Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Gaddis Gaming: Black History Comes Alive! Overlooked Heroes Coming To Tabletop War Gaming in 2020

Gaddis Gaming: February 17, 2020 Detroit, Michigan Detroit-based Gaddis Gaming is proud to announce “Empires Fall” – the first skirmish level wargame that puts you in the action as some of the greatest overlooked heroes of WWII. While playing as members of the 761st Tank Battalion this game allows you to take part in the battles that made them famous. The 2-player starter set pits Ruben Rivers and a Sherman tank against a hardened platoon of Nazis trying to stop the armored advance of Patton’s 3rd Armor Company, which the 761st was the spearhead of.

“Empires Fall” balances history and alternative history in an educational and entertaining way. It picks up where Gaddis Gaming’s WWI  “Shattered Crown” left off, but with a difference – the map and alliances we know by memory have shifted, the face of fascism is now quite different, and the enemy are more than mortal men. It’s in this story where African-American soldiers are given the opportunity to rise to the challenge once again and “Come Out Fighting” as the 761st held as their motto. 

Gaddis Gaming tells the stories of underrepresented Americans to build new worlds of gaming, a broader range of stories, to share with your children and grandchildren. These are the stories of courage and valor with an amazing history that should not be overlooked and left untold. These heroes are people of color and women who made significant real world contributions that changed the course of history.

While many might have heard of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all-black U.S. Air Unit, fewer understand their accomplishments are part of a continuum that includes units such as the 555th Paratroopers (aka “Triple Nickel”), these brave men protected the West Coast  from Japanese fire bomb attacks at home; and the 761st Tank Battalion (aka “The Black Panthers”) who helped to crush fascism in Europe. While brave fighters and Medal of Honor winners echo among their ranks, they are not remembered or mentioned as often when we talk about the valor of our service men during the shameful Jim Crow era of American history.

Let’s meet some of the characters available for explosive tabletop gaming action:

Sergeant Ruben Rivers – “The enemy gave no quarter and neither did he.” Facing the Germans during WWII, Rivers fought with every measure of his being to break the Nazi lines in tanks and on foot. For his valor, Rivers was honored with a posthumous Medal of Honor by President Clinton in 1997. Sergeant Warren Crecy – Known as the “Baddest Man in the 761st” because when Nazis destroyed his tank, he attacked enemy positions armed with only a 30-caliber machine gun that had to be pried out of his hands when the fighting was over that day.

Each copy of  “Empires Fall” features the real history of these units, the men, and the times. In April Gaddis Gaming will bring “Empires Fall” to Kickstarter with a campaign to create this one of a kind game. Those who support will get the opportunity to get it first, help create something new, and build future edutainment products of this World War II game featuring women and people of color. Help us “Come Out Fighting” because there are so many stories to tell and exciting ways to play with Gaddis Gaming’s WWII game, “Empires Fall”.

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