Sunday, April 2, 2023

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic Ottoman Army 1790-1815!

Perry Miniatures: New! Napoleonic Ottoman Army 1790-1815. This new range is designed to cover troops from the 1790’s (though some will be useful for earlier armies too) to the end of the Napoleonic wars, (however, some codes will be useful for later armies too, including the army of 1826- 32).

Alan has started with the Nizam-i-cedid or the New Order Army (NOA) who used European weapons and were trained in the European style, while he waits for the Ottoman weapons to be made. There were four NOA regiments including the Solak/Peik Guard, all a thousand strong. The Boustangees in pink, the Levend Chiftlik in red, the Uskudar Regiment in blue and the Solak/Peik Guard in yellow. These regiments, however, were suppressed in 1807. There were also three regiments of Albanians (OT7 and dressed in red, using European weapons and drill. In 1808 Segban-i Cedit Army also probably wore NOA uniforms. Ottoman infantry uniforms post 1826 looked very similar to the NOA so OT 11 and 12 could be used to represent them.

Alan had been waiting for a good book to come out before embarking on this range. Recently two books have come onto the market which spurred him on to start the range. A big thank you to Chris Flaherty for his help on this range. His book is a must if you’re getting into this period. The Napoleonic Ottoman Army, Uniforms, tactics and Organization published by Partizan Press. The other excellent book is Bruno Mugnai’s The Ottoman Army of the Napoleonic Wars, 1784-1815 published by Helion & Company.

28mm metal figures - Designed by Alan Perry

OT 1 Nizam-i-cedid infantry command advancing, boustangees hat.
OT 2 Nizam-i-cedid infantry marching boustangees hat.
OT 3 Nizam-i-cedid command standing, boustangees hat.
OT 4 Nizam-i-cedid infantry firing line, boustangees hat.
OT 5 Nizam-i-cedid infantry command advancing, light boustangees hat and turban, hanging sleeves.
OT 6 Nizam-i-cedid infantry attacking, light boustangees hat and turban, hanging sleeves.
OT 7 Arnaut (Albanian) command with British equipment, advancing
OT 8 Arnaut (Albanian) with British equipment, marching.
OT 9 Solak/Peik Guard command, standing
OT 10 Solak Peik Guardsmen standing, support arms
OT 11 Nizam-i-cedid Anatolian nefer infantry command in caps, marching
OT 12 Nizam-i-cedid Anatolian nefer infantry in caps, marching

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