Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Joseph A. McCullough: New Deathship One - SciFi Survival Game Release

Joseph A. McCullough: Welcome to Deathship One. Better listen up, because the truth is, you probably won’t live long. You see, you’ve been brought here to die. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a test or an experiment to measure the capability of warriors from your planet. Maybe it’s just entertainment, like a circus or gameshow. Or maybe this is punishment, a personal purgatory for your sins. Now, I don’t mean to bring you down. I just don’t want to fill you with any false hopes either.

On the other side of that door is a room, and beyond that another, and another, and another. In fact, there are five rooms in total. Each of those rooms is designed to kill you in different ways. Traps, monsters, automated weapons systems, you name it. No, I can’t tell you what the next room looks like, even if I wanted to. It changes every time. The rooms shift around you see. But you’ve got one chance. You’ve got to fight your way through all five rooms. In the unlikely event you survive, you get to go home. So, it’s that simple. You fight your way through, you survive. You might even find a few things to help you on the way. Seriously though, make your peace before you open that door, because once you do, there’s going to be no time for praying…

Deathship One is a solo or co-operative miniatures games of science-fiction survival. Choose a squad of soldiers from any time period, or even the future, and see if they can survive the horrors of the Deathship. Designed to play fast, with a minimum of rules and terrain, it takes miniatures gaming right now to the nitty gritty of running, shooting, and dying. Designed by Joseph A. McCullough the creator of Frostgrave, Stargrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Oathmark, and The Silver Bayonet. Check these new rules here

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