Monday, June 25, 2018

Bears Head Miniatures: New Nancy Gnomish Barmaid

Bears Head Miniatures previewed this Nancy, Gnomish barmaid.

Nordic Weasel Games: New Five Leagues From the Borderlands Solo Miniature Wargame Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: Welcome to the edge of civilization, where brigands rule and where the shadows are long. Five Leagues From the Borderlands is a set of solo miniatures rules for fantasy campaign games. Grab these new Nordic Weasel Games From the Borderlands rules here

Taking inspiration from gritty "medieval-fantasy" like The Black Company and Harn, this is a world of brutal combat and ever-present danger. With a handful of miniature figures, your dice and these rules, you can adventure in the war-torn Borderlands, fight tactical battles against evil and hopefuly get a few coins in the process. Your characters will advance as you go along, find loot and might even make it to the end. 

Five Leagues is a descendent of the Five Parsecs series of games, offering a game experience written specifically for Solo Players: That means that all the mechanics you need are built right into the rules, instead of being an afterthought stuffed in the back of the book. We've aimed to make the mechanics simple and straight-forward, to make it easier and quicker to play on your own. And the adventure and encounter tables will do pretty much all the set-up for you. 

Please be advised this is a tactical game: You will need miniatures, tokens, markers or something else to represent your characters in combat. A typical battle will have 8-10 figures on each side. This game is intended for Solo players, though it can easily be played with a friend: Just split the party between you and enjoy adventuring together! This is a complete game: You get character creation rules, encounter rules, a town action system and mechanics for factors such as Luck, Will and Story Points to tailor your game. Players interested in a more open-ended group game may wish to also check out Dungeon Scum, available from Nordic Weasel Games. Please note that this is not a dungeon crawling game, its a game of tactical fantasy action.

GCT Studios: New Bushido - The Minimoto - Bear Clan Preview

GCT Studios previewed their Bushido - The Minimoto!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hollandspiele: The Wars of Marcus Aurelius - Solitaire Game

Hollandspiele: 170CE. Plague ravages the Empire. With the Legions depleted by disease and spread thin across the endless frontier, opportunistic Germanic tribes and fierce Sarmatian raiders strike across the Danube deep into Imperial territory. To face this threat, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, an untested commander who has never set foot outside of Italy, must transform himself from an introspective philosopher into a cunning warrior and fearless leader.

This debut game from filmmaker and designer Robert DeLeskie was created for BoardGameGeek's annual Wargame PNP Contest, where it was crowned the Overall Winner. Additionally it won all but one of the other categories in which it competed, including Best Rules, Most Original Concept, Best Solitaire Game, Best Strategic Scale Game, and Best Short/Quick/Small Game.

Working with Hollandspiele's development team and playtesters, Mr. DeLeskie has expanded upon his original design, resulting in a richer and more varied decision space that rewards repeated plays and multiple strategies.

(1) 22" x 17" mapsheet (full and split)
(54) 3/4" counters (with grid and without grid)
100 cards in two decks
12 page Rulebook
You will need (2) six-sided dice

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Antediluvian Miniatures: Wargaming and Roleplaying Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters Kickstarter

Antediluvian Miniatures: We are launching this short campaign to produce a new range of 28mm Science Fiction miniatures representing assorted Bounty Hunters, Rogues, and mercenaries, suitable for Wargaming and RPGs. 

Most of the sculpting has already been done, by Shane Hoyle and Andrew May. We think these will be great addition for sci-fi wargames. They will be cast in metal and come with plastic bases. If the campaign goes well we have some extra characters and freebies to unlock and add-on. More details of the pledges and locked figures can be found here on Kickstarter

Osprey Games: Rebels and Patriots: Wargaming Rules for North America: Colonies to Civil War

Osprey Publishing previewed their Rebels and Patriots: Wargaming Rules for North America: Colonies to Civil War for their Osprey Wargames series, to be released early next year.

