Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Modiphius Entertainment: New County Road Z Core - Solo Tactical Tabletop Rules!

Modiphius Entertainment: Gather your survivors, build your community, and battle the zeds! County Road Z is a solo game of miniature tabletop combat and resource management, set during the zombie apocalypse. Scavenge materials to build watchtowers, workshops, generators and more, and then take it to the tabletop, where the zombies react to every grenade, shotgun, and scream! Combat zeds (and perhaps worse) across warehouses, graveyards, road wreckage, mansions and more. Check this brand new game here

Upgrade your base facilities and build new weapons and armor to keep your survivors safe for the next mission. Where will your next community base be? A distillery? A firehouse? A hydroelectric dam? Build your defenses bigger and better... but quietly, or the zombie horde will be at your door.

Build your own Apocalypse

Enjoy the End Times your way with the Apocalypse Toolkit, containing a multitude of optional rules including a variety of specialized zombies, advanced rules for firearms and vehicles, seasonal weather conditions, and your choice of apocalypse. Plug-and-play whichever options fit your playstyle, whether you favor complexity, ease of play, or a combination of both.

The 184-page full-colour PDF includes:

A variety of apocalypse types, including Viral, Cosmic Horror, and Magic

- 16 different types of zombies
- Road Trip campaign option
- Character advancement rules
- 29 missions types
- 10 different base types
- 39 different facilities and upgrades

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