Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Modiphius Entertainment: Five Parsecs from Home - Bug Hunt!

Modiphius Entertainment: This new 63-page PDF edition of Five Parsecs From Home - Bug Hunt includes all the mechanics from the original, updated to fit into the core game rules. This includes features like alien spawn points, alien sub types like the spitter and screamer and alien leaders like the driver or lancer. With 6 sub-types, 6 leader types and 16 alien species to fight, there is a lot of scope for players who enjoy painting, building and converting cool miniatures. Check these rules now here

Your troopers can be supported by any of 12 support units from the scientific survey team to a team of tough K’Erin assault troops. Bug Hunt is a full campaign game with character progression as your troopers advance through their careers. You can even carry over characters from both games - take your crew members from Five Parsecs From Home on a Bug Hunt or vice versa, allowing your characters to experience a whole new level of adventures. The only question that remains is whether you forgot to activate the security grid. They do say the vent crawlers are active in this sector… Bug Hunt is also available in print and PDF in the Five Parsecs From Home - Compendium, available now!

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