Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pendraken Miniatures: Popular Blitzkrieg Commander IV - World War Two Rules!

Pendraken Miniatures: Blitzkrieg Commander is one of the most popular WWII rulesets of the past decade with over 5000 copies sold so far. Our overriding intention with BKC-IV was to show a natural evolution from BCKII, retaining the best elements of BKC-III but at the same time remaining true to both the BKC tradition and the Commander series of rules mechanisms.  In addition, we’ve added new game mechanisms, incorporated several widely used, tried and tested ‘house rules’, as well as tidying up the army lists.  

The design of BKC-IV will allow players to choose between a more formalised and higher-level game, back (almost) to BCKI and BKCII in many ways; or to play a much more granular game, almost but not quite down to a skirmish level or 1:1 level game.  We have also added (by request) more Example Tables, for ease of play and quick reference.

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