Saturday, December 9, 2023

Pen and Sword: New Painting Wargaming Figures: Allied Forces in Blitzkrieg Europe, 1939–1940

Pen and Sword: This series of hobby guides is aimed at assisting those new or unfamiliar with historical figure modelling and war gaming by providing them with a range of simple tips and techniques to assist them in putting together good looking collections using methods that won’t take an age.

Beginning with an introduction to the range of tools and materials commonly found in modelling, the main part of this book comprises of concise guides for painting Polish, Belgian, Dutch, British and French forces. The step-by-step guidance covers all the common variations of uniform used during the period by the various nations, as well as tips on specialist forces such as Polish cavalry, French Colonial troops and Dutch Marines. Illustrated with hundreds of photos, each stage of the guides has a combination of text description, photograph and list of both paint and brush size used to make the steps as easy to follow as possible, as well as stunning images of the figures in period settings. Check the discounted new release now here

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