Sunday, February 11, 2024

Adler Miniatures: Semi-Retirement - Closing Down Several Ranges Announcement

Adler Miniatures: Well after 40 years the time has finally arrived for me to go into semi retirement. Its the end of an era. Warfare Last November was our last Trade show. Many thanks to all the organisers and those of you that came along to see us over the years. As of June 2025 we will cease production of our 6mm and 10mm ranges. As of 28th January 2024 the 6mm and 10mm ranges will be closed to new customers. This gives I hope ample time for existing customers to complete the projects they are working on.

To be fair to everyone each order is limited to a total value of £250.00 and each order will be completed in the order in which they were received. The 20mm ranges will remain open to new customers I will continue the develop and continue production of the 20mm ranges. 

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