Friday, November 28, 2014

Anvil Industry: 30% off All Black Ops Miniature Kits Bargain

Anvil Industry: Head to Anvil Industry this today for 30% off all Black Ops Kits!

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Winter Sale Announced, The Earlier You Buy The Cheaper

Secret Weapon Miniatures has announced a nice Winter Sale!

Ground Zero Games: Free Christmas Gift Bag and Free Shop Vouchers!

Ground Zero Games: Once again we are running our dual Christmas/New Year offer that has proved so popular for many years now - all qualifying orders placed during the Christmas offer period will get TWO bonuses:

Firstly a free christmas gift bag from us, enclosed with your order, containing our choice of free extra items as a Christmas Gift to you - those of you who have had these in the past will know that we enclose a generous mix of items which are mostly relevant to the sort of things you've ordered, plus sometimes the occasional item or pack from one of our other ranges if we think you might like it. The amount of stuff you get in your freebie bag depends on how large your order is - a small order will get a free pack or two, a large one will get a positively bulging bag of free extras!

Secondly, all qualifying* orders will get a discount voucher valid from the beginning of January to the end of February 2015 - so that you can use it to order even more cool stuff with the Christmas money that you get from all those relatives who don't know what to buy you.... If the subtotal value of your order (excluding VAT and postage/shipping) is £30 or over, but less than £100, then you will get a voucher worth 15% discount off your New Year order; if the value is £100 or over, then you will get a 20% discount voucher! Check all the details on the deasl here on Ground Zero Games.

Dadi & Piombi: Lords & Servants Medieval Skirmish Rules Published

Just found this new ruleset by Italian company Dadi & Piombi: Lords & Servants is a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or 15mm miniatures. It covers the Medieval period and it shares the mechanics of our popular system Smooth & Rifled.

The great-looking miniatures were converted and painted by the talented Captain Blood from the Lead Adventure Forum

In the Appendix you will find all the information that you need to create your games, from simple clashes involving a few men per side to bigger encounters with 60-80 miniatures per side, ideal for multiplayer games. The rules include a points systems as well as lists for the Feudal period, Mongols and Wars of the Roses. More lists will be available for free on Wargames Vault. 39 pages /full colour - English language Grab your copy now here at the Wargame Vault and recreate some medieval mayhem.

Thursday, November 27, 2014 Killer Xmas Trees and Evil Snowmen until January 2015 has announced the start of their bonkers festive range: Festive Fun begins now at with the return of our 15mm festive range. A new release into it Killer Xmas Trees joins our Evil Snowmen. Awesome! These are online only until the first week of January 2015 before retiring until the next winter season. Lots to see and read along with a hint at coming USEME free scenarios. Treat yourself to something really unique in your 15mm collection for Fantasy or Science Fiction, Post Apoc, Horror...heck anything you like. Thanks. GBS

This code contains five 15mm scale white metal miniatures in three poses. From one side these approx 22mm tall trees are nice and friendly with sparkly baubles and paper bands adorning them but turn them around and horror they are all teeth and doom! Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign and more these monsters will get your opponent's attention for sure. They go great with our Evil Snowmen. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases. 

I have reviewed their Evil Snowmen a year ago and they are very characterful sculpts by Sam Croes, well worth getting before they disappear again for a full year! You can find the review here on Wargame News and Terrain.

Greebo Games: Christmas Sale Announcement

Greebo Games: Dear Customers,we are close to Xmas period, and as always, we are preparing to give you some boost making sales on our product! Almost all models in our store will have 25% discount from 28-11-2014 to 25-12-2014! We are releasing our Hand of Death team, dices and new model like Triple Skull Marker and Ulfwerener.

Perry Miniatures: New Plastic English Army 1415-1429 Boxed Set Pre-Order

Perry Miniatures: English Army 1415-1429 (36 figures) Pre-Order. Grab yours here!


Puppetswar: New Pegasus Truck and Trailers Released

Puppetswar has recently released this nice science fiction Pegasus truck along with some useful trailers and added weapons. I especially like the container trailer which could be used as a very interesting moving objective during a convoy ambush! Check these vehicles here at Puppetswar.

Wayland Games: 4Ground Dropzone Commander 10mm Pre-Painted Buildings

Wayland Games: 4Ground have brought out some really lovely pre painted 10mm scenery designed for Dropzone Commander, we present the Jesserai Urban Zone. Hellas-Jesserai is a city born of colonial hope that generations after its founding set the example to all such solar colonies, of compassion and humanity, by welcoming millions after ‘The Rout Of Man’ to the green planet. 

Hellas, this solar mega metropolis is a fitting location for so many of the pan-solar corporate governance buildings and the First Legion’s high courts of law. Many are the palatial residencies of corporate nobles and lesser corporate praetorial families to be found around its central district. Check these and even more pre-painted buildings over here.

These buildings all need assembly but that's only a minor thing seeing as they don't need painting! They have a footprint of 3"x 3" square meaning they are smaller than the ones in the starter set so can be used with all the larger buildings to add even more character to your gaming board.

Alternative Armies: New Resin Trolkin Muskox Previewed

Alternative Armies: Alternative Armies is continuing the path towards the creation of a whole resin range of Trolka. A step on this path is to touch briefly upon the Trolkin in one area and that is their riding animal the Muskox. The decision has been taken to change the production method for the Muskox and from there create all of the molds and such required to allow them to be made in high grade grey tone resin. 

 You can see the results in this post here. Rob Alderman's animal is exactly the same aside from the horns remaining metal and minor changes to the feeds. So existing and future codes will fit upon it just as they have done with the Pummlig Riding Pig used by the Dwarf Uhlan cavalry. That is not all however as very soon we are going to be releasing a Trolkin Artillery crew which has with it the also brand new resin Limber Muskox. You can see the limber muskox here and there will be two of them in the artillery crew. Converted from the riding muskox the limber beast is an excellent model.

Northstar Miniatures: Pulp Figures Production License!

Just found this splendid news for European wargamers from Northstar Miniatures: Okay, this is just between you and me, it's not been announced anywhere else. From January 2015, we'll be manufacturing under license the tremendous Pulp Figures range designed by Bob Murch!! Expect an official launch and more details soon.

Spellcrow: Great Painting Competition Announced

Spellcrow has announced a painting competition with great prices! Hi. Please send to us your painted models of Spellcrow! We will show your miniatures at our facebook and we will draw 3 winners. We will draw - we do not choose!!! So, everyone have chance to win Winners will receive 1000 points at our store for free shopping! You can send photos by email or our fanpage. You have time until December 6. Grab their email adress at their website.