Friday, May 2, 2014

Sally 4th: Unpainted and Pre-Painted Flagstone Bases Reviewed!

Some months ago Sally 4th released some nice textured flagstone bases either unpainted or pre-painted as part of expanding their already huge range of laser-cut wooden bases, scenery, storage chests and tokens. I have recently ordered some wooden bases from them and was surprised to find some of the new flagstone bases added to my order to be reviewed here on Wargame News and Terrain! So here's the actual review.

As you can see I have received a small mix of different flagstones which are available in a large amount of different sizes both in square or round shapes. The bases are each supplied on their own frame to protect them from damage and also makes them easier to store and probably manufacture. You will need to remove the individual bases from the frame by pushing them out as you would do with cartonboard boardgame tokens.

Both the unpainted square and round bases retail for £2.50 a frame. The amount of bases on each frame depends on the size of the bases you're buying but when you choose for 20mm square bases you receive 16 bases while when you opt for the largest square sized bases of 50mm you will receive 4 of them. As you can see in the pictures each of these flagstone bases is nicely textured so you can paint them straight away if desired.

My favorite bases of the bunch must be the pre-painted round bases which were also part of the lot. As you can see that these bases are already pre-painted to a sufficient wargame standard by Sally 4th and can be directly transferred from the frame to the tabletop with the addition of a nicely painted miniature of course! The pre-painted bases are also sold per frame but for £3.00.

Here are some pictures of the different bases alongside a heroic sized chaos dwarf. During a later stage I also discovered that the frames of the squares bases can easily be used as movement trays!

So if you're looking for some textured bases for your Warhammer Fantasy regiments or to base your dungeon explorers and critters? Make sure to stop by at Sally 4th and take a look at their pre-painted and unpainted flagstone bases which you can find here. Make also sure to check their other products especially their range of unique modular castles!

Dozens of other reviews can easily be found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!


greggles said...

These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing them!

In an updated post, could you take a few shots with a mini standing on one?

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Hi Greg, glad you liked the bases and review. I will update this post during the weekend with some more pictures.So keep an eye out.


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