Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Antediluvian Miniatures: New Lost World Adventurers Preview

Antediluvian Miniatures has previewed these upcoming Lost World Adventurers. Shug McClure, Professor Peter Cushion and the ravishing Raquel Scotch sculpted by Matthew Bickley.

TinMan Miniatures: 35% off Spring Sale Launched

TinMan Miniatures: Our Spring Sale has returned!All merchandise is now 35% off until 6:00Pm EDT on Sunday, April 12th. Be sure to check out all of the new figures in our Lost Worlds catalog. Adult versions of Princess Dari and Princess Eriel are available in the Adults Only catalog.

Perry Miniatures: New World War Two Italian Self Propelled Gun Crew

Perry Miniatures has released this Italian self propelled gun crew. (for use with BM32 Semovente 90/53 and BM35 Semovente 47/32. They could also be used to man the German 88mm BM27).

Monday, March 30, 2015

Manorhouse Workshop: Upcoming Modular Gothic Walls Set Previewed

Manorhouse Workshop: As promised, we enter into the detail of the second set dedicated to the Gothic Walls.The basic package of “Gothic Walls” changes only in design, but in practice it can create corridors and rooms like the first set in brick: floors, large walls, small walls, dynamics walls and accessories. The complete set, 1X of each piece (missing only the doors). Notice the three new floors added to the first floor of the first set. We are still waiting for the preparation of the sprue to confirm all new floors. But there are good chances.

Kabuki Models: Miniature Sculpting Contest, Cthulhu Idol and Upcoming Ky-rà

Kabuki Models: Behold Ky-rà in all her splendour! Our first model in the upcoming 75mm range and the second character design by Reddraws. Soon the finished concept art with more details and the sculptor name will be revealed. Kabuki Models has also announced the release of their Cthulhu Idol and will be sponsoring the GROG sculpting tournament.

Alternative Armies: Free Shipping, Miniature Deals and Goody Bags

Alternative Armies: From today until the 1st of May 2015 Alternative Armies is having its spring offers period. We are not attending any conventions in person this spring but this does not mean we are not making our annual offers from now and during the whole of April to our worldwide customer base as they have come to expect from us. We will be having new releases and more during this period but the offers here apply to each and every one of them all the same. These can all be found on our Deals and Offers Page. So while you will not see us at Salute 2015 in London this April here is what we are offering you: 

Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders over 10.00GBP Value! 

If you live in the UK or Europe, the USA or anywhere else on this blue marble we call home we are giving you free shipping worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP in product value. This has been applied to our website so all you need to do is to add items to your cart as normal moving then through to the shipping page where the offer is located. We use airmail and courier services as required and you may still choose to add a 'signed for element' to your order. Orders of less than 10.00GBP will attract our normal flat 5.00GBP shipping charge worldwide. We have placed this minimum on free shipping due to a very small percentage of customers previously who thought it correct to place extremely small orders for delivery. We do have to make a living and we think that is fair. 

Free “Goody Bag” in all Orders worth 10% of your Order! 

When you place an order of any size or value with us until 1st May we will automatically place a Goody Bag into your package to the value of approx 10% of the order. The items in this free bag will be related to what you have purchased but will be our choice. So if you order Flintloque Orcs you will get other Flintloque Orcs and an order for High Fantasy Dwarves will gain you other High Fantasy Dwarves or a Monster. A lovely surprise for you and great for your collections. And yes if you do order two Slaughterloo Divisions we will, with 10% of the order value, add in an entire Slaughterloo unit for free as you earned it! 

These two offers run over the top of all our coming releases for the next month which you can all check on the Alternative Armies blog. Lots of interesting deals here so certainly worth taking a look.

Westfalia Miniatures: Afghan Tribal Warriors, Camel Train and Persian Command Preview

Westfalia Miniatures has previewed these upcoming Afghan tribal warriors and miniatures for their succesfully funded Napoleonic Persian Army Kickstarter.

Warlord Games: New British Royal Artillery at Waterloo

Warlord Games: Reinforce Wellington’s armies with these new arrivals from the Royal Artillery – a 6 pounder and mighty 9 pounder cannon, and a 5.5-inch Howitzer – dressed in uniforms suitable for participation during the Hundred Days campaign that culminated in the legendary Battle of Waterloo.

Pendraken Miniatures: Enter the Realm of Fantasy with the Warband Rules

Pendraken Miniatures: Warband provides all the rules you need to bring great battles between fantasy armies to your tabletop.

Using miniature figures and terrain, you can fight battles from the glorious sword and sorcery epics you've read about. You can play games against your friends or competitive battles against worthy opponents. Whilst the rules have been written with the 10mm Pendraken Miniatures ranges in mind, there's no reason why you can't use other scales as well!

Warband is designed to be simple to learn and difficult to master, and so it uses a single consistent task resolution method throughout the rules. Whether you’re trying to get a unit of warriors to move, seeing how effective it’s shooting or fighting is, or how well it has defended itself, you’ll be using the same dice pool mechanism. You determine the number of dice to roll and each result of 4+ is a success. The more successes you roll, the better your units will do, and the more likely you are to win. Simple!

