Thursday, June 8, 2023

Nordic Weasel Games: New Rogue Hammer - Gothic Scifi Miniatures Gaming Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: Welcome to Rogue Hammer. In this rulebook you will find a fast, easy-playing game of unit based combat closely inspired by the setting and units of the original Rogue Trader rulebook, powered by Squad Hammer. The game rules are unit based, instead of rolling by figure with a straight-forward tactical system that allows units to retreat and regroup and intense, dramatic firefights at close quarters. The rules cover large monsters, psionics, vehicles, heroes and infantry. Check these new rules now here

A typical game can easily be played in an evening and the rules can be used with a wide range of figures. Points values are provided to approximate the major troop types of the original Rogue Trader (Imperial army, star knights, galactic orcs, galactic elves and the 6 limbed Crawlers) plus a few new faces and a few vehicles with more to come. A total of 32 unit types and 5 vehicle types have been given profiles and points values. A typical battle is 4-8 units on each side and you can use your original figures or adapt any of the great scifi ranges for sale in the market including in 15mm scale if you prefer. Scenario generation with discoverable objections, battlefield exploration and random events is included, suitable for pick-up games as well as those nights where making a scenario just isn't in the cards. The rules include a progression system where units can be carried over and gain experience in battle. 

And of course the game includes solo mechanics, meaning the only thing you need is some miniatures (whether brand new or some dusty old troopers ready for a new battle) and a 3x3 foot table. You can also use the solo system to play with a friend against the bad guys. This is only the beginning: While this is a full game, it can be expanded in a number of ways including all the classic units, more scenario options, random events and more. The plan is to support the game through Patreon with updates every month that add new content to the game and incorporate any tweaks and corrections. These updates will be added to the Wargame Vault rulebook a few months later to allow time for testing and catching bugs. The intention is to do a single "Living Rulebook" rather than a supplement model. The rulebook does not include interior art at the time, though this may be added at a future point.

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