Friday, November 26, 2021

Khurasan Miniatures: New Wars of The Roses Figures Preview

Khurasan Miniatures: Khurasan Miniatures’ 15mm Wars of the Roses miniatures range is heavily into wave 2 sculpting right now (wave 1 is almost ready to be released). Here’s a sample of what’s in wave 2 — shire levy mix-ins. Entire sets of shire levies will not be made, as from what I’ve read there wasn’t a huge difference between the shire levy and retinue forces in terms of dress, but several games do distinguish them, so I’ve made two poses of unarmoured longbowmen in civilian hats, and a billmen in a gambeson and wearing an old fashioned kettle helmet and a dagger. These are meant to be mixed in with our other infantry codes not in livery, so as to show they’re shire levy units.

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