Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Breaking! Perry Miniatures: New Plastic Hundred Years' War - Mounted Agincourt Knights 1415-29 Preview

Perry Miniatures: Mounted Agincourt Knights 1415-29 - These, designed by Alan, are next in line for plastic production. He’s only just started, so when more variants done we’ll show them. The bodies are split so you can introduce a bit of movement from the waist as the helmets of the period didn’t allow the head much side to side movement. There may be one or with bodies and legs attached to allow a looser coat, fashionable during the period, to be included. There will be some bodies with fixed left arms and others with separate ones.  The idea is to fit as many variations of the riders as possible on one frame. You will also be able to use arms from the present Agincourt box sets with these.

The intension is to do one large frame as per the WotRs mounted men at arms. Horse armour was tending to go out of fashion during this period as fighting on foot became more popular, so space on the frame will dictate if any is included (although something probably will). Likewise cloth barding was usually now only reserved for commanders, kings and tourneys. Again it would be nice to include it if there is enough space. The horses are Michaels’ WotRs horses. There was no need to remake these or make additional ones as the basic tack remained identical through most of the 15th century.  Alan plans on making a couple of additional horse heads with earlier chanfrons (as these were a little different) and shorter crinet on the neck. Obviously no release date on these as they’re only just started.


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