Thursday, April 8, 2021

Goblin Gaming: Get Up to 20% Discount off Dropfleet Commander Pre Orders

Goblin Gaming: The Resistances' Monitor class ships are closer to space stations in terms of their use and what they are capable of bringing to the fight: The Newton is armed with a laser that can bombard ground targets, or turn enemy ship hulls to vapour with the particle special rule. While it is slow even by Monitor standards; the Newton is more dangerous than it's tonnage might suggest, thanks to the laser's good lock and high damage. Check the pre-order here

The Galileo is a support ship through & through. While it lacks weapons: it's active scan causes a major signature spike instead of just a minor one (or cancelling an enemy ship's Silent Running order, while giving it a minor spike for good measure). It even makes it easier for other ships to land critical hits! Ouch! Due to the low speed and painful stings that a pair of Newton can inflict; they will find the Galileo a valuable 3rd companion in a battlegroup. For keeping aggressively positioned cruisers and ground landers at bay, or reliably checking a frigate each turn. Estimated release date: 9th April 2021, subject to change by the manufacturer.

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