Thursday, December 8, 2022

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic Spanish Guerilla Infantry & Cavalry

Perry Miniatures: New Spanish Guerrillas, plus Valour and Fortitude updates and vol. 3 of the Napoleonic Danish book. Alan has been quietly working on some Spanish Guerrillas, both foot and mounted. The infantry are available now, cavalry to follow later. There will be artillery too.

Jervis has also been quietly working on V&F updates. The army sheets can be downloaded in PDF format. These versions of the army sheets have just been released (29th November 2022). The changes to the army sheets add some missing units and sort out a few rules issues that have cropped up. However, there is a major change to the rules for squares, closed columns and battalion mass, which says that infantry units are routed if they lose a melee to cavalry (even if not shaken) unless they are in a square, closed column or battalion mass or are a garrison. This makes it much more sensible to get into a nice defensive formation if cavalry are nearby.

We also have in David Wilson’s third volume for the Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1801-1814. This covers Norwegian Troops and Militia. 222 pages, 62 colour images. Published by Helion & Co.

Spanish Napoleonic Army 1807-14 - 28m metal figures designed by Alan Perry

SPA 52 Guerrilla command (includes 3 female fighters)
SPA 53 Guerrillas skirmishing
SPA 54 Guerrillas advancing
SPA 55 Guerrillas with hand weapons and pistols
SPA 56 Infantry command, shakos and belly pouches, standing at ease
SPA 57 Infantry, shakos and belly pouches, standing at ease

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