Friday, August 23, 2019

Pen and Sword: One-Hour Skirmish Wargames Rulebook!

Pen and Sword: One-Hour Skirmish Wargames - Fast-play Dice-less Rules for Small-unit Actions from Napoleonics to Sci-Fi by John Lambshead! Get your book now here

Many wargamers enjoy the challenge of skirmish games where, instead of the strategy of vast armies portrayed by traditional wargames, the focus is on the tactics of a small unit. However, skirmish rules are often so complex that it can take hours of rolling dice, consulting tables and recording data to recreate what would in reality be a fast and furious firefight lasting just minutes. Now these new rules make it possible to recapture the speed and intensity of these actions where every man, and every second, counts. 

The basic rules are supported by sections which give special rules and scenarios to capture the flavour of a range of different periods, from Napoleonic to Modern Warfare and beyond with Sci-Fi. From the 95th Rifles scouting for Wellington, Western gunfights and WWI trench raids, through WW2 parachute assaults or Special Forces strikes in Afghanistan, or even Space Marines storming a space station, Squad Firefights elegantly simple system allows you to focus on proper tactical decisions rather than rolling buckets of dice or calculating masses of modifiers.

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