Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wayland Games: Da Grotmas Gitz Are Here to Spread Holiday Fear!

Wayland Games: Da Grotmas Gitz are here to spread holiday fear! Available to pre-order this week is Da Red Gobbo's newly-discovered nemesis, Da Grotmas Gitz, a festive Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig with his own rules for Age of Sigmar and 40K! 

Prepare for a veritable feast of flesh this week as the Flesh-eater Courts Army Set introduces 25 new plastic miniatures to the Mortal Realms. Pre-order this new Army Set with 20% off and start your collection of unsatiable nobles and ravenous peasants. MKVI Assault Marines have been spotted deploying for pre-order this week, as these Assault Marines help reinforce your Horus Heresy army. All new pre-orders are due to be released on the 16th of December. Check them all here

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