Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Carthage Must Be Destroyed: Heraldic Waterslide Decals for Wargaming Part 3 Kickstarter

Carthage Must Be Destroyed: This is our third series of Heraldic Waterslide Decals for Wargaming and we're returning to the style of the first campaign and focusing on mostly heraldic animals and mythical creatures. One of the five sheets will also contain other symbols and objects that do not appropriately fit with other animals or legendary creatures. You can check out the campaign and all the details by following the link here - Kickstarter Link Click Here

Each decal sheet is approx. 11.5 x 20.5 cm in size. The individual decals mostly measure under or near 1 cm in height and width but will vary with shape and image as seen below. I tried to contain enough detail to be applied to most fantasy or medieval shields for 1/56 (28mm) scale miniature wargaming. Each image has 5 left facing images and 4 right facing images. This will allow those interested in putting them on horse's caparison the ability to do just that, or alternatively have some variants on footmen shields or whatever the decals will be put on! The campaign and the stretch goals are already fully funded, so this is your chance to access all five sheets via Kickstarter! Thank you for checking it out!

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