Friday, August 15, 2014

Wargames Factory: 15mm World War Two American Rifle Company Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at the 15mm World War Two American Rifle Company released by Wargames Factory a couple of months ago. This latest addition to their World War Range will now allow you to field both American and German Infantry in 15mm scale and they look splendid and full of detail. These miniatures can easily be used to replace the more expensive 15mm miniatures you need to play the popular Flames of War game by Battlefront Miniatures.

The box

The miniatures are supplied in a sturdy cartonboard box as all of the new releases by Wargames Factory lately and is decorated with some nice artwork of these miniature fellows storming the beaches of Normandy. For those who remember the first releases of Wargames Factory, the boxing and artwork has improved hugely. 

The back of the box gives you more information about the content as well as showing you some excellently painted and based miniatures. Showing these painted examples really wants to make you dive into the assembly and painting straight away!

The content

The American Rifle Company boxed set contains 2-sprues of 15mm WWII American Army soldiers (92-total figures). Contents include 10-sergeants with Tommy guns, 52-riflemen, 8-riflemen with rifle grenades, 2-radio operators, 6-BAR operators, 2-snipers, 4-officers, 4-Bazooka operators and 4-loaders. The boxed set also contains two sprues with plastic bases allowing you to quickly base your miniatures.

As you can see these sprues are packed with miniatures equipped with a wide variety of weaponry including but not limited to rifles, assault machineguns, bazooka's and even some guys calling in artillery support! I have also included some close-ups of these miniatures as the detail is quite remarkable for their size. I have compared these with some metal 15mm miniatures of a well-known World War Two brand and these miniatures by Wargames Factory are way superior.

The boxed set also contains two sprues with plastic bases allowing you to base your miniatures for popular rulesets such as Flames of War and Rapid Fire to name a few.

Scale comparison

To give you an idea of the size of these 15mm scaled hard-plastic miniatures, I have taken some pictures of these Wargames Factory miniatures alongside some Battlefront Miniatures metal Germans. As you can see these match up quite nicely with the Wargames Factory miniatures being more realistic due to the production process. As I guess that the Wargames Factory miniatures were designed using computer software while the metal miniatures were traditionally hand-sculpted by a sculptor using greenstuff. I have also added a picture showing the original Flames of War bases and the Wargames Factory plastic bases.

The conclusion

In my opinion these 15mm hard-plastic miniatures are the best currently on the market for an incredible low price of only $21.95 directly from Wargames Factory or even less when you wait for one of their great sales as the one now going on (15/08/2014). For European based wargamers these can also be bought from Wayland Games for £15.08.

This boxed set allows you to quickly field a historical American Rifle Company featuring all it's light support weapons such as machineguns and bazooka's. To top of the deal you also receive plastic bases and that all for a great price. If you're looking for a cheap way to start a 15mm American World War Two force, this is certainly the boxed set for you!

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