Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pendraken Miniatures: New Cold War Commander 2 Rules!

Pendraken Miniatures: Cold War Commander is an exciting set of fast play wargame rules that allows you to recreate combined arms operations covering the Cold War and post-Cold War era. Grab these new rules now here!

Players each take command of a Battlegroup, which can be anything from a company right up to a division. These rules provide a good balance between playability and historical accuracy, allowing players to successfully use real-world tactics in a game system that is easy to use and fast to play. The rules are suitable for solo, two-player and multi-player games, at home, at the club, or at a tournament. 

Cold War Commander covers the period from the end of the Second World War through until the early 1990’s.

- Suitable for any scale miniatures, from 2mm right up to 28mm.
- Simple command system that emphasises the fog of war.
- Effective mechanism for casualty resolution.
- Rules for infantry, tanks, artillery, recce, aircraft and engineers.
- Flexible figure ratio meaning one base represents a platoon.
- Minimal setup time, simply assemble your forces and play.
- Contains 3 army lists in the book and extensive lists online.
- Includes 15 scenarios suitable for any nation and theatre.
- Suitable for solo, two player or multi-player games.
- Everything you need to play in one book.

These rules cover the following conflicts:

- Cold War 1946-89
- Sino-Soviet Border War 1969
- First Indochina War 1948-54
- Arab-Israeli Wars 1956-82
- Vietnam War 1957-75
- Indo-Pakistan 1965-71
- Angolan War 1975-91
- Ogaden War 1977-78
- Soviet-Afghan War 1979-89
- Iran-Iraq War 1980-88
- Falklands War 1982

The rulebook contains 3 example army lists and then further army lists can be downloaded for free from the Pendraken Forum here, as well as Quick Reference Sheets and an assortment of Optional Rules.

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