Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wayland Games: Now Stocking Crusader Miniatures - Recreate Miniature Military History

Wayland Games is now stocking Crusader Miniatures, explore these great historical miniature ranges now at a discount! Recreate World War Two, the Dark Ages and Ancient Military history on your tabletop.

Crusader Miniatures figures are designed for wargamers, miniature figure painters, and collectors of model soldiers. Their range covers a huge expanse of history, from the armies of Alexander the Great to the British Tommies of World War Two.. remember to take a good look! The models are in 28mm scale, made of metal and come with bases, ready to paint and decorate. These miniatures are based on various soldiers, weapons and cavalry from World War II, they are accurate representations of the many different soldiers from the most active countries that were a part of this famous war. Featuring; Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and the USA. Check out more of this range by following the link here

The Dark Ages was a period of cultural and economic deterioration in Western Europe from the 6th to 14th centuries, this time came about following the fall of the Roman Empire and was a very dark period for the people of this era. Featuring; Byzantine, Early Saxons, El Cid, Irish, Normans, Saxons, Scots, Sub-Roman, and Viking. Check out more of this range by following the link here

The Ancients was a period of time surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in which many different empires were fighting for land, the Romans were the most successful at this and had created one of the biggest empires in history. Featuring; Ancient Celts, Ancient Germans, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Macedonia, Ancient Oscans, Carthaginians, Gladiators, Numidians, Persians, Roman Empire, Romans, Spanish, and Thracians. Check out more of this range by following the link here

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