Of course fighting a good tactical battle, getting your units into advantageous situations, and making effective command decisions will mean you’ll be far more likely to win. Coming up with effective tactics for your chosen army to defeat your opponents is what will take you time to master.

So with Warband’s intuitive rules you’ll be fighting the battle not the rulebook, and hopefully having a lot of fun into the bargain! You'll be able to decide which of the fantastic races you'd like to command and then construct your force from the lists provided. Warband includes complete army lists for twelve armies, with abilities, options, spell lists, and descriptions including; Barbarian men, Dark elves, Dragon men, Eldritch vampires, Goblins, High elves, Hill dwarves, Lizardmen, Samurai apes, Taurians, Undead, and Wood elves.

Army composition and optional upgrades are highly flexible, allowing you to build the force that best fits your style of play. If you'd like to command a horde of bison riding barbarians, rampaging minotaurs, skirmishing ghouls, or serried ranks of deadly elven archers then you'll find something to suit you in the Warband rules.

First Corps: New British Airborne Howitzer Released

1st Corps: Now available is the latest addition to our 28mm WWII British Airborne range.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thunderchild Miniatures: Post Apoc Wasteman Kickstarter Free Lowbot Unlocked

Thunderchild Miniatures on Wasteman Kickstarter: Afternoon WasteFans! 150 backers... that can only mean one thing... free LOWbot! Every backer of Brawl and above will now get a free LOWbot included in their pledge. You can also add additional LOWbots for just £4!

Wayland Games: Massive Easter Sale Going On!

Wayland Games: Today marks the beginning of our Easter Sale. We have a boatload of special offers right up until Easter Monday (6th April) at 23:59 GMT. There are huge savings on favourites like the whole of the X-Wing and the Batman miniatures range, Magic the Gathering, Plast Craft Scenery, The Army Painter and loads more. 

Spartan Games: Two New Dystopian Legions Army Deals

Spartan Games: We’re hugely excited by the release of the brand new Boxed Sets for Dystopian Legions, our 32mm scale tabletop miniatures game set in the stunning Dystopian world of Victorian Super Science Fiction.

And to help you celebrate with us we’ve created a fantastic deal that means there has never been a better time to grab an army and enter the fast and tactical world of Dystopian Legions.

Until the end of April you can choose one of our £110 Dystopian Legions Army Deals – Prussian Empire or Kingdom of Britannia – consisting of 1 box of officers and infantry, 2 boxes of line infantry with sergeant, and 1 infantry expansion box. And to this horde of 45 miniatures we will throw in for FREE a bundle of other goodies worth more than £80, consisting of a stunningly detailed, multi-part resin Ironclad, a full colour Dystopian Legions Rulebook, tokens, templates, and battlefield objectives. Plus FREE P&P anywhere in the world.

Perry Miniatures: New Blitzkrieg World War Two Vehicles Released

Perry Miniatures has released these new World War Two vehicles.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Warlord Games: New Italian M41 Carro Comando Command Vehicle

Warlord Games: Players of Bolt Action Italian armies receive a new command option this week in the form of the M41 Carro Comando to lead your forces!

Gripping Beast: New Saga Spanish, Moors and Plastic Arab Light and Heavy Cavalry

Just found these upcoming releases from Gripping Beast to be released on Salute 2015.

Puppetswar: New Double and Single Telegraph Poles

Puppetswar: You can find more wargame terrain on our website starting today. Two types of telegraph poles available in two sets of ten pieces.

Pure Evil Miniatures: Three Huge Monster Tentacles Released

Pure Evil Miniatures has released these three huge tentacles.

Mad Robot Miniatures: New Science Fiction Command Parts

Mad Robot Miniatures: Mad Robot has released new 28mm heroic parts, allowing gamers to create a command squad.

There are small kits made up of various parts and they are also offering a Command Squad Builder, which allows complete customization of a full, 5-man command squad. All of the details can be found at their webstore.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Kabuki Models: Upcoming Dwarf Beer Maiden and Bonny Anne Bust Preview

Note this post contains nudity - Kabuki Models: The Dwarf Beer Maiden master is ready!!!we already sent it to the resin factory for the mass production, during April the model will be available here. If you want to be informed about the official release date don't forget to subscribe our newsletter. A new teaser of Bonny Anne 1/8 bust as you can see not only the shirt is a removable part but also the pirate hat! Sculpture will be ready tomorrow... First casting in the next 30 days, be ready with your brushes!

Pigeon Guard Games: Free Big T Resin Miniature Give-Away

Pigeon Guard Games: To celebrate the launch of our Facebook page. We are giving way 5 free Resin Big T 28mm miniatures this week. Simple go to our face book page, like the page and hey presto! Your name will be added to our prize draw. You have to like our page between Friday 27th March 2015 and Thursday 2nd April 2015 to qualify. Enter the give-away over here.