Monday, March 4, 2024

Badger Games: Regiment Games WWII Yugoslav Army Release

Badger Games: Regiment Games is expanding its fantastic 28mm WWII range with yet another unrepresented nation...Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav army of the 1930s adopted a unique foldover tunic which was worn by many units through the Axis invasion. Equipped with a mix of French, Czech, Polish and other equipment, the Royal Yugoslav Army made a valiant stand but ultimately was no match for the Italians and Germans.

Regiment Games prides itself on the completeness of its ranges and this offer is no exception. Filled with command types (officers, NCOs, medics, radiomen, etc.), many trooper variants and support weapons, Regiment's Yugoslav range is ready to create a new army compatible with any ruleset or army list. There are more than 30 unique sculpts! Regiment Games plans a number of additional forays into WWII in 2024 covering some very colorful, unique and underserved nationalities! Watch this space. Regiment Games are available exclusively from Badger Games. Check them here

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