Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wayland Games: 40K Faction: The Leagues of Votann Are Here

Wayland Games: The Leagues of Votann are almost here! It's a big week for the little guy this week with a brand new faction for Warhammer 40K, as well as new pre-orders for Necromunda and Black Library. The Kin are in! The new Leagues of Votann Army Set sees the introduction of this brand new faction to Warhammer 40K with a complete army, codex, datacards and more. For Necromunda, Goliath Maulers run down the competition, with their rules found in The Aranthian Succession - Cinderak Burning. There's also four new sets of Ash Wastes dice to represent your gang of choice: Goliath, Orlock, Ironhead Squat Prospectors and Ash Wastes Nomads, as well as the Ash Wastes Vehicle Dice Set. Check all discounted pre-orders now here

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