Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Renedra: Hard Plastic Fantasy - Historical Ruins Sprues Released

Renedra: Ruins Update - These are the first two finished frames of the Ruins product that we are adding to our range, these will be available for the first time from Northstar Military Figures, they are at The Other Partizan (in Newark, Notts) this Sunday 6th September - Northstar will have their Frostgrave range of products for sale. The Ruins frames will also be available on our website (as soon as we can get it on the site) - £5 per frame. 

The next frame will be released in a couple of weeks. We will be showing later this week some frames that have been painted and photographed properly (a great deal better than our efforts, when we had the first prototypes I am pleased to say). Thanks for all the comments we have received, we did have a query that we have recently seen, this was regarding the arch without a 'keystone' and the ability for it to stay standing - the keystone is actually on the frame to give people choice. This was a very good point that was made - but we felt as the products are aimed at the fantasy market we had a bit more licence. Apart from the Rubble and other Ruins frames we are doing a tower as well, we hope to be showing some prototypes of in the next few weeks - this will probably be in a box as it will be several frames. Update - we have now added the Ruins Frame A & Frame B to our web store, available to buy at £5 per frame.

Rodrigo Sosa: Fantasy Miniature Kickstarter - 28mm Dwarfs, Undead and Orcs Characters

Rodrigo Sosa: For the initial Kickstarter we are starting with 37 miniatures. Of course we didn’t want to stop there when we are trying to create an entire world of characters, so we also created a fantastic array of stretch goal characters that we hope to unlock with your help.

At the core of the project is the aim to produce the complete set of 37 high quality figures in both lead-free pewter and Hard Plastic (HIPS) -so backers will have the choice of which material they prefer. But further we hope to hit all our stretch goals which will expand the project to a total of 78 individual character models. So with a quick bit of maths it will be seen that we aim to release 41 models as stretch goals. All the miniatures are being sculpted to be suitable for 28mm scale gaming.


Apart from forming whole units with the figures we also see the figures could be used to create variety in units of other figure manufacturers units such as Mantic's 'Kings of War' and of course GW Hobbit & Lord of the Rings as well as other gaming systems and in roleplaying games where individual figures rather than units are used. We like to think of every models as an individual character, and we trying to get that sense of personality across in the sculpts.

Spartan Games: Halo Fleet Battles Reinforcements and Dystopian Wars Battle Robots Preview

Spartan Games: Halo: Fleet Battles has proved hugely popular since it launched, and at GenCon it was the must-see tabletop game with large crowds at the Spartan Games booth. There’s more to come in September with our 3rd wave of releases, plus 3 robots for Dystopian Wars that have to be seen to be believed. 

Halo Fleet Battles

HFEX02 Battle Group ID & Token Pack - Coloured Battle Group ID Markers are designed to easily slide over Flight Pegs, allowing players of Halo: Fleet Battles to easily identify which Formation Bases belong to which Battle Group. Also included are coloured acrylic tokens for replacing a player’s card Damage Markers, Activation Markers, Countdown Markers and Vulnerable Markers.

HFCV04 Covenant Fleet Box - A giant even amongst the Sangheili, Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree is revered by his comrades for his incredible prowess in battle. Supported by the Minister of Etiology, a minor Prophet in the Covenant during the Human-Covenant war, this fleet delivers the leadership needed to harness a tireless religious zeal that will eventually lead to the Fall of Reach.

This is an ideal way to upgrade an existing Covenant force or begin building your brand new fleet. Within this boxed set you will find two ORS Heavy Cruisers, two CCS-class Battlecruisers and sixteen SDV Heavy Corvettes. Armed with a host of plasma-based weaponry, the ORS and CCS are able to launch both Bombers and Interceptors directly into the heart of battle. Supported by SDV Heavy Corvettes, watch your heavy vessels lay down overwhelming weapons fire and obliterate your enemy.

Contains: 20x Highly-detailed Plastic Ship Models, 3x Base Formation Sprues (12x Bases in all), 3x Ship Overlay Sheets (18x Ship Overlays), 2x Token Sheets, 1x Statistics Sheet, 5x Covenant Command Dice, 1x Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree Commander Card and 1x Minister of Etiology Heroic Character Card. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

HFUN04 UNSC Fleet Box - Few in the upper-echelons of the UNSC are as respected as Admiral Lord Hood. As a veteran of numerous military campaigns throughout his military career, Hood is an outstanding choice to lead your fleet to victory. Supported by the Artificial Intelligence Cortana, one of the most potent and valuable assets in humanity’s arsenal, your fleet will ensure the Covenant pays a heavy price in ships and soldiers.

