Sunday, April 18, 2021

Multi-Man Publishing: Electronic Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook!

Multi-Man Publishing: his Electronic Edition of the ASLRB (or eASLRB) was created from brand-new layouts of rules Chapters A-G incorporating all known errata (as of August 2020). It also includes the complete Chapter H; and Chapters J, K, W and associated charts; as well as a few useful appendices and a comprehensive index. In other words, all the core rules. Check these rules now here

MMP plans to update older chapters and add additional chapters to the eASLRB in the future. Once added, these updates will be avaliable to all customers who have purchased this item. If you're having problems using the eASLRB or notice typographical errors that should fixed in future releases, please drop us a line at: easlrbsupport AT multimanpublishing DOT com *** Note: The Chapter F pages and the Italian Chapter H pages will be updated when the new version of Hollow Legions is released.

The eASLRB Contains:

  • Chapter A: Infantry and Other Basic Game Rules
  • Chapter B: Terrain
  • Chapter C: Ordnance & Offboard Artillery (OBA)
  • Chapter D: Vehicles
  • Chapter E: Miscellaneous
  • Chapter F: North Africa
  • Chapter G: Pacific Theater
  • Chapter H: Design Your Own
  • Chapter J: Deluxe ASL
  • Chapter K: Training Manual
  • Chapter W: Korean War
  • Charts

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