Monday, May 20, 2024

Last Sword Miniatures: May Neverra Kingdom Reinforcements

Last Sword Miniatures: May: Neverra Kingdom reinforcements. Welcome knights and ladies to a new month, this time dedicated to the Kingdom of Neverra. We begin this month with the king himself. As I mentioned before, he is inspired by Henry V and the Black Prince. You can observe the collar of the Order of the Grail. The miniature comes in versions on foot, on horseback, and of course, on a hippogriff.

Additionally, you will have plain barding if you prefer to paint them by hand. We continue with the character chapter with the Green Knight, who also comes with extras to transform him into the Knight of Flowers. The axe we've included is the weapon wielded by Sean Connery in the '80s movie, making this miniature full of references.

As our final character, a maiden of the lady, who will assist your knights in their quest for the Grail. The highlight of the units is the Grail Knights. This is a unit brimming with details, and the sculpting has taken a considerable amount of time. With it, we complete the main units of the army.

Additionally, we have tackled the bombard cannons of the Neverran exiles. The bombard is made up of many extra pieces that make it truly spectacular, but it can be simplified to the bare minimum for strict adherence to the rules. Neither the mantlets nor the support part are necessary, although in my opinion, it would be a waste not to use them. It also comes with two crews, one loading and the other firing.

To conclude, although I am missing the render, you will have the wild version of the griffin, without a rider or barding. As always, the distribution of the May files will take place between the 15th and 20th. I hope you enjoy the month :) Check all miniatures here

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