Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forlorn Hope Games: Skeletal robots

Hi, it's time for another review! This time I will tell you some more about the Forlorn Hope Games skeletal robots but as most will see they are terminators ready to destroy humanity or any other alien race. First all I want to thank Gary at Forlorn Hope Games for this review opportunity so I can show you some more goodies and show of some of Gary's amazing miniature ranges. As said this review will go about 28mm scaled white metal terminators which are part of the EM4 miniature range.

The release of these skeletal robots brought along five unique sculpts, each of these characters is armed with either light weaponry or heavy weapons such as flame throwers and anti tank weapons. First of all I have included a picture of my favorite miniature, he looks kind of a leader armed with a light sub machine gun and has an excellent pose. This particular miniatures has excellent details on both the body and face.

Second of all we have two of the troopers of which one is equipped with a massive anti tank weapon! Goodbye armoured menace me think! As you can see the miniature have some minor flash which I haven't cleaned for the pictures so you can see them as I received them. The other miniature in this lot is a kneeling skeletal robot armed with the same light sub machine gun as the leader. The detail on this miniatures are not so clear as on the leader but are quite good and will probably show with a good paintjob.

The third lot of miniatures exists out of two skeletal troopers of which one is armed with a deadly flame thrower and the otehr one with a light machinegun. I especially love the one with the flamethrower as you don't often see a terminator armed with a flame thrower! The other skeletal warrior is armed with the same light sub machine gun as the leader and kneeling weapons which would make this weapon the standard issued one in this terminator squad. As you can see some of the facial details on these miniatures is quite unclear and I doubt if this can be solved by a proper paintjob.

I have also included a scale comparison with some other science fiction miniatures from different manufacturers so you can judge the scale. From left to right we have: a grenadier corporate guard, a Kallistra Ganger, the Forlorn Hope Games skeletal robot leader and a Games Workshop Catachan commander. As you can see he quite fits in with these manufacturers but even if he wouldn't fit in nobody says these terminators are as big a humans or other reference points.

Painted Miniatures

Here are the miniatures painted up using only three colors, as you can see the detail comes through quite nicely.


When I received these miniatures they were well packed so no damage could occur. The miniatures were also supplied with the right amount of bases so you could immediatly start to clean and base them! The quality of these miniatures is quite good but it's a shame that some of them have some unclear details on both the body and face. When compared with the original terminator figures of the EM4 line, these miniatures especially lack defined details. As said these are minor issues if you want some of these bad boys to your wargame setting especially when you need some tank or bunker busters. These miniatures retails for £1.50 (UK), £1.55 (EU) and £1.73 (ROTW) all these prices include the shipping cost! I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did and stay tuned for more reviews and other wargame news!

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