From the first shots at Jumonville Glen to the surrender at Appomattox, Rebels and Patriots allows you to campaign with Wolfe or Montcalm, stand with Tarleton at Cowpens or Washington at Yorktown, or don the blue or grey to fight for Grant or Lee. 

Designed by Michael Leck and Daniel Mersey, with a core system based on the popular Lion Rampant rules, Rebels and Patriots provides all the mechanics and force options needed to recreate the conflicts that forged a nation. From the French and Indian War, through the War of Independence and the War of 1812, to the Alamo and the American Civil War, these rules focus on the skirmishes, raids, and small engagements from this era of black powder and bayonet.

"We are glad to announce that we (Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck) are once again teaming up with Osprey Games to bring you a new set of wargaming rules! Rebels and Patriots will be a set of easy to learn and fast-moving miniature wargaming rules offering you the chance to lead small armies of soldiers across the North American continent in the late eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries. The rules are written with a focus at conflicts on the North American continent from The French and Indian War (1754–1763), through The American War of Independence (1775-1783), War of 1812 (1812–1815), Texas Revolution (1835-1836), Mexican–American War (1846-1848), up to the American Civil War (1861-1865). 

Rebels and Patriots will help you to refight company-sized skirmishes, ambushes, escort scenarios, and other tasks performed by a small company of soldiers rather than a full army. Game play is intentionally easy and cinematic, and your success is driven by the quality of the officers leading your company: the rules play up the feeling of adventure, where Heroic Officers lead their men to glory… 

As with our previous rules, we’ve focused on the overall ‘feel’ and ‘flow’ of the game, rather than worrying ourselves about the minutiae of historical simulation. Our design goal has been to write a set of broad-brushstroke rules that depict the Horse and Musket era by combining elements of our Pike and Shot wargaming rules The Pikeman´s Lament and Dan´s colonial wargaming rules The Men Who Would Be Kings. The aim of the game is to roll some dice and move some models in a Horse and Musket battle game inspired by American history between 1754 and 1865, enjoying yourself as you do so. More than anything else, we once again wanted to work together to create miniatures game for an interesting period of the history that is easy to play and enjoyably fun. We hope you will agree that we’ve done so: when Rebels and Patriots is released in early 2019, you’ll be able to judge this for yourself!"

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm Lithuanian Cavalry Preview

Khurasan Miniatures previewed these new 15mm miniatures.

Pwork: Darkburg! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Pwork: Darkburg! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Steepled Hat Studios: New Desert Empires Guard Tower

Steepled Hat Studios: This Desert Guard tower was created with 25 / 28 mm wargaming in mind. Using elements based off of both real world historical findings and fantasy, Steepled Hat Studios has created this prepainted resin tower for gamers who just want to get right into the thick of things! Just open up the box and this scenery piece is ready to see action! Available here and here

Perhaps you need a place for your mummies to chill out? Are the Assyrians on a rampage and some Lamassu are at home protecting the realm? Maybe you're raiding the tombs of some forsaken desert land and need a place to store your loot? Are the Macedonians coming and you need your Persians on look out? Want to watch the Seleucid Elephant Parade from within the tower? 

Designer's Notes: When I first built this tower's blueprints I was studying the ruins of Persian cities Pasagarde and Persepolis and really wanted to build something with the Gate of All Nations (another structure built with Lamassu involved). However, I did not find or recall any battles that took place near or within the direct vicinity of the gates, so I decided to get a little creative with it.

The Middle east is littered with ancient citadels and watch towers, and it did not take me long to find a tower style that I liked and appreciated. Lamassu are a sort of "Guard" or protective deity in Babylonian based religion and by putting them within the walls of a guard tower, I just thought it made sense! 

Once the tower was released and I first began selling the piece, a fellow on one forum I like to post my army progress and projects on took a look at it and said something like "I sure hoped you shared this piece with the Chaos Dwarf Community". Oh Man! I honestly hadn't even thought of Chaos Dwarves are their Lamassu. I was then reminded of the Infernal Dwarves and The Ninth Age , where dwarves that would very much appreciate such a tower still existed...