This is an ideal way to upgrade an existing UNSC force or begin building your brand new fleet. Within this boxed set you will find two Epoch-class Heavy Carriers, four Marathon-class Heavy Cruisers and thirty Paris-class Frigates. Armed with Light MACs and an array of impressive missile batteries, the Epoch is able to deploy both Bombers and Interceptors into the heat of battle. Marathon Heavy Cruisers are your bulk heavy hitters, commonly fielded in Battle Groups with Paris-class Frigates in either Arrowhead or Trident Formation.

Dystopian Wars

DWPE50 Prussian Empire Hochmeister Battle Robot - The Scandinavian Teutonic Order is infamous around the world for its Battle Robots, and are generally accepted as the leaders in the development and research of these creations. But up until now the small territory has never really had the production capacity to take their creations to the next level. Following the Full Cooperation Pact signed between the Prussian Empire and the Teutonic Order in late 1871, their dreams of conquest finally seem to be within their grasp! The Hochmeister Dreadnought Battle Robot marks the pinnacle of the new alliance, marrying the industrial capability of the Prussian Empire with the ingenious engineers and inventors of the Teutonic Orders to create a true monster in the field of Battle Robot development.

Armed with a pair of wrist mounted Speerschleuders and a pair of shoulder-braced primary gun turrets, the Hochmeister has a fearsome array of firepower at its disposal. In certain cases Hochmeisters can also be adapted to have external Calcification Generators with a vastly increased range and even Guardian Generators (which up until now had been a solely Teutonic creation). It is even possible for the Hochmsieter to replace its primary turrets with a pair of Speerscheluders, however to do so affects its ability to activate its internal Tesla Generator due to a loss in power.

With the strong Prussian influence in both manufacture and testing of these ‘Dread-Robots’, the battle robot crews have begun to investigate various fighting techniques that have become possible with the improved design. The Hochmeister’s increased mobility and speed over the previous Saint Michael and Metzger allows a rigid set of fighting styles taken from the medieval Germanic Sword Fighting Schools.

Using the manuals of Liechtenauer, a famous 14th century Sword Master, as a basis for the development of their fighting techniques, the crews can now execute punishing attacks using sword and maces, delivering powerful killing blows to their enemies using techniques such as Zornhau and Scheitelhau with devastating effect.

It will not be long before the Hochmeister causes the enemies of the Teutonic Order and Prussian Empire to shudder as its thunderous tread rocks them to their core. Contains: 1 resin and pewter multi-part, highly detailed Hochmeister Battle Robot. Multiple components allow for either a land or sea-based model to be assembled, and each comes with a stunningly detailed diorama base. The ground model stands 110mm (base to top of helmet). Model supplied unpainted and unassembled.

DWBS50 Empire of the Blazing Sun Ayakashi Battle Robot - The origins of the Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot are shrouded in secrecy. Created in the hidden forges of the Yani using their own mix of alchemy and technology, the plans for these massive battle engines were originally presented to the Empress at the end of 1871. The supreme ruler of the Empire of the Blazing Sun immediately decreed that these mighty symbols of her people’s military tradition should be rushed into production.

The Ayakashi is armed with a massive galvanised steel Naginata Pole-Arm, honed to a razor edge and more than capable of carving through vessels, fortifications and armoured vehicles with ease. The crews of the Ayakashi Robots are free spirited and meticulously drilled, frequently taking the capability of their vehicles to their maximum tolerance in an effort to develop a series of fighting styles that mirror the ancient warriors of old. These fighting styles give the Ayakashi an un-natural grace on the battlefield, belying its considerable bulk enabling it to unleash attacks that mirror a human Samurai in almost all respects.

When enemies exist beyond the range of the melee-fighting styles of the Ayakashi and its Naginata, the crews rely on more conventional weaponry, engulfing the enemy in dual heavy flamethrowers mounted in the face mask and firing a pair of Rocket Batteries, one mounted in the back pack of the robot, the other more powerful battery mounted in a powered rocket fist!

The Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot instils pride and fear in equal measure: pride in the forces of the Empress who view its creation as their ultimate technological achievement in the field of military research, and fear in the enemies of the Blazing Sun, who view the striding behemoth as an un-killable machine, made all the more terrifying by its human countenance. Contains: 1 resin and pewter multi-part, highly detailed Ayakashi Battle Robot. Multiple components allow for either a land or sea-based model to be assembled, and each comes with a stunningly detailed diorama base. The ground model stands 145mm (base to top of banner). Model supplied unpainted and unassembled.

