Sunday, June 10, 2018

May '40 Miniatures: New Dutch Landsverk M36 Armoured Car

May '40 Miniatures released this 1/56 Landsverk M36 Armoured Car. In December of 1934 an order was placed with the Swedish company AB Landsverk for 12 Landsverk L181 armoured cars and one spare chassis. This armoured car would be named the M36. It had a Daimler-Benz chassis with a Swedish body and turret. Also 2 extra modifications were added, the 20mm canon was changed to a 37mm gun and an extra machinegun position was added to the back armour.

They saw action during the 5 days war in 1940, most notably at the airfield Ypenburg and on the Veluwe against the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and the 227th. After the capitulation many of the Landsverks were used by the Germans as “beute”.

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