Friday, June 21, 2024

Daniel's Games Emporium: New Arrowstorm: Battle Games in Medieval Britain Rules!

Daniel's Games Emporium: In this gridded-layout miniature wargame, you take the role of a medieval king, bishop, lord, or commander leading your army on the battlefield. You must choose where and how to focus your troops' actions and control the battle’s impetus. The battle is partly fought on the tabletop like other miniature wargames but is also fought just as hard on the Tactics Chart, providing an additional mind-game against your opponent.

Command your units to move and fight in the areas of the battlefield you wish, but leave the actual process of fighting to your unit commanders. This is represented by the random factor of dice and each of your units’ abstract but often-decreasing Battle Rating. Because of this, your focus is kept where it should be – out-thinking your opponent by using superior tactics and exploiting their weaknesses on the battlefield.

Arrowstorm is not intended as a heavy simulation of medieval warfare but as an enjoyable, simple, and fast-playing battle game. You’ll find that much of the action is stylized and streamlined. Don’t think of “turns” in the usual wargaming way – in each turn your units may fight or move several times, countered by your opponent after every action, creating a very fluid game but at the same time making cohesive planning difficult to achieve. Please note that Arrowstorm shares the same basic rules with my Age of Penda book. Period-specific troop types, army lists, special rules, and minor rules differences exist. Check these new rules now here!

‘You Command’ is a series of light miniature wargames by Origins Award winner Daniel Mersey (Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant, Battle Ravens, and many more games). When you play a ‘You Command’ game, your goal is to defeat your opponent by out-thinking them tactically using the innovative Tactics Chart, and then by out-fighting their model army on the tabletop battlefield.

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