Friday, September 24, 2021

Breaking! Wargames Atlantic: Made in the USA - Production Shift Inbound!

Wargames Atlantic: We are pleased to announce that we are beginning production in the United States. When we started out, we were fortunate to meet John Hayden of Altera Industrial who owns a very sophisticated plastics manufacturing company based in China. Over the last two years, both companies have grown with Atlantic releasing our first 21 hard plastic sets and Altera doing a large amount of work for some of the hottest companies in the industry.

With the onslaught of covid in early 2020 and now with the ongoing disruptions in the global freight markets, it became clear that having a local production facility would be critical to our mutual success. Ocean freight containers shipping from China to the USA and Europe have gone from $3-4K to $25-30K and even more and that trend is showing no signs of correction!

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Altera, Atlantic will now begin transitioning plastic manufacturing to the USA! We will continue to operate in both countries (along with continuing to ship from our warehouses in Australia, the US, and the UK) but many of our new sets will be made here in the US. Along with this, we are going to continue to expand our outsource work with other companies. We offer an end-to-end solution that can include everything from design, engineering, tooling, injection molding, printing, packaging, and distribution through our 3 global warehouses. Altera Industrial and Wargames Atlantic are ready to take tabletop games plastics to the next level! Level up with us!

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