It seems then my initial goal was realised - to create something that could be used in historical wargames but also be placed and make sense in the Fantasy realm! With this first product I approached The Ninth Age forum admin group and have decided to create products that can be perfectly compatible in T9A also while satisfying my own historical tastes.  

Baueda: 1-48TACTIC - Core Rulebook Available Now!

Baueda: Lavishly illustrated 60 page rulebook, full colour saddle-stitch softcover in high quality 135 g/m² paper. Includes sample cards, all markers, rules and templates, 20+ diagrams, many examples, tactical advice and a Quick Reference Sheet.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Breaking! Osprey Games: Reality's Edge: Cyberpunk Skirmish Rules - Hardcover Rulebook Preview

Osprey Games announced that they will be releasing a brand new miniature wargame named Reality's Edge: Cyberpunk Skirmish Rules as a 208 pages hardcover book written by experienced author Joseph McGuire of the post apocalyptic 'This Is Not a Test' wargame.

Hyper-reality. The area between the thriving mass of humanity known as the Sprawl and the digital refuge of Cyberspace. This is your playground. As a data-jack, you can see and manipulate the flow of digital data through the real world - for you, reality is limitless.

Welcome to Reality's Edge, a wargame so shiny you are going to need mirror shades. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, players take on the role of a data-jack, a mercenary hacker who leads a small team of trusted operatives and disposable freelancers. Funded by shadow backers, the data-jacks accept jobs from faceless clients for profit, glory, and better chrome. always better chrome.

Battles take place in the concrete jungle known as the Sprawl, but data-jacks must remain wary of the threat posed by Cyberspace. Hacking rules are pivotal to the game, with data nodes, robots, machines, and even enemy chrome presenting potential targets for a cunning data-jack. No-one plugged into Cyberspace is entirely safe from intrusion, and the electronic sprites and digital djinn you can deploy alongside your team can be just as dangerous as any mercenary or assassin.

Gameplay focuses on individual characters, with each skirmish offering you the opportunity to earn experience and equipment for your data-jack and operatives. A wide range of items and upgrades are available, from advanced weaponry and synthetics through to cyber-implants, biological enhancements, clones, and much more. This is a world obsessed with whether something can be done, not whether it should.

About the author: Joseph McGuire is the President and Head Janitor of World's End Publishing, and is the author of This Is Not a Test. A geek and long-time gamer, Joey got into the miniatures hobby after entering a gaming store in 1997 and discovering the Games Workshop product catalog. Since that auspicious day, Joey has been modelling and painting miniatures, building terrain, and writing his own rules. This Is Not a Test was his first solo publication, but he has also worked on several other projects, both personal and for Rattrap Productions. Currently residing in Maryland, Joey is also a devoted husband, proud father, and a humble civil servant by day.

Slug Industries: 28mm Wargaming - Spanish Fort Kickstarter

Slug Industries launched their second pirate themed Kickstarter, this time featuring a magnificent Spanish Fort for the Spanish Main, Seven Years War, War of Spanish Succession, Napoleonics, Sharpe, Hornblower and Pirates!

Playing pirate games I really wanted some fortifications, the star fort is the ideal but it's too large for an average sized table. So I set around looking for smaller options and discovered the rather brilliant and fascinating Fort Matanzas, which is small but elegant none the less, and sits on the edge of the Matanzas river to this day.

I've modelled it with a few gentle liberties, plus 1147 hand carved and textured pieces of stone work, but it can still dominate the table top without taking up most of the gaming area, and is also suited to being on a coast firing at enemy ships. It's 185mm (7.28in) x 185mm (7.28in) x 175mm (6.88in) tall. There's room for four cannons on the gun deck... Check the Kickstarter here

Forge World: Warhammer 40K - Salamanders Vehicle Doors

Forge World: Customise your tanks and transports with the sigils of the Fire-born – get doors for vehicles from the Horus Heresy and the 41st Millennium, including the mighty Primaris Repulsor.

