Thursday, February 29, 2024

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw Artillery!

Perry Miniatures: New metal Duchy of Warsaw! This is the first batch of metals for this range which are all Foot artillery. These are sold with separate guns as the Poles used early Prussian, Austrian and French pieces. The next batch will be Uhlans which will be available in a week’s time. Alan has also started on some metal command figures as you can see.

We also have the plastic command frame available to buy separately.

Duchy of Warsaw Army 1807-14 - 28mm metal figures - Designed by Alan Perry

DOW 3 Foot Artillery Firing gun (no gun included)
DOW 4 Foot Artillery loading gun (no gun included)
DOW 5 Prussian 1806 6 pounder
DOW 6 Austrian 6 pounder
DOW 7 French 8 pounder

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