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Wargames Terrain Workshop: 28mm African Themed Village Scenery Reviewed!

Today we take a closer look at the Wargames Terrain Workshop 28mm African Themed Village Scenery. Wargames Terrain Workshop is a UK based wargame company offering resin scenery, miniatures among their own Death Match tabletop game while also offering painting and sculpting services. The resin scenery range is quite large with more than 504 references so certainly worth checking out. 

For today's review we will check out their African Themed Village Scenery including the Clay Hut, Food Store, Hollowed Out Canoe, Palisade Wall, Ruined Hut and Animal Enclosure. While sold as African scenery these can easily be used for other historical, fantasy and science fiction settings. 

African Themed Village Scenery

The scenery as shown in this review is only a part of the African Themed Village Scenery so if you're looking for more scenery make sure to check the Wargames Terrain Workshop website. As mentionned before all scenery shown below is hand cast in resin and scaled 28mm. The master models were hand created from a variety of materials such as plastics, wood, clays etc Disclaimer all the models featured in this review were created and master modelled by yours truly so I won't comment much on the actually design of these models but think they are characterful and quite useful. That said let's continue.

So first we have two types of round huts, one with a clay exterior while the other has a wooden exterior. Both round huts are thatched and have a single entrance being either a wooden door or an entrance covered with a curtain. Then we have two ruined huts representing the previously mentionned round huts in their burned down or destroyed state. Both sets allow you to create in game scenery changes when buildings are destroyed which might be useful depending on scenarios and missions. Both round huts retail for £6.00 while their ruined versions are available for only £4.00.

Next we have the palisade wall and animal enclosure offering some interesting pieces to fortify your village against marauding warbands and savage wildlife. The animal enclosure could als be used as a primitive arena or as a strongpoint in the village defence. Both constructions are build out of sharpened tree trunks offering some much needed protection for your villagers or livestock. Last but not least we have the very useful hollowed out canoes. The animal enclosure retails for an affordable £6.00, the palisade wall for £4.00 and the canoes for only £2.00 a piece. Pretty fair prices considering the size and amount of resin used in these scenery pieces.


To conclude this review of the Wargames Terrain Workshop scenery, pretty useful and generic terrain for either historical, fantasy or even science fiction settings. With these intersting scenery pieces you can easily and affordably build a tabletop village featuring much of the needed buildings and constructions. The quality of the casting is good although some work will be needed such as sanding off excess resin to level some of the buildings. As mentionned before I made the master models of these scenery pieces years ago and I'm still happy with the achieved results. I hope you find these also of use and if of interest make sure to check Wargames Terrain Workshop here for more

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