Sunday, July 3, 2022

Wayland Games: New Citadel Contrast, Shade and Spray Paint

Wayland Games: Add some colour to your collection with new Citadel paints. Painting enthusiasts rejoice! This week the new range of Citadel Shades and Contrast Paints are available to pre-order. Add a new coat of paint to your armies with the new White Scar Spray, perfect for priming and whiter than ever before! The new range of 25 vibrant Contrast Paints, including Pylar Glacier, Gutrippa Flesh, and Black Legion, will make sure your army is the talk of the tabletop. The throes of battle often leave their mark. Give your miniatures that battle-forged look with Mortarion Grime or make them perfectly putrid with Poxwalker or your choice of the 7 new Citadel Shades. With the upcoming release of these exciting new paints make sure not to forget your brushes, tools, basing and more! Check these new paints here

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