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Andrew Lonon: Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box - Framed Miniature Display Case Reviewed!

Today we will be taking a look at the Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box - Display your carefully painted miniatures in style against a stunning scenic background and framed by a quality walnut frame. Read our full review below for more details.

In this review we will take a closer look at the Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box from the creator Andrew Lonon which was succesfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter earlier this year. The Muster Box is a framed display case with a detailled resin scenic background framed in a quality walnut frame allowing you to display your lovely painted miniatures in style. The Muster Box is available as the Double Dungeon or Manticore Manor, the difference between these two models is the size of the display and the scenic background. Check the Muster Box Webstore here

The Double Dungeon is a 12 inch wide, 6 inch tall box designed to sit within a traditional picture frame while the Manticore Manor is a 12 inch wide, 9 inch tall box designed to sit within a larger traditional frame. Each Muster Box will be available in a painted and framed 'deluxe' edition or unpainted as a 'frame it yourself' kit. For this particular review we will look at the Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box, the smaller display case which is ready to use out of the box and supplied with a lovely walnut frame allowing you to quickly mount and display your miniature collection!

Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box

The Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box comes with an evocative scenic background of dungeon architecture and dark caves allowing you to recreate some truly epic dungeon crawl dioramas for your miniatures. The scenic background is supplied coated in magnetic paint, basecoated and washed bringing out the detail of the sculpted background allowing your miniatures to shine against your hobby room or living area wall. As mentionned before the Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box is supplied pre-painted and washed as you can see in the pictures. I would personally prefered an even more finished and detailled paintjob but the basic paintjob is suitable enough for the purpose and can always be further enhanced using some hobby or cheap craft paints. Display your lovely painted miniature collection as the true pieces of art they are, framed in a beautiful high-quality walnut frame. The Muster Box is designed to display small scale classic and vintage miniatures, scaled 25-28mm on small integral or added bases. Make sure to check the full Muster Box dimensions on the website.

The Double Dungeon Deluxe Muster Box is basically supplied as a kit consisting out of the light-weight resin background, the walnut frame and the plexi-glass cover along with some magnetic basing stickers and informative leaflet. The assembly of the Muster Box is very easy, you simply removed the protective film from the plexi-glass insert and put it in the wooden frame. Then you put your miniatures on the scenic background, using the slight magnetic attraction of the magnetic paint and put the background into the frame. Last step close the velcro attachment strips securing the background to the frame and you're ready to mount the display case on your wall or set it on desk.

Note if your miniatures aren't magnetic based already you can use the supplied magnetic basing stickers on their bases to create a bond between the background and the miniatures. This magnetic bond is necessary to assemble the display without your miniatures moving and toppling over. If you prefer not to rebase your miniatures you can always use the display case without the plexi-glass cover. This would also allow you to change your displayed miniatures easier but wouldn't protect them from dust and potential damage. That said I will most likely use the Muster Box without the plexi-glass cover as it's much easier to quickly change the miniatures while photographing them against the Double Dungeon background piece.

The Conclusion

If you're looking for some display cases to showcase your miniatures you might be interested in these out of the box Deluxe Muster Boxes or their 'frame it yourself' alternatives. These display cases are an easy and visually attractive way to display your lovely painted miniatures with a great-looking background and lovely quality wooden frame. Display your classic wargaming and roleplaying miniatures in an evocative dungeons and dragons setting featuring dark caves and dangerous dungeons and enjoy them being displayed in your hobby room or living area.

I think however the biggest draw back of the Deluxe Muster Box is the estimated retail price but I guess the price reflects the high cost of the quality walnut frame. You might be able to supply your own frame and get it cheaper online while getting the 'frame it yourself' Muster Box option from Andrew Lonon. The Double Dungeon Muster Box in the deluxe version will be available for around $225 while the alternative version without frame will be available for $75 but note that the prices aren't finalized yet. There will also be Warhammer 40K inspired Muster Boxes in the future allowing you to display your larger Warhammer 40K miniatures against a lovely grimdark gothic science fiction background. 

Disclaimer - We received this Deluxe Muster Box from Andrew Lonon for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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