Deep-Cut Studio: New Roleplaying Gaming Mats Released

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mat release! To all of you who love tabletop RPGs, this is a game mat for you. Water based pens compatible PVC material, 1 inch grid when tactics and strategy calls, just the right dimensions to fit a standard dungeon or other map. Keep a track of characters and mobs and their stats, never lose important details and then wipe them off with a simple wet tissue. It’s a must have accessory that will find its use in any RPG party. Find it at

Warlord Games: Strontium Dog - Johnny Alpha, Wulf and The Gronk Characters Preview

Warlord Games previewed more characters for their Strontium Dog - Skirmish Miniature Wargame set in the popular post-apocalyptic world of the 2000AD Publishing Strontium Dog universe. The wargame rules are written by the experienced wargame authors Andy Chambers and Gav Thorpe.

Warlord Games: Strontium Dog - Johnny Alpha, Wulf and The Gronk Characters Preview

Warlord Games: Strontium Dog - Johnny Alpha, Wulf and The Gronk Characters Preview

Alternative Armies: New HOT 15mm Elf Cavalry Now Released

Alternative Armies: A new pack of 15mm scale High Elf cavalry now released into the HOT Fantasy Range.  As well as these new Elf Mounted Knight Command miniatures we have also re-mounted all our Elves on a new resin horse including the knights and command pack too.  Click through to see and learn more.  Also our Midsummer Madness event is on at Alternative Armies which means 10% off everything on our website including all these Elves.  Thanks for your time. GBS

Element Games: Mortal Realms vs Nagash Nighthaunts - Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars Boxed Set Discounted

Element Games launched the discounted pre-order for the new ultimate Warhammer Age of Sigmar boxed set containing everything you need to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar: – 52 brand-new multi-part plastic Citadel Miniatures!

The Realmgate Wars were fought over the magical portals that bound the Mortal Realms together, but another conflict has been brewing in the shadows for thousands of years. This is a battle not for resources, nor for pure conquest, but for the immortal souls of the living and dead; a cosmic rivalry between gods who have carried their hatred through the ages. The spread of the light of civilisation, spearheaded by the God-King Sigmar, faces a dire threat posed by the Lord of Undeath, Nagash. Sigmar’s Sacrosanct Chambers, created to fight daemons and wraiths, face the malevolent spirits known as Nighthaunts in a battle for the free city of Glymmsforge…

Containing 52 push-fit Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt miniatures, along with a 320-page hardback Core Book and an exclusive 32-page Battle of Glymmsforge booklet, Soul Wars is the perfect boxed set for those who want to dive into this exciting new chapter in the Age of Sigmar right away. Included:

The Miniatures

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars contains 52 miniatures – 33 Nighthaunt, and 19 Stormcast Eternals – providing 2 players with an army each with which to do spectacular battle. Each miniature is push-fit, with no glue necessary – meaning you can have them assembled and ready for war impressively quickly. Check full content here

Grab your discounted Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars Boxed Set here at Element Games and save 20%. Make sure to also use our exclusive Wargame News and Terrain TIM940 code for double loyality points at the check out!

Chaosium: Brand New RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha

Chaosium: RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is an all-new edition of one of the world’s most influential and acclaimed fantasy roleplaying games. First appearing almost 40 years ago, RuneQuest is as dynamic and vital as ever. This all-new, deluxe edition introduces RuneQuest and its setting of Glorantha to new players everywhere.

Order your copy here today of this 446-page epic and begin your journey in Glorantha today!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Breaking! Warlord Games: New Strontium Dog: Durham Red!

Warlord Games: Strontium Dog: Durham Red!

Wayland Games: New Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Discounted Pre-Order!

