kani and Nomi Miniatures Previewed

GCT Studios has previewed these Sukoshi Kani and Nomi miniatures for Bushido.

Terragnosis: New Wasteland Vehicles and Miniatures for Sulphur Previewed

Terragnosis has previewed these wasteland vehicles and miniatures for Sulphur.

Northstar Miniatures: Borderlands Goblin Warband Promotion

Northstar Miniatures: Goblin warband, available for a short period only. Buy a Borderlands Goblin Warband in this once only promotion. The warband is made up of 3 Knights and 3 Moss-troopers. The figures come from BLD3 to 8. Borderlands Goblins are made of metal, supplied unpainted and come with a round plastic base. Grab it here over at Artizan Design.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Grand Manner: 20% Off Sale and 30 New Scenery Pieces Released

Grand Manner: Help Dave reach his target for September, with over 30 new releases and many more to come this is only possible with your support and custom. Dave does not do Kick- starters or ask for money upfront to pay for new designs but uses these promotional periods to raise the funds for future product investment, so take advantage of these offers to buy Grand Manner's hand made beautifully sculpted resin wargames terrain. A big thanks to all that have supported me so far , your continued appreciation of a quality product and premium service provided by myself.

Alternative Armies: Modular Ferach Elf Dragoons Pre-Release Offers now online!

Alternative Armies: From today until Tuesday 7th October 2014 you can get 10% or 20% off your pre-release orders on the brilliant and brand new 51533 Ferach Elf Line Dragoons modular 28mm miniature kits for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. The most varied and convertible modular white metal miniatures Alternative Armies has ever made. Designed by Sam Croes. 

We have two tiers of offer. A 10% pre-order tier and a 20% pre-order tier. If you wish to get a pack of five, or ten or just one Dragoon you can save 10% off these but if you want Three Packs of five, or of ten or one then you can have 20% off it. This applies to unpainted and also to assembled, painted and based options on each tier. Each tier is presented in its own product page on our website which is clearly marked.

Kromlech: Juggernaut Rippa Squad Released

Kromlech: This set contains squad of three highly detailed Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armours armed with Rippa Mega Buzzsaws. These imposing miniatures stand about 50mm in height when assembled (not counting exhausts).40mm round plastic bases included.

Magister Militum: Large 10mm Fantasy Range Launched More Codes Added

Magister Militum: A major new project is our 10mm Fantasy, which is a range of over 300 new codes encompassing everything from Orcs and Goblins to Eskimos, Giants and Dragons, Lizardmen to Bears, Insectoids and Halfling cooks, Deities to Ogres, vast hordes of Undead, Dwarves with marvelous machines, Elves, several human realms, Demons and Angels, African Tribal Warriors, Native Americans, Dark Elves, Egyptians, even Indian and Chinese and much, much more.