Tuesday, May 14, 2024

WIP Games and Miniatures: Great Value 28mm Unit Builders!

WIP Games and Miniatures: New from WIP Games and Miniatures are our amazing value Unit Builders. Each 28mm Unit Builder contains 30 assorted miniatures (including shields, where appropriate) of the type specified, and from our current available range, for just £30.00.

Unit Builders contain a good mix of all of the current poses for the troop type chosen, and as we add more variety to each of our ranges, these will also be included automatically. And don’t forget that all of our miniatures are also available as 10 duplicates for just £10.00, which allows you to build units in more specific poses, whilst still at our amazing prices. Alternatively, for total control of your warbands, units or armies, every one of our miniatures can be bought singly for just £1.50! Picture of our new Saxons!

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