Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rebel Minis: Able, Baker, Charlie - WW2 Squad Level Combat Rules

Rebel Minis: “Charlie, come in! Where are you?” A light machine gun has your squad pinned down. Two of your men have gone out of the fight and the rest are ducked down in cover. All hell’s breaking loose and everyone is looking to you for the answer. Right about now you’re wondering what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into. Check these rules here

Welcome to Able, Baker, Charlie! Able, Baker, Charlie were the call signs for the soldiers when the Squad was broken down into smaller Teams. It helped identify them on the radio and helped keep them alive. Now that’s your job! Able, Baker, Charlie is WW2 Squad level combat at its best. No flipping a card to see who moves first or telling you when to shoot. Instead, we use the Two Hour Wargames Reaction System, top of the line since 2005. How your Squad performs, if they survive, and if they achieve their Missions is up to you.

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