Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pen and Sword: Discounted Wargames Terrain and Buildings: North Africa and the Middle East

Pen and Sword: The Middle East and North Africa have been the backdrop for many conflicts through the centuries, making them a popular setting for miniature wargames. Whether you are fielding your Parthians against invading Roman legions, Crusaders against Saladin’s Saracens, recreating Lawrence’s exploits in Arabia, or trying to halt Rommel at El Alamein, this book will help you set the scene for your games.

Expert terrain modeller Tony Harwood takes the reader through a range of projects step by step, from selection of materials to the finished items. Each stage is illustrated with colour photographs. The projects have been selected to provide a useful range of features but also to introduce materials and techniques the reader can then apply to further buildings and terrain pieces. Included are a range of traditional mud-brick dwellings/shops, mosque, well, palm trees, well, rocky outcrop, Bedouin tent, El Alamein railway station, Sudanese huts, colonial river gunboat. They are easily adaptable to different scales. Suited to novice and experienced modellers alike.


Tony said...

Thank you for featuring the new book.

Tony Harwood

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

A review is also planned, thanks for stopping by!

Tony said...

"A review is also planned."

Keep me informed and I'll link to it on my Blog.