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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Upcoming Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Metal Barbarians Specialists

Northstar Miniatures: Bonjour my Frostgrave Chums. Just so you know, and to line up your pennies in anticipation, there will be an 'Early Bird' period for the next Nickstarter. It will be the first week, and you'll get a bit of a discount plus entry into the first prize draw, so it's worth doing. Plastic Barbarian warrior preview pictures here

Friday, September 30, 2016

Spartan Games: Halo - Fleet Battles Items 30% Discounted

Spartan Games: 30% off selected Halo: Fleet Battles products, this weekend only! Check the discounted items here

You read that right! This weekend only, we're offering 30% off in our online store on selected Halo: Fleet Battles products. Just put the products in your basket and apply the coupon code HFB30 at checkout. This offer will end on Tuesday 4th October.

Pulp Figures: New Mexican Federales Previewed

Pulp Figures previewed these Mexican Federales.

Heresy Miniatures: Metal Miniatures Discount Until Midnight - 20% Saving Code Inside

Heresy Miniatures: Want 20% off metal figures? Spend £10+ and enter NORUSH code before Midnight, UK time tonight! (10 hrs from now!) Check the miniatures here

Caliver Books: New Retro Galaxy Heroes Previewed

Caliver Books previewed these cool retro heroes for a new wargame.

Front Rank Miniatures: New Prussian Reservists

Front Rank Miniatures released these new 28mm Prussian Reservists. Five new packs now available here

Great Escape Games: New The Chicago Way - Contraband and More Scenery

Great Escape Games: Get some scenery! Move booze, assorted contraband or dead coppers! Check the scenery here

Bad Squiddo Games: Upcoming Post Apoc Immortan Baggy

Bad Squiddo Games: "Return my squiddos to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla."

Willy Miniatures: New Fantasy Minotaur Released

Willy Miniatures released this excellent Minotaur!

Forge of Ice: New Denizens of Azor - Tre Manor Lions and Female Warriors

Forge of Ice: New sculpts have arrived from Tre Manor! Very much inspired by Frazetta. More pictures & info on the Forge of Ice Facebook page!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Terrain Shed: New Post Apocalyptic Wind Turbine

The Terrain Shed: Wind Turbine is in the store!

White Tree: New Webshop Launched - Post Apocalyptic Afterglow Miniature Games

White Tree: New store is online! Check it here now

Warploque Miniatures: ArcWorlde Troubles in the North Kickstarter Launching Tomorrow

Warploque Miniatures: Just one more day until our new Kickstarter 'Troubles in the North' begins! Which of you lucky people is going to grab those early birds? With over 100 new sculpts it's going to be epic! 

Bac Ninh Miniatures: New Japanese Shinsengumi Released

Bac Ninh Miniatures: The new Shinsengumi figures have arrived and these are finally available! By the way, the fantastic Shinsengumi Standard bearer will be available in limited number, hurry don't miss yours!

Empress Miniatures: New Modern Combat US Rangers

Empress Miniatures: US Rangers added to our Modern Combat Range - We've had a lot of requests for these and have wanted to do them for a long time and now, finally, we are very pleased to present our new US Rangers. Absolutely packed with authentic detail, these were some of our most complex figures to design.

CP Models: New 15mm Taliban Miniatures Released

CP Models released these new 15mm Taliban miniatures.

Gripping Beast: New Mongol Victory Feast Vignette

Gripping Beast released this Mongol Victory Feast. 

Warlord Games: Hail Caesar - Enemies of Rome Character

Warlord Games previewed this Hail Caesar figure for the enemies of Rome range.

Black Scorpion: New Birthday Miniature and Free Miniature

Black Scorpion: Our 11th birthday was on the 22nd of September! To celebrate we're releasing a new model and also offering a free model with all orders until october 3rd! This will be a random model, but in the comments upon check out you can specify if you prefer Tombstone or Pirates and we'll try our best to add something appropriate. Already have an order placed but not shipped? Don't worry you'll still get a free model. :)

Today we're releasing 'Rambler and Humphrey the dog'. Available in the Tombstone range for £4.00. This will be available for a limited time as it will then be part of the Tombstone kickstarter. Details on the Tombstone page to the left. An excellent addition to your Tombstone civilians!

Steel Fist Miniatures: Mounted Rennaisance Knights Kickstarter Ending Soon

Steel Fist Miniatures: The Knights of the 16th century were an explosion of colour and extravagance. Wearing richly ornamented armour often featuring grotesque details and engraving, the amour would have been of the highest quality with the top armouries of europe competing to produce better and more richly ornamented armours. The armour was often covered with expensive fabrics and helmets decorated with ostrich feather plumes to further enhance the appearance of these nobles.

