Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Nordic Weasel Games: New SciFi LaserStorm 2nd Edition Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: Welcome to the 2nd edition of LaserStorm. This is a set of wargame rules aimed at huge science fiction battles using small scale miniatures such as 3mm and 6mm scale. Check these rules now here

The game scale is that each model represents either a single vehicle or a 4-6 person fireteam of infantry. Units are all distinct in their performance: Vehicles are vulnerable to close assault but feature speed and firepower, super heavy units can take (and dish out) massive punishment and the lumbering behemoth class allows you to get your giant robots out on the battlefield too. 

Gameplay is card driven using a small card deck. Very few markers and tokens are used in play (and many games will feature none at all). Instead you can focus on a cool, amazing looking battlefield as your grav tank platoon engages the enemy walkers. Combat rules are straight forward, relying on a simple to-hit/saving throw mechanic. Morale is handled in a unique fashion: Instead of units sitting around as sitting ducks when their morale fails, they withdraw from the battle and can later be rallied and brought back as reinforcements. To help you learn the rules, each chapter also includes a Boot Camp section, explaining the very basics at a glance. 

Other mechanics include tactical assets, covering ploys such as forward deployment or camouflage and heroic units. The game features a scenario generator with 9 objective types possible as well as an introductory scenario to get you started. What about your troops? You can do it in two different ways: You can use the assembly line where you choose a basic troop type or vehicle hull, then bolt weapons on to it, tally up the points cost and voila, ready to play. You can also use the workshop where you can design units down to the individual stats and get exactly the outcome you would like.

A collection of human and alien prebuilt units are also available, so you can get up and playing right away, if you prefer not to build anything just yet. When you have played a few battles, you may ready to go bigger. Why not try a campaign game where a massive army is divided up into smaller armies and then move around a grid map, combining a strategic layer with the tactical gameplay. 

You prefer playing solo? The new edition covers solo mechanics as well through the use of a tactical card system to help inject some decision making into the foe. The new edition of LaserStorm features much requested addiitons like air support and is in full colour, lavishly illustrated with gorgeous miniatures and terrain as well as helpful diagrams showcasing key concepts.

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