Saturday, August 29, 2020

Shieldwolf Miniatures: Northern Alliance Krumvaal Lower Yetis Reviewed!

Today we will take a look at the new Shieldwolf Miniatures' Northern Alliance Krumvaal Lower Yetis, one of the latests additions to their growing resin and hard-plastic fantasy miniature range. Field these savage brutes from the snowlands alongside your brave shieldmaidens and towering Great War Mammooths on your tabletop battlefield.

The Northern Alliance Krumvaal Lower Yetis

The miniatures as reviewed are supplied in a plastic blister with inside foam packaging decorated with a nice photo showing the assembled and painted Northern Alliance Krumvaal Lower Yetis. The blister contains three large highly-detailled resin miniatures with plastic 40mm round bases. These miniatures are either supplied as single cast pieces or must be assembled as some heads and weapons are supplied loose. Looking at the supplied poses we have a Yeti throwing a big boulder, great to smash your enemies. The coolest pose is the Yeti armed with two improvised clubs ready to attack and the last pose is the Yeti holding his big war club topped with a big rock. Really like the character of these Yeti creatures, although I was slightly surprised to see that these creatures have tails, but looking back I really like their tails although they might not fit your image of a standard Yeti creature.

The sculpting of these fierce creatures is excellent and the amount of fine detail is really great, I especially like the detail of the sculpted fur cloaks and wooden armour. The casting quality is also superb with only minimal flash and casting vents on the miniatures which can very easily be removed. I haven't found any airbubbles present on the miniatures that I have received although I have found a slightly misaligned tail. That said minor issue as the problem isn't visible when the miniature is standing up. The assembly was straight-forward, with first cleaning the minimal flash and removing some casting vents with clippers then a thorough wash in warm soapy water to remove the possible casting residue. As you only have to glue on one head and two weapons, the assembly took very little work and all pieces fitted really well together. So nothing difficult if you have some basic hobby skills, certainly much easier than assembling multi-part metal creatures!

The Scale Comparison

Below I have included a scale comparison picture to show the scale of the miniatures as you can see these are quite tall compared with normally sized 28mm miniatures. The featured miniatures are the Shieldwolf Miniatures Yeti and Shieldmaiden, the Northstar Miniatures Oathmark Dwarf and the iconic Games Workshop Space Marine.

The Conclusion

If you're looking for some nice towering brutes to join your tabletop army or to pitch against your miniature adventurers in epic roleplaying games, make sure to consider these lovely and characterful Northern Alliance Krumvaal Lower Yetis as the quality is superb. Once more Shieldwolf Miniatures have designed and produced some great-looking creatures in their excellent resin and are guaranteeing great quality with their in-house production. Although painted in a winter paintjob you can easily use these creatures painted in a range of colors to suit your setting or army. These miniatures can now be bought from Shieldwolf Miniatures for €24.90 per set.

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Disclaimer - We received these miniatures from Shieldwolf Miniatures for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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ernesto said...

Those minis look great! Thanks for the review!

ernesto said...

I like the design of their clubs especially

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Thanks Ernesto, cool miniatures they are for sure!

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