Monday, October 2, 2023

Perry Miniatures: New Ottoman Napoleonic Infantry Release

Perry Miniatures: New Ottoman Napoleonics - We have a few more codes of Ottomans. The first two could be obviously used before the Napoleonic period and actually beyond it. The Eastern Anatolians could also be from Northern Iraq as they’re in typical Kurdish dress of the period. These could be mixed in the same units as the irregular infantry already in the range. These and the irregulars can be pitted against the Nizam-i-cedid troops in the range as well as used as Ottoman mercenaries against European armies.

28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry - Napoleonic Ottoman Army 1790-1815

OT 23 Egyptian fellahin standing with spears (some with shields)
OT 24 Egyptian fellahin attacking with spears (some with shields)
OT 25 Nizam-i-cedid infantry and saka (water carriers).
OT 26 Eastern Anatolian infantry skirmishing.

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