Sunday, May 28, 2023

Ambush Alley Games: New The Longest Road - SciFi Tomorrow's War Scenario Book and Tomorrow's War Discounted!

Ambush Alley Games: The Longest Road - Tomorrow's War Scenario Book. The Longest Road is the first scenario book for The Next War. While set in the Tomorrowverse established in Tomorrow's War, the scenarios are easily adaptable to any other timeframe or setting, including modern day. The book provides snapshot scenarios detailing typical engagements fought between DPRG invaders and the defenders of the Dolina Republic. The nature of these engagements will be familiar to anyone conversant with real-life current events.

This book contains: Historical background for the Grain War, a conflict that ultimately led to the 2nd Glory War, 4 scenarios set on the world of Glory, Detailed unit descriptions for DPRG Guards and Conscript Units, Dolina "Babay"resistance fighters, and Dolina Republic Guards, Stats for DPRG and Republic of Dolina AFVs. Like The Next War, The Longest Road is a living document. It will be updated to reflect rule changes arising from ongoing development of The Next War rules. You'll be able to download these revisions as they occur at no extra cost. Check this book now here

Make also sure to check the Tomorrow's War which is currently discounted (-50%)! A miniatures wargame of gritty futuristic combat, Tomorrow’s War projects the tactics and technology of today’s military conflicts hundreds of years into the future. While robot drones, anti-gravity vehicles, and advanced battle-suit technology have changed the face of warfare, the essentials of combined-arms tactics have remained constant. Using the popular Force on Force (1e) rules as a basis, Ambush Alley Games has created a playable, highly realistic and tactically challenging science fiction wargame. The rulebook includes a detailed optional ‘future history’ and a campaign system so that individual battles can be linked into an ongoing storyline. Force on Force (1e) is required to play this game! Check this book here

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