Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Grey For Now Games: New Guards of Traitor's Toll Game, Plastic Miniatures, Scenery and More

Grey For Now Games: New game announcements - Last time I announced my new game in development - Guards of Traitor’s Toll is a forthcoming skirmish adventure game set in a fantasy city. Patrol the streets, alleys and markets of Traitor’s Toll. Chase down and arrest the rogues, cheats and cutthroats that prey on the unwary, ensure the citizens don’t get too rebellious and uncover deeper plots that threaten the city…

Plastic Minis - I'm very pleased to announce that Wargames Atlantic will be making two multi-part plastic kits for Guards of Traitor's Toll - Guards and Cityfolk. In fact, the artwork above is created from a digital render of the figures - mostly the plastics plus a few of my own sculpts mixed in. So every figure you can see will be available (and a whole lot more)!

Terrain Range - And another big announcement - the talented chaps at Sarissa Precision are creating a complete new range of terrain for Guards of Traitor's Toll. You can have a look at the prototypes that we showed off at Salute and hear me chatting about the game here

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