Sunday, June 10, 2018

Agema Miniatures: New Illyrian Pirate Lembos Galley Preview

Agema Miniatures: I received the first master casts of the Pirate Ship / Lembos from Rob Alderman yesterday, and thought I would unwrap it and take a pic to show you all. It is quite something! I've added a few cavalry figures to sub as rowers to show you how big this thing is! 

One of the hulls is now winging it's way to Alan over at Hokayhey Wargaming to have a laser cut MDF deck and side lattice work constructed, and then it will be on to the crew. When it's all done it should be a thing of beauty! The Lembos was a fast, single decked galley popularised by Illyrian pirates and traders, but also heavily utilised as a transport ship and supply vessel by the Romans, Greeks, Successors - everyone pretty much! In time I hope to have a set of rules to add to a growing range of ships to allow landing actions and boarding actions to be played. 

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Phil said...

Looks very nice!

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