Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sally 4th: Combat Patrol Napoleonics Free PDF Supplement for Napoleonic Skirmish Gaming Released

Sally 4th: The Napoleonic Supplement for Combat Patrol has been released today as a free PDF download.

Combat Patrol provides a comprehensive set of rules for skirmishes set in World War II. The Napoleonic supplement provides guidance for adapting the rules to small-scale actions in the Napoleonic era including the War of 1812. This Napoleonic supplement is envisioned as the first in a series of Horse and Musket era supplements that will cover other periods such as the American Civil War, various Colonial Wars, the Seven Years War, or the Pike and Shot period. In adapting Combat Patrol from the second world war to the Napoleonic era the following areas have been addressed: organization, weapons, close order formations, artillery, and mounted troops, while retaining the fluid and innovative Combat Patrol card based combat mechanisms. Full details / download here

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