Friday, December 4, 2020

Pen and Sword: Discounted Wargames Terrain and Buildings: North Africa and the Middle East

Pen and Sword: The Middle East and North Africa have been the backdrop for many conflicts through the centuries, making them a popular setting for miniature wargames. Whether you are fielding your Parthians against invading Roman legions, Crusaders against Saladin’s Saracens, recreating Lawrence’s exploits in Arabia, or trying to halt Rommel at El Alamein, this book will help you set the scene for your games.

Expert terrain modeller Tony Harwood takes the reader through a range of projects step by step, from selection of materials to the finished items. Each stage is illustrated with colour photographs. The projects have been selected to provide a useful range of features but also to introduce materials and techniques the reader can then apply to further buildings and terrain pieces. Included are a range of traditional mud-brick dwellings/shops, mosque, well, palm trees, well, rocky outcrop, Bedouin tent, El Alamein railway station, Sudanese huts, colonial river gunboat. They are easily adaptable to different scales. Suited to novice and experienced modellers alike.

FossilPunk Foundry: New Toxic Shark Kaiju Preview

FossilPunk Foundry: ALRIGHT folks! Well it took a little extra push (and taking on a bit of credit card debt) but we’re moving forward at long last! A new round of 3D prints to get our #kaiju miniatures cast, working with @NVSEFFECTS to get our cards designed and done, and we are MAKING THIS HAPPEN!

Warlord Games: Mythic Americas Collectors Edition Pre-Order

Warlord Games: The new Mythic Americas version of Warlords of Erehwon still keeps at its heart a singular objective in mind – to allow for fast-paced and exciting miniature battles upon a standard-sized table between rival forces known as Warbands. A Warband represents your own band of warriors – courageous humans, blood-thirsty monsters, legendary heroes, and mythological entities from the depths of the darkest myths.

Mythic Americas: Warlords of Erehwon provides a new multi-level, scenario-driven approach to your games. This approach offers plenty of opportunities to reward tactical play, but at the same time keeps things manageable in terms of the size of forces and space required. The game still uses ten-sided and Order dice, making for a game with mechanical depth and considerable adaptability. The Order dice test system, at the mechanical core of Mythic Americas, and an extremely balanced rules set offers Warband leaders great tactical freedom, but the game still offers lots of opportunity for fate and chance to have a say in the outcome of your battles. But, every experienced general throughout the ages knows that fate and chance will test even the most ingenious battle plan! Pre-order your own copy now here

Gringo40s: New Female Vietcong Fighters Released

Gringo40s released these new 28mm female vietcong miniatures.

Element Games: New Warhammer 40K Battleforces Pre-Order!

Element Games: The new battleforces from Games Workshop are coming next weekend, stock is super limited and once they are gone they are unfortunately gone. The Blood Angels Codex lands next week and we are super excited, also arriving is the Gladiator Tank and the Death Company Intercessor box. 

Rubicon Models: New Plastic Vietcong Soldiers Preview

Rubicon Models previewed these plastic Vietcong miniatures.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Pen and Sword: Modelling and Wargaming Books - Buy 4 Get 5th For Free!

Pen and Sword: Modelling and Wargaming Books - Buy 4 Get 5th For Free! Check here

BigRedBat: New To The Strongest! Army List Books Released

BigRedBat: I’ve recently published updated versions of the army lists for To the Strongest! There are now a total of 246 different army lists across the Ancient and Medieval eBooks, which now cost £9.99 each. There are new lists and some of the existing lists have been revised. The majority of the lists now include additional historical background information and/or tactical notes. 

Should you order the lists you'll receive regular updates every three months until the end of 2022 (by which time I expect to have pretty much finished the 100ish remaining lists), with new lists and additional material added each time. There is also a free sample eBook (below) that contains 30 of the most popular army lists drawn from the other two books.  You can find the army lists here; I do hope you'll enjoy them!

Alternative Armies: Hero of the Table Channel Looks at Ion Age 15mm Retained Knights

Alternative Armies: Retained Knights of the Prydian Precinct put under the hobby lens in a great video by Hero of the Table channel. Click through to our blog to watch it there. Thanks! GBS

Warbases: New Tangent Ram APC Vehicle Preview

Warbases: In this weeks #warbasesworkshopwednesday we showcase this Ram APC that we have been designing in conjunction with our friends over at Tangent Miniatures, we hope to have this available very soon.

Warlord Games: Bolt Action French Resistance Pre-Order!

Warlord Games launched the discounted pre-order for their brand new Bolt Action French Resistance miniatures featuring individual fighters and heavy weapon support options. These can be bought in larger bundles or individually in their webstore here

Forlorn Hope Games: Conquistador Ogres Re-Released

Forlorn Hope Games re-released these Fantasy Warriors Conquistador Ogres.

Wayland Games: New Warhammer 40K Battleforces Pre-Orders

Wayland Games: The Battleforce boxes everyone's been waiting for are now available to pre-order. With offerings for both the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms. These are limited releases and available whilst stocks last. Pre-orders are limited to 1 per customer so be sure to head to our website now. Grab your miniatures now here

Alongside these high-demand Battleforces, reinforcements arrive for Blood Angels - save up to 20% off the new Codex, Datacards and the Combat Patrol: Blood Angels boxed set. There are also themed dice available to pre-order - whilst stocks last. You can also expand your force even further with a box (or two) of Death Company Intercessors, and grab a box of Assault Intercessors to mix and match for a thematic, diverse squad. To finish, the first main battle tank for Primaris Space Marines, the tremendously powerful Gladiator!