Wayland Games launched the discounted pre-order for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars - Pitch Nagash and the Mortal Realms against each other in epic tabletop miniature warfare! Grab your own copy of this exciting and filled to the brim with miniatures starter set here

Nagash has once again raised an undead horde to wage war upon the Mortal Realms. His sights set on claiming the souls of all living creatures. The Greatest souls, that burn the brightest, belong to the chosen warriors Sigmar, the Stormcast Eternals. Outraged by the theft of these souls, that are rightfully his, Nagash has vowed to get revenge for this ultimate betrayal against Sigmar.

Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars is the ultimate Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd edition box set. This fantastic value box set contains 52 brand new plastic miniatures, all of which are push-fit so do not require glue, a full copy of the new hardback Warhammer Age of Sigmar rulebook, a 32 page Battle of Glymmsforge expansion and the core rules booklet for quick play anywhere.

With 2 armies full of never seen before models and the gorgeous 2nd edition core rulebook, the Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars box set is one of the released and with an opponent, you will be able to hold the biggest battles your hobby store has ever seen.

Catalyst Game Labs: Shadowrun: Street Lethal (Advanced Combat Rules) Discounted

Catalyst Game Labs: Street fighting is only chaotic for amateurs. When you’re a pro, when you know what you’re doing, you’re precise. You know what your opponents might do, and you know ten different ways to respond. The options give you strength. They give you power. They make you dangerous enough that the smart ones on the street will know at a glance that they shouldn’t test you. The dumb ones will suffer.

Street Lethal contains the data, tools, and options players need to maximize their characters’ combat skills. With briefings on the security techniques of major corporations, information on major mercenary groups and their operations, and a whole truckload of firearms options, this book has all runners need to make sure they’re the ones left standing at the end of a fight. Street Lethal is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, though much of the information on corporate security and other opponents could also be used in Shadowrun: Anarchy.

Heroic Maps: New Mossy Dungeon Chambers & Silt River Tribal Village

Heroic Maps: Modular Kit: Mossy Dungeon Chambers is a printable dungeon tileset compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone set, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

Modular Kit: Mossy Dungeon Corridors comprises 12 different large tiles (and 4 small builder tiles) that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations. Each tile depicts a room in a stone dungeon that has become cracked and worn, and then overgrown with moss, despite the torchlight that suggests the dungeon is still inhabited.  Rooms include an ancient library, two entrances, crypts, fallen temple and more. Combine with the Mossy Dungeon Corridors set to build huge elaborate dungeons.

At the edge of a high plateau in a steamy jungle, the Silt River falls hundreds of feet to the jungle below. It is here, beside the cascade, that the Silt River Tribe have made their home. A printable battlemap compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. Contents: A 20 x 30 map depicting a tribal jungle village beside a waterfall. The village could be home to lizardfolk or other non-human tribes, or barbaric and primitive humans. The village is defended by palisade fences, and contains clusters of mud huts. A sacrificial platform sits at the edge of the waterfall, where victims can be hurled into the water below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Y.F.T. Designs: New Nexus Miniatures Characters and More

Y.F.T. Designs: A new selection of Metal Miniatures are in store now, including Zombie Characters, The Mercenary Highwaymen, Varian Blackwood, the new Uni-Tech / Caprican / D-Ranger Characters, AND the extremely limited Perkunas Mining Corporation "Scarlet Midget" Cosplay Starship Crew (formally known as Red Sector) existing orders are shipping now, but there are a few left over for the webstore - but when they are gone they are gone, and I mean for good. All these items can be found in the new "New Stuff" section of the Webstore

Alternative Armies: Midsummer Madness 10% Off Plus Free Druidess!

Alternative Armies: Ten percent off the entire website and everything in it (more with bundles and army packs); no code needed.  A free brand new 28mm Druidess worth 2.50GBP in every order too. New Releases too and a Free Scenario soon.  All of this from now until 9am GMT Friday 29th June 2018 in Alternative Armies event Midsummer Madness!  Click through to read more or just go straight to the website.  Don't you just love that female druid!  Thank you for your time and have a great summer.  GBS

Shieldwolf Miniatures: New Fantasy Talliareum Ogres Released

Shieldwolf Miniatures released their Fantasy Talliareum Ogres!