Friday, December 25, 2015

Puppetswar: Church Ruins Terrain Set Reviewed!

Today we take a closer look at the Church Ruins which are among the most recent terrain releases of Puppetswar. For those not familiar with the company, Puppetswar makes high-quality resin miniatures and terrain suitable for a whole range of settings. But also sells magnets, bases and other hobby materials in their webstore which can be found here. The company is based in Poland but delivers worldwide at a very attractive flat shipping rate.

The Church Ruins

So for this review we picked the Church Ruins which can be found in the Puppetswar webstore here along with loads more interesting terrain. You can even find the intact versions of this church or cathedral. The actual Church Ruins contains six nicely decorated scenic pieces each containing different parts of the collapsed building. The bases are filled with fallen arches, ruined pillars, small stone debris bond together with fine texturing sand suitable to represent either tiny rubble or earth.

To be honest when I first saw these I was really amazed at the amount of great details and patterns which decorated these pieces. These ruins are generic enough to be used in grim dark futuristic settings but can also easily be used for fantasy and historical games. Actually thinking of using these to represent the frozen ruins of Felstad in the fantasy Frostgrave setting. These pieces can best be used as scatter pieces or difficult terrain as they have quite a large surface but lack a bit of height to make really good line of sight blockers. The total covering surface of these ruins when placed touching each other in a rough rectangle is six hunderd square centimeters. Below you can see all six different pieces of the terrain set which retails at only €17.00 which is insanely cheap in my humble opinion!

The ruined piece above is the smallest of the six scenic pieces and roughly measures 8cm x 11cm when measured from the widest points of the triangle shape. The highest point of this particular piece is roughly 5cm.

The piece above contains the highest features of the entire set with the central pillar measuring 7cm. The surface of the ruined base measures roughly 15cm x 7cm with a nice broken archway offering even more cover for your miniatures against lethal ranged combat.

The flat ruined scenic above is the fourth largest of the set covering around hunderd and four square centimeters but lacking any significant height to offer cover for your troops. This piece is covered with a nice fallen stonework arched window which will take a drybrushing very well.

The piece above is the second smallest ruined base of the set but offering some protection for your miniatures in the form of a partially collapsed stonework window which survived the bombing or other cataclysmic event that ruined the holy structure. Again loads of nice textures and patterns which are certainly defined enough for drybrushing.

The last two ruined pieces are among the largest of the set but are also the flattest. These pieces will represent difficult terrain very well due to their larger size but won't offer much protection to their troops crossing them in the open. As you can see these are real gems, looking at the splendid details of the fallen stonework windows!

The conclusion

Each time I look at these ruined pieces I discover even more great details in the architecture of this fallen cathedral. The quality of the design and casting is flawless as I couldn't spot any airbubbles or noticable moulding lines. The backs of the pieces were carefully sanded so they lay entirely flat on your chosen playing surface. So if you're looking to add some ruins to your terrain collection, don't hesitate and certainly consider these ruined pieces. These pieces currently retail for only €17.00 which is cheap considering the amount of detail and resin these pieces contain. So if interested take a look here and make sure to also check their other terrain and miniatures.

Disclaimer - We received these scenery pieces for free from Puppetswar for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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