Empress Miniatures: New Jazz Age Imperialism British Soldiers

Empress Miniatures released these new Jazz Age Imperialism British Soldiers.

Precinct Omega Publishing: Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis Wargame Rules

Precinct Omega Publishing: This is the first major supplement for the best-selling independent sci-fi skirmish wargame, Horizon Wars: Zero Dark. Grab this first supplement for Horizon Wars now here

Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis tells the story of Bal Anub, a special forces team from the human colony of Venus sent in pursuit of a mystery on the surface of an Earth ravaged by a devastating asteroid strike. This book contains new rules for Horizon Wars: Zero Dark, including new heroes and Red Force options, as well as a full 12-mission solo or co-operative campaign and 6 brand new Versus missions for PvP gaming. You will need Horizon Wars: Zero Dark to use the contents of this publication.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wargames Atlantic: Hard-Plastic WWI French Infantry Preview

Wargames Atlantic: Last few parts and adjustments being done for the WW1 French. We're not sure if all these parts will make the final cut - that will be up to the mold engineers, but this is what we have at the moment.

Pen and Sword: Discounted Wargaming Campaigns Book by Henry Hyde Pre-Order!

Pen and Sword: Most miniature wargames take the form of simulating a single battle with the opponents either winning or losing and that's that until the next game. Such games can be a fun test of tactical skill but it can be even more rewarding if they form part of a wider campaign. In a campaign, the players commanding the forces have to make the decisions at the strategic level that determine the context of any battles that occur. The outcome of these battles will, in turn, have strategic consequences for the ongoing campaign'.

Although campaigns can be very rewarding, many wargamers are deterred by the need to produce maps and devise mechanisms for strategic movement, Intelligence, logistics, recruiting reinforcements, keeping track of casualties etc. Henry Hyde's excellent book greatly eases this task with masses of sound advice, concrete suggestions and even a full set of campaign rules useful for any period upto AD 1900. 'Whatever historical or fantasy setting your prefer, Henry shows that even simple campaigns can add extra fun to your gaming. 

Alternative Armies: Stalinov Remastered Miniature Free in Every December Order Here is Why...

Alternative Armies: December is here and Alternative Armies is putting a newly remastered classic Flintloque miniature free into every order shipped from Scotland. Stalinov the first Liche. There is a story to this click through to read plus about our Witchland Dwarves and other news. Cryptmass is coming!

Pulp Figures: New Saxon Archers Preview

Pulp Figures previewed these new Saxon archers.

Warlord Games: Campaign D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors 12th SS Hitlerjugend Pre-Order Bundle

Warlord Games: Recruited primarily from the ranks of the Hitler Youth, what this army lacks in training it makes up for in fanatical zeal! Throw the Allied invasion back into the sea. You'll find an army list for these fresh-faced youths and their battle-hardened officers in our brand new Campaign Book - D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors. This pre-order bundle is the best way to get your new army off the ground, and includes a copy of the new book! Check the pre-order bundle here

You'll get a box of plastic Waffen-SS infantry, enough to make several squads of fanatical soldiers. You'll also get a support group complete with forward observer team, medium machine gun and medium mortar, and a horrifying Nebelwerfer rocket artillery piece.

By purchasing, you'll get a special edition miniature: CSM Stanley Hollis VC. Stanley Hollis received the highly prestigious Victoria Cross for his actions on D-Day - a distinction not bestowed to any other British or Commonwealth soldier for their actions in that day. This exclusive special miniature is only available as a pre-order bonus. Get your orders in now, so you don't miss out!

CP Models: New Night Terrors Bear and Tech Cultists

CP Models released these new Night Terrors Bear and Tech Cultists

Goblin Gaming: 9th Edition Blood Angels Coming Saturday!

Goblin Gaming: Their dedicated Combat Patrol box set and Death Company Intercessor box sets provide you with even more ways to start, or bolster your Blood Angels army. There is even a new Space Marine hover tank, and assault intercessors are now available separately. Check the discounted pre-order now here

Victoria Miniatures: New Female Desert Scorpions Preview

Victoria Miniatures previewed these new Female Desert Scorpions.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Pen and Sword: New Painting Wargaming Figures – Rome's Northern Enemies Book

Pen and Sword: Throughout their history, the Romans were troubled by formidable warlike tribes along their northern borders. The Celts of Gaul and Northern Italy, who sacked Rome itself, the British who repulsed Julius Caesar and resisted later occupation, the Germanic tribes along the Rhine and the fearsome falx-wielding Dacians on the Danube, all proved worthy foes of the legions. If you are raising your own army to defy the might of Rome, Andy Singleton will help you get them ready for battle with ease.

The emphasis is on achievable results and practical advice to get your army painted and ready for gaming in a reasonable time frame, and achieve a fine collection that will look great on the shelf or table. Most of the figures featured in the numerous illustrations are 28mm but the techniques described are easily adaptable to smaller scales and to plastic or metal. Step-by-step guidance takes the process from initial preparation and assembly of the figure, to finishing and basing. Themed chapters cover armour, clothing, skin tones, warpaint and tattoos, shields and horses. Now available at Pen and Sword Books here

Victrix: New 12mm German Hanomag Halftracks Release

Victrix: 12mm/1:144 scale Hanomag - The German halftrack renowned for transporting elite Panzer Grenadiers. Perfect for moving your troops around the battlefield as well as launching armoured assaults.