DWCA50 Covenant of Antarctica Coeus Battle Robot - Who knows what goes on in the minds of the Covenant engineer-cadres. Clearly the creation of the Coeus Robot takes its inspiration from nature, but it requires a mind unfettered by constraint to envisage a creature-robot-creation of such epic proportions!

Capable of performing on Land and on Sea, the Coeus mounts a powerful Particle Accelerator that is tied into the robots combat methodology. The flexible plates that make up its outer carapace make the creature-robot highly adaptive to its environment, allowing it to twist and grapple with its opponents, ready to bite down with its powerful mandible jaws prior to ejecting its particle weapon deep into the workings of its prey. When forced to remain on the surface, the Coeus opens up its back blisters to reveal the multiple rocket batteries that are housed within. These missiles use a form of lock-on technology allowing the ‘Dread-Robot’ to essentially ‘fire and forget’ while it rushes to close with its intended prey.

Current information from spies within the Covenant had the mighty Coeus Dreadnought Battle Robot being primarily tasked with the defence of the settlements surrounding the Covenant home base on Antarctica, however in recent months there have been documented sightings in northern Africa, Australasia, and even eastern Europe, leading many military planners to suggest that the forces of the Covenant have been slowly stockpiling their ‘Dread Robots’ ready to unleash them on their enemies in a stunning lightning attack – this belief has led to a strengthening of subterranean and surface defences around the major power centres of the core nations, each concerned that it will be they who suffer the wrath of a concerted, nigh-unstoppable Coeus assault.

Contains: 1 resin and pewter multi-part, highly detailed Coeus Battle Robot. Multiple components allow for either a land or sea-based model to be assembled, and each comes with a stunningly detailed diorama base. The ground model stands 90mm (base to top of antennae). Model supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Minairons Miniatures: Upcoming Spanish Civil War and Interwar Vehicles and Artillery Preview

Minairons Miniatures: 1/72 Chevrolet 1.5 ton Truck: One high quality resin model. White metal bumper and hard plastic fore wheels. Inclusive of SCW driver. Ref. Code 20GEV018. Retail price € 11.53 (+ VAT). 1/72 Landesa tractor & Vickers 105mm gun: High quality resin and white metal models. Driver and passenger included. Ref. Code 20GEV035. Estimated retail price € 20.62 (+ VAT). 1/100 UNL-35 Armoured Car: Two high quality resin models. White metal headlights and MGs. Ref. Code 15GEV007. RRP to be set still. 15mm Skimmer Packs with SFA or Merc Drivers This week we have two new pack releases in to the more than one hundred strong packs of the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range and a month long offer on the Security Force Alpha (SFA) part of the range as well. The Skimmer is a great small vehicle with versatile and generic uses in sci-fi or near future settings. Here are the details beginning with the new skimmers with drivers and passengers sculpted by Elton Waters followed by the offer. More information here.

 Not including the new skimmer there are fifteen codes in the Security Force Alpha (SFA) part of the HOF Range and until the end of this month on Wednesday 30th September we have taken 15% off the normal pack prices off of all of them. This includes not only the SFA Infantry and Support and Elite and Female troopers but also the Charger APC and the Maginot Defence Turret kits as well.

Puppetswar: New Iron Wolf Shoulder Pads Released - Two Size Variants

Puppetswar released these Iron Wolf shoulder pads in two size variants.

Toad King Castings: Warts and Wings Fantasy Kickstarter - Warts Stretchgoal Freebie Preview

Toad King Castings: Here's the little figure I've been sculpting today. Hope you like him! If we get to £3000 we'll get him cast up in metal and add him for free to any pledge that contain all 3 resin toads. Check the Kickstarter here.

Fly Trap Factory: Primal Iron Grudge and Assorted Other Madness

Fly Trap Factory: The Vikings are for a little raiding game we are working on called "Primal Iron Grudge" its still aways of completion but by release date we will have our opposing faction sculpted and the Vikings completed. Yes Caveman vs Wild was changed as a result of personal preference to get the line into shape...however they have gotten bigger not smaller (initially the line was heroic 20mm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Thundercloud Miniatures: Heroes of Avendora Characters Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at the Heroes of Avendora characters by Thundercloud Miniatures. Each of the four characters miniatures are designed to be used as heroes in the Avendora skirmish game were they will lead infantry units into battle! 

Avendora is a skirmish, squad-based wargame played with forces of between 4-to-30 miniatures, the beta rules for Avendora can be downloaded on their website these are still at Beta stage. Set in the fantasy world of Avendora the game launches with 4 factions, The Edimen – certain of their superiority. The Hiskari – who despise anything that goes against nature. The Shadow – who seek nothing less than the destruction of all life, and finally the mysterious Alacalean, who saved mankind in their hour of need, but their actions since then prove that they may not be the saviours they appeared to be. Avendora has a rich back story, more information on this can be found on the main website here.

The Miniatures

The Thundercloud Miniatures - Heroes of Avendora heroes are supplied in ziplock bags without further internal packaging. These individual bags however are well-packed within their shipping box so no damage was noticed when I received the miniatures. 

The miniatures are casted in high-quality durable resin and sold as 30mm scaled character miniatures. Thundercloud Miniatures notes the following: "Individual miniature heights varying to reflect their background description. This was a conscious choice as we have always found it odd that in the world of wargaming everyone is always exactly the same size…In Avendora, if a creature is a hulking brute or a diminutive wretch, you’ll know about it!" To show this I have added the following scale comparison pictures showing the miniatures alongside each other and flanked with miniatures of other known manufacturers. 

Thudnercloud Hiskari Scout - Acacalean Warrior - Ediman General - The Faceless

Northstar Frostgrave Soldier - Thundercloud General - Games Workshop Empire Soldier - Reaper Wizard

Each of these individual characters consists out of multiple resin parts which you can see in the pictures below along with the constructed miniature and a short description of the character. The following hero is named the Acacalean Warrior and is actually an alien manning a deadly machine of utter destruction, armed with a huge blade protected by a sturdy shield arm. Not much is known about the Alacalean, the shun contact with the other factions. What is known is that their arrival was vital to halting the advance of the shadow and thus saved both the Edimen and Hiskari from annihilation.

The first step is to clean the casting flash and casting supports which you can see in the pictures above (note the casting support at the blade point as example). As with all resin miniatures or terrain, I always thoroughly recommend washing all individual parts with soap and warm water to remove casting residue. The further assembly of this hero was straight-forward as all parts fitted extremely well. I first started with assembling the legs and attaching the body. After that I added the arm supports which you can see in the upper left of the picture. After that I attached the actual arms and the alien pilot. First I was not entirely impressed about the look of this character but now looking back at him, I really like him much more and he will certainly feature on the tabletop leading the Acacaleans into the heat of battle!

The second miniature is named the Ediman General and is one of my favorite characters! Trained from childhood in the finest military school in the Empire an Ediman General knows that to lead from the front is to forsake the rank of General and become little more than a common foot soldier. A General is far more useful directing his troops; scouring the maps and missives to exploit his foe's weaknesses – and with the help of the Messenger and Horn Player he is quickly able to send orders around the battlefield – orders that can change the course of a battle and the fate of the world.

As you can see in the picture quite a lot of fiddly bits with this particular hero. After cleaning and washing the parts, I started with the assembly of the table featuring an individual helmet and shield decoration. After that I glued on the legs of the general looking down at his battle plans. Following that I attached the arms leaning on the table which was already glued in place on the base. This character is both useful as an actual wargame model or vignette to further decorate your wargame table!

The third and only female character is the agile Hiskari Scout. Scouts have a special place in Hiskari society. Being a nomadic people the ability to scout ahead is vital for the societies survival. Long ago the Hiskari discovered that women make better scouts, and as such girls who are chosen to become scouts are taken from a young age to begin their training.

The third model is the Hiskari Scout of which I managed to snap off both the arrow point and part of the bow. Note this was due to some rough handling and not the cause of the chosen resin material. The arrow point was easily glued back in place, the part of the bow was not glued back in place as it was way to fiddly. After I had glued the miniature on the base, I noticed that the left foot was hovering above the ground, not entirely sure if I have managed to assemble this miniature wrong but nothing that can't be solved with some small pebbles during basing! So moving on to the last and my personal favorite miniature, The Faceless!

Last but not least is the impressive The Faceless. The Faceless were men once, men who sold their soul to The Shadow for the promise of greatness. Twisted into a form more pleasing to The Shadow, and granted a martial skill far beyond that on normal men, these creatures now seek nothing less then the destruction of all life.

The Faceless character was very easy to assemble as all parts fitted well. As you can see in the picture a large number of the parts are intended for the scenic base which is a large part of the figure. This miniature looks to be hovering above the ground by some kind of whirling magical fog which is very nice! I'm sure this particular miniature will feature in many of my fantasy skirmishes and probably most in the upcoming Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion!

The conclusion

As you can see in the pictures these resin character miniatures are both high-quality and also feature some rather unusual types such as the Acacalean Warrior and planning Ediman General which are not easy to find in other miniature ranges. Next to this you can already grab these and prepare them to lead the upcoming infantry units scheduled to be released next by Thundercloud Miniatures. Almost forgot to mention, these characters are now also sold at a nice discount during the Kickstarter!

Interested in grabbing one of the fine heroes? Help Thundercloud Miniatures bring Avendora to market by helping to fund their remaining hero class models as the Kickstarter ends in less than 48 hours! Check the Kickstarter here  and join the epic fight for Avendora.

Dozens of other reviews can easily be found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

Crooked Dice: Paranormal Exterminators Programme Guide

Crooked Dice: Here’s the first release for our 7TV second edition rules – the Paranormal Exterminators programme guide. This 24 page PDF will allow you to add a supernatural spin to your 7TV games - all illustrated with photography from Kevin Dallimore. All for £4. 

Contents include:

  • Rules for building casts for the two new genres: Exterminators and Paranormal
  • 30 new profiles for hunters, spooks and cryptozoological threats including: Poltergeists, Spectres, Demon Dogs, Ectons, Harbingers, Grey, Jersey Devil and Creepers to name a few. Plus named Co-Stars such The Bell Witch, the Aqua-Maniac and the Missing Link and of course our four most famous paranormal exterminators!
  • Background on 7TV Studios show Dead On Arrival and it's US counterpart - including a full episode list from the first (and only) american series.
  • four episodes - Cats and Dogs Living Together, Tunnel Vision, Shadow Over Funland and Fright at the Museum - with suggested scenarios and casts
  • Two new Unit cards for U.S. Police officers and a SWAT team.

Idyllwild Games: Dark Age Outpost: 28mm Terrain & Miniature Set Kickstarter

Idyllwild Games: Idyllwild Games is proud to present "Dark Age Outpost". Sculpted by Ramiro of Menhir Games, Dark Age Outpost is a 28mm scale terrain & miniature set. 

Towers, Gates (fully functional) and Walls made of brown high-impact polystyrene will make a great addition to any wargame table or RPG adventure. Along with the Outpost, 6 badass pewter miniatures are available to help siege or guard your fortress! With your help we will be able to make high-quality 3D prints, then molds, then produce the final products to be shipped to your doorstep. Check the Kickstarter here.

Pulp Figures: First Flint and Feather Indian Packs Released

Pulp Figures: The first four sets of Flint and Feather Miniatures are available for sale now. If you send an email to us at crucible crush @hotmail .com(no spaces) we will send you out the listing of the figures. Payment will be processed thru paypal. Don't forget to give us your paypal address and physical address.There are currently three packs of five figures available and an accessory set.

Bjorn Floderus: Makedonian Miniatures Kickstarter Launched - Queen Olympias Stretchgoal

Bjorn Floderus: This project wants to fund the casting of some rare ancient miniatures; Kestrophedrone (arrow slingers) and Gastraphetes (belly bow).

Welcome to our Rare Macedonian Miniature fundraising. We want to raise funds to produce 5 different miniatures in heroic 28mm scale. What is special with them is that they do not exist on the market today, they are that rare. Check the Kickstarter here.

The first three miniatures are Late Macedonian Kestrophedrone, "arrow-slingers". It was an invention during the Third Macedonian War, when Rome fought against the Macedonian king Perseus. This weapon shot arrows instead of sling stones.  Of the three miniatures, two are spinning the sling and the third one is reloading. They come with separate heads. There are a total of eight different heads, including one wearing the typical Macedonian Kausia (beret).The last two miniatures are Gastraphetes, "belly bows". This was the first artillery made by the Greeks. It looked like an oversized crossbow. It was first used sometime before 420 BC in southern Italy by the Greeks; it is also very possible that it was used by Alexander the Great during his campaigns. One of the miniatures is reloading, while the second is aiming. They come with separate heads. They use the same heads as the Kestraphedrone.

Our Kickstarter is now live! And we have new pictures. It is Queen Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great. She did actually go to war after her sons death. She will be the first stretchgoal.

The Ion Age: Muster 'Cutter' Trooper Free Miniature!

The Ion Age: Its the start of the new campaign season for the year and as we approach autumn once more I want to welcome you to September 2015 at The Ion Age. 

We present to you the first of the third year of our operation free monthly miniatures IMP25 Muster Cutter Trooper. For the whole of September this 15mm miniature is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. Check for more information here.