You can use these figures for Rennaisance collections and fantasy collections so they are very versatile! The aim of this campaign is to release three sets of these Knights, which will be cast in white metal. A further incentive to join this campaign is that the retail price of these packs will be higher once available for general release. These figures will allow you to customise your collection as they come separate from the horses with separate heads and separate plumes so the figures have many variables. Check the Kickstarter here

Aventine Miniatures: New 28mm Metal Samnite Cavalry

Aventine Miniatures: We have completed the Samnite Cavalry, 4 packs of 3 and a 12 figure unit deal. All figures have separate heads some are 2 piece bodies. 

They come with the new Hoplon shield AVS25, spears and some new horses. They have been designed from the illustrations available in various books and represent most of the Southern Italian states in the 3rd Century BC. Mixed armours and helmets provide a nice variety in the units, we see them as allies of Rome as well as enemies and I for one will be using a unit or 2 in my allied legions.

Fantasy Flight Games: Doom Video Game - The Miniature Board Game Pre-Order Announcement

Fantasy Flight Games launched the pre-order for the long-awaited Doom miniature board game! Inspired by the awesome videogame, you will either side savage demons or lead elite marines to victory.

Doom: The Board Game is a tactical combat game for two to five players, inspired by Bethesda’s blockbuster video game. The asymmetrical gameplay pits one invader player and their arsenal of bloodthirsty demons against one to four elite marines, each equipped with a customizable deck of intimidating weapons and hardy armor, numerous lives, and the ability to Glory Kill weakened enemies within range. 

Every mission presents you with a unique map, specific rules, various items for retrieval, and objectives for both invaders and marines. Whether you take on the role of the demonic invader or the continually respawning marines, you’ll have to carefully plan out every move and use your specialized abilities to achieve your given objective and prevent your opponent from completing theirs. Descend into the hellish landscape of Doom and join the epic struggle between demon and marine.

Bring the thrilling experience of Bethesda and id Software’s first person shooter, Doom, to the tabletop with Doom: The Board Game. Gear up to take down the hordes of horrific demons as one of the UAC’s heavily-trained marines, or flood the claustrophobic corridors and desolate dunes with a mass of demons as the invader. Gather your friends for an exceptional marine-on-demon combat experience in Doom: The Board Game.

This board game can now be pre-ordered through Element Games at a 10% discount. Prepare for slaughter, prepare for Doom, the miniature game! Now available here for pre-order

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hollandspiele: New Printable The Grunwald Swords - Shields and Swords Historical Boardgame

Hollandspiele: The Battle of Grunwald (15 July 1410) was one of the biggest, and most decisive, engagements of the middle ages. The myth of Teutonic invulnerability - already wobbly after the Battle on the Ice - was shattered by the combined might of Poland, Lithuania, and their allies. Though both sides fielded some infantry, and the Teutonic Order some cannon, cavalry predominated. The sudden withdrawal of the Lithuanian forces left the Poles vulnerable, and their dramatic re-entry onto the battlefield may have been decisive in turning the tide against the Germans. Poland is still immensely proud of their victory over six hundred years later, and the Germans were still feeling sore about it into the twentieth century.

This first title in the revamped Shields & Swords II series lets two players refight this dynamic and exciting battle. With lots of horsies on both sides, it's a tense contest of maneuver and tempo. The Teutonic Player must protect his camp at all costs, and use every opportunity to slow the enemy's headlong advance. But blocking him here can open a hole over there - knowing where and when to leave a hole is key. His opponent must decide when to remove the Lithuanians from the battlefield, and when to bring them back on - there's a right time and wrong time for both, but in each case it's heavily contextual and dependent on the current game state, on his own strategy, and on his opponent's. The result is an unusually replayable medieval battle game that you, your friends, and your family can revisit again and again. Learn more about this printable boardgame here

22"x17" map (full and split)
(88) 5/8" counters (with and without gridlines)
8-page series rulebook
4-page Battle rulebook

15mm.co.uk: Painted 15mm Fantasy Building by Steve Dean

15mm.co.uk:  A man's Hovel is his home and Steve Dean ends this month for 15mm.co.uk with a lovely paint job on our HOB1 Large Hovel from the Human 15mm buildings range. Click through for more and remember you only have until end of September for 15% off Rhinosaurs, War Mammoth and War Elephant too. Thanks. GBS

Company B: New 15mm Anime Tank Commander School Girls

Company B released these 15mm Anime tank commanders, allowing you to play Girls und Panzer! For those that like to game Sensha-Dou in 15mm. These are now available in the Web shop.