Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pen and Sword: Discounted Sci-Fi Skirmish Scenarios Book Pre-Order!

Pen and Sword: Welcome to The Sprawl… Sci-fi skirmishes are an increasingly popular genre of war game but they are more dependent than most on good scenarios to keep them varied and exciting. John Lambshead has taken the work out of scenario building. He presents a selection of thirty-six missions of varying complexity, each with clear objectives and victory conditions, a map showing set-up zones and some with special rules. Although they are set in his imagined dystopian city of Civitas Cavernum (aka The Sprawl), with its factions of Scavs, Proctors, Cultists and Corporates, the scenarios are designed to be adaptable to almost any setting and set of rules (including those published in the author’s One-hour Skirmish Wargames). In addition, there are no less than three mini-campaigns that link the scenarios together in various combinations.

But that is not all. John Lambshead gives advice on designing your own scenarios and campaigns and there is even a set of tables allowing you to quickly create them through random dice rolls, ensuring almost infinite variety to your games. Finally, there is a useful reference section listing websites of rules publishers and manufacturers of suitable miniatures and model terrain. Welcome to The Sprawl (but keep your gun close and your mask on). Check the discounted pre-order now here!

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