Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Northstar Miniatures: Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun Supplement Pre-Order

Northstar Miniatures: China, the greatest empire the world had ever known, is weak and divided after a series of humiliating defeats in the Opium Wars, and the divine Empress’ court harbours many who deeply resent the westerners who inflicted and now take advantage of these losses. Japan, on the other hand, has embraced the West with open arms. 

After centuries of isolation the Japanese now march forwards and accept technologies that, a few decades before, would have been regarded as witchcraft. Possessed of the East’s most modern army, Japan now looks avariciously towards its neighbours. The next decade will decide whether the ancient empires of the East survive or are washed away, and every one of the Great Powers wants their slice.

Forlorn Hope Games: New 28mm Ming Chinese Released

Forlorn Hope Games: I've listed a few more new Chinese miniatures this morning.

Gorgon Studios: Norway 1940, British, French Foreign Legion and Norwegians released

Gorgon Studios: It has been a while since I have made any announcements on here- but the Norway 1940 lines are starting to shape up with some new releases this month - Adding to the Gebirgsjager line we have British, French Foreign Legion as well as the Norwegians - some examples.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wayland Games: Enter the Warzone! Warzone Miniatures Released

Wayland Games: Battles rage across the solar system as the Second Corporate War is waged on every planet. The Megacorporations vie for control of valuable resources and industrial regions and the forces of the Dark legion march once more against all humanity. 

Warzone resurrection is a skirmish wargame based in the Mutant Chronicles universe. The 28mm resin miniatures are very highly detailed and look amazing on the battlefield. The system is inspired by the original Warzone game but now also involves cards to represent game resources, additional wargear and battlefield effects. Choose your allegiance with care... Due the popularity of our FREE SHIPPING on all Orders over £40! We have extended it until April 30th so take advantage of this offer by entering WAYLANDFREESHIPPING at checkout on our site!

Tabletop Workshop: Latest 28mm Castle Preview: Connector Set‏

Tabletop Workshop: The latest 28mm Castle Preview Video is now available to watch on the Tabletop Workshop website. The latest preview shows exactly how the connector pieces ensure that the Castle Wall and Tower can be fitted together. The Castle Connector Set is perhaps the most essential part of the Castle Kit we've showed off so far as it enables the wall to be attached to the tower in a variety of different angular configurations. Don't worry about reaching your figures inside! 

The Castle Wall Parapet will still come off even when it's attached to the Tower therefore still allowing gamers inside access. Make sure you head over to the website for all of the latest details regarding the Castle.

Westfalia Miniatures: Preview of Seated Tzar in Landau Wagon

Westfalia Miniatures: The Tzar and his Landau. More (bearded) men will join him soon.

Oniria Miniatures: Braddock's Defeat at Monongahela Vignette

Oniria Miniatures: This is the first set of three that will compose a 9 figure vignette, depicting the British disastrous defeat occurred near the Monongahela river during Braddock’s expedition to seize Fort Duquesne from the French in 1755. The figures have been modelled by the great Antonio Zapatero. The three sets have been designed to use independently or to combine as you wish. Figure size is 32mm from sole to crown.

Ghost Train Games: Upcoming Blacks Halls Miniature Previewed

Ghost Train Games: Another model for the upcoming skirmish 28mm game Alternative Civil War: The Blacks Halls.

Scibor Miniatures: 54mm Sigurt the Slash Miniature Released

Scibor Miniatures has released this 54mm Sigurt the Slash miniature and scenic base.

DGS Games: Upcoming Veteran Defender Previewed

DGS Games: You think those Defenders dropping out of Treefall are bad? Wait til they have their own leader... the Veteran Defender. On sale soon.