Thursday, July 20, 2017

Zealot Miniatures: New Twisting Catacombs - Miniature Wargame and Roleplaying Dungeon Scenery Reviewed!

Venture into dungeons deep and caverns old, with the new Twisting Catacombs miniature wargame and roleplaying scenery pieces by Zealot Miniatures. Let us together explore these brand new pieces of dungeon furniture in this thoroughly illustrated review.

Zealot Miniatures has recently released an extensive range of fantasy dungeon scenic elements to recreate and decorate miniature dungeons for both wargaming and roleplaying adventures. These pieces are designed the popular inch square system which makes the scenery usable for roleplaying games and boardgames such as Dungeons and Dragons, Heroquest and essentially anything using 28mm-30mm scale character miniatures.

The current range includes loads of interesting pieces such as Boulder Traps, Fountain Demons, Gibbets, Sacrifical Chambers and deadly Gargoyles to name a few but also more common yet very useful pieces such as Treasure Chests, Barrels and so on. As this review will only cover a limited number of pieces I would recommend you to check them all out here in th Zealot Miniatures webshop.

Unboxing The Twisting Catacombs Scenery

For this review, I have received a small bundle of dungeon scenery from Eddie, the owner of Zealot Miniatures to give you a good idea of what you can expect of both the design and quality of these resin The Twisting Catacombs terrain pieces. The bundle included the following pieces: The Magic Portal, The Tomb, The Traditional Fireplace, The Adventurer's Equipment, The Braziers, The Artifact Axe, The Stone Gargoyle and The Bookcase. See the picture below, note that the package shown is not the final packaging but was only used to send the pre-release pieces.

As mentioned above these pieces have been designed to be compatible with popular roleplaying and wargaming dimension and are ideally suited for 28mm-30mm miniatures. The entire The Twisting Catacombs range is digitally sculpted and produced in vaccuum cast resin allowing a very high quality of casting with no airbubbles at all present on the received pieces. Looking at all the commercial services, Zealot Miniatures is offering to other miniature wargame companies I would say that they certainly know how to produce top-notch designed and casted products and these scenery pieces are no exception. Below you can see the Magic Portal and Gargoyle in their unassembled state exactly showing the way they were supplied by the manufacturer.

The Assembly

The scenery pieces are supplied in individual ziplock bags each containing the different parts of the scenic element. There are plenty of nice one-part scenery pieces but the more impressive pieces are assembled out of several parts so you will need some glue and tools such as a hobby knife, viles and so on. The Stone Gargoyle was the most complex miniature of the pieces I received but was quickly assembled after some cleaning of the parts and mouldlines. As with all of my resin scenery and miniatures I first washed the parts in hot soapy water and carefully cleaned the parts with an old toothbrush. I have included pictures of the scenery pieces assembled, the miniature shown in the pictures is a Northstar Frostgrave Plastic Soldier or Games Workshop Space Marine, these miniature are scaled heroic 28mm as this is the mainstream scale for most popular games and miniatures ranges on the current miniature market.

The Conclusion

If you're looking to expand your miniature scenery collection for dungeon based games and other fantasy miniature wargames. Make sure to check Zealot Miniatures scenic elements as each of these pieces greatly enhances the look of your dungeon, castle, villain lair at an affordable price. Add the magnificient tomb to a generic cave and you have an instant vampire resting place, put the gargoyle into your castle's hallway and make your players wondering if the thing will come to life or not. These scenic elements not only allow you to decorate your terrain table but also allow you to invent and create great narrative stories for your miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures.

The pieces can be assembled by both experienced and novice wargamers as the parts are minimal and the casting quality is superb allowing you to assemble the pieces quickly and without a hassle. As you may have noticed some pieces come in colored resin (see fireplace/ magic portal) allowing you to immediately use these pieces on the tabletop if you prefer to play with unpainted pieces. 

These pieces and much more cool traps and scenic elements can now be bought at Zealot Miniatures here, grabbing some pieces make sure to mention our review in the comment box. Will be putting these pieces to good use during our Dungeons and Dragons adventures, see you all later! Found this review informative? Make sure to follow and share Wargame News and Terrain as more cool wargame miniature news is posted daily. Find us on Twitter @wnt_news and bookmark our homepage here for your daily dose of wargame news and miniature discounts!

Disclaimer - We received these scenery pieces for free from Zealot Miniatures for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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