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Direct advertising is the key to success! Everyday this very blog attracts all sorts of wargame enthousiasts looking for the latest news from the industry. For advertisers wishing to reach the global wargame community, there is no more targeted blog then Wargame News and Terrain. The demographic is game playing males aged 16-55. Any wargame related products, such as console gaming, computer gaming and other collectable card games and standard games will appeal to this audience.


Wargame News and Terrain is constantly increasing its web traffic by providing the latest news and exclusive reviews. We are currently receiving around 75.153 views a month and are steadily increasing our traffic to a steady 80.000 views a month. The blog is able to reach the global wargame community as most of our views come from the USA (41%), Mainland Europe (31%), UK (22%) and Australia (5%). 


Interested in placing a banner, please don't hesitate to contact me as the pricing is set very competitive for a 200 x 200 sized banner above or under the fold shown on every page of this blog! With nice discounts for multiple months of advertising. Our advertising system is not based on a fees per click but is fixed depending on the location (above or under the fold) so you exactly know what the cost of placing your banner upon this blog will be before you decide. Note that we are currently testing multiple advertising systems and the way we place advertisements can change. For more details please contact us.


Payment is done by Paypal as this is the most easy and effective way for both parties involved. Partial payment in wargame products and review material can